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  1. Qabar ki Raat

    So if a person is not buried, he will not have to answer munkir and nakeer ? Also he will not have to face the azab of qabar rather he will face only the azab of qayamat?
  2. Qabar ki Raat

    Brother, if this is it than why do we follow so many rituals/practices for grave? I.e head this way, feet that way, Kafan that way etc?
  3. Qabar ki Raat

    JazakAllah for your response. However, I am not questioning the power of Almighty Allah and the day of resurrection. My question is that the people who don't get proper burial, do they bypass the process of grave?
  4. Qabar ki Raat

    Assalam o Alaikum! Aise log Jin ki bodies death k baad nahi milti ya khatam ho jati hain just like air crash ya phir Hindu jo apni bodies ko jala dete hain, un per Qabar ka azab or sawal o jawab kese hota hai?
  5. Assalam o Alaikum! As per Ayatollah Sistani, what's the ruling on using one's right hand for Taharat (Urine, Latrine) without any reason. I mean is it prohibited to use right hand if left hand is available and there's no AS such reason? Wslam!
  6. Urdu Books on Maqtal

    This book is in Saraiki. I need in Urdu
  7. Urdu Books on Maqtal

    Assalam o Alaikum! Can anyone tell the names of most authentic books on Maqtal Al Hussain AS which have been translated in Urdu? I know Maqtal by Abdul Razzak Muqarram. Its translated in Urdu. Do following books have been translated in Urdu? Maqtal of Syed Ibn e Tawoos Lohoof by Abu Mikhnaf Wslam
  8. JazakAllah. Will be waiting for your response.
  9. What's the ruling of Sistani Sb on growing Moustaches? I am keeping beard can I grow moustaches (like curls) just as a trend or fashion? Wslam
  10. Assalam o Alaikum! can any body suggest the most authentic book on the tragedy of Karbala? (Translated in Urdu) What about Maqtal by Allama Abdul Razzak Muqarrab?
  11. Why Hazrat Hur and Hazrat Aun AS

    Still waiting for an authentic reply
  12. Why Hazrat Hur and Hazrat Aun AS

    Wa Alaikum Assalam! Thanks for your reply. Even I heard that, His tribe took his body away with them. But at that point (where the Shrine is) the body wouldn't move away, and Hazrat Hur AS said that you've already taken my body away from my master, now don't take it further and bury me within the boundary of Karbala. But what about Hazrat Aun bin Abdullah AS?
  13. Assalam o Alaikum! I have a question that why Hazrat Hur & Hazrat Aun AS, have been buried that far from the rest of the martyrs of Karbala? Their shrines are on the edges of the boundary of Karbala. Why?
  14. Surah Naml-Dabat Ul Arz

    Thanks brothers for your clarifcaions. Wslam!