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  1. Should we have kids if we live in the West?

    You don't believe in free will?
  2. #30 Knowledge or Money?

    Knowledge comes with the responsibility to act on it and i would fear my actions would be lacking because I haven't built myself up to that level yet. So the money.
  3. Thoughts 2018

    We have the subscription to HP where you pay $3 a month and they automatically send you replacements when your ink runs out. The problem is, the ink never runs out. We purposely print out long documents and loads of full color pages to make it worth the cost but amazingly these ink cartridges that are the same size as regular cartridges last forever. Now it makes sense!
  4. We have no divine nature

    I think our carnal soul pulls us towards wrong things, such as greed, lust, egoism, etc. And because of that we lie, are unjust, etc to protect that carnal soul. But at the same time, Allah gives us a conscious that tells us what is right and what is wrong. Because of which we know that honesty, justice, and such are good for society. But we need Islam to give us exact perimeters and incentive to actively tame the carnal soul for the betterment for ourselves and society.
  5. Missing Salah

    Salam, it's good you are praying regularly now and sought how to perform salah correctly when you were young If you were baligh (9+ lunar years old if a girl and around 15 if you are a boy) when you missed those prayers then you have to try and estimate the number of prayers you are sure you missed and make them up. And it would be good if you try to gently persuade your siblings to pray as well so that they don't have a lot to make up some day, and it is also your religious obligation if you think by persuading them it will get them to pray.
  6. How Do You Introduce ShiaChat To the Kids?

    I was 15 when I first discovered ShiaChat. I signed up to make 1 comment but didn't really come back for awhile. Then when I was maybe 17ish? I started using it a lot more. I would say it was a positive experience because I was learning so many new things and discovering about people and topics i didn't know were in Islam. And it also helps to see that even in our religion, there are varying views and beliefs that people have, so it forces me to think a bit more about what I believe and why. No I did not talk to my parents about questions I had. I just read the forums and tried to see which arguments make more sense. It can be kind of misleading sometimes so it is important to search for Islamic books about the matter and come to a scholarly opinion. Anyway having said all that, there is a good chance your children may come across Shiachat but not really care about it or be compelled to browse further. A lot of people are not interested in reading forums. But if they are interested in it, and since you use ShiaChat, it would be a great opportunity to discuss different topics that come up. Over dinner you could say, "So, *child's name*, on Shiachat they were discussing wearing makeup in public. What do you think about it?" But honestly I think most preteens now a day are more into social apps than forums because they want to engage with friends and they care a lot about socializing and being cool.
  7. SC Addiction?

    I had the same thought. But I wonder if no one would come because aren't we all a bit anti-social? Why else would we be on SC :p
  8. Makeup

    I have read somewhere that mascara is an incorrect translation and what is really meant is kohl which is the black stuff people put around there eyes and I think there are Hadith about it being beneficial for eyes.
  9. Children’s tv is now normalizing same sex relation

    Yeah thats what I'm still thinking...
  10. Children’s tv is now normalizing same sex relation

    Yes it's scary. I had a 6 year old Muslim boy inform me very matter-a-factly that not all families have a mom and a dad. Some families have two moms and some families have two dads. So our belief of the family structure is going to seem very outdated to them if we don't stress on these things from the get go.
  11. "Remember the days you prayed for the things you have now."

    Thank You Allah :cry:

    1. Intellectual Resistance

      Intellectual Resistance

      Very powerful words, subhanAllah. Needed this reminder actually, to be grateful for what i have. 

  12. Thoughts 2018

    I sent my scathing email (jk, it was not angry). And he replied already and was very understanding and kind and I didn't get fired. Alhamdulillah hopefully with these new terms I can complete the project less miserably.
  13. Thoughts 2018

    @notme @shiaman14 @hasanhh thanks guys I suppose I shall continue. What I realize I need to do though it speak up, because I feel some of the clients' demands are unreasonable and unfair and there need to be some parameters set. So let's see how that goes inshaAllah.
  14. Thoughts 2018

    What to do when you have been hired for a project, and you are 1/3 through, but you feel you can't go on because it's sucking the life out of you? And the pay is not worth the countless hours and revisions...
  15. Depressed?

    Salam sister. My advice would be to remember that a believer is supposed to fly towards Allah with the two wings of fear and hope. So when fear takes over, increase your hope in Allah and His all-encompassing Mercy. But not to the extent where we have too much hope that we abandon our wajibaat. In that case, increase your fear. And in that way try to maintain a balance. It is good that you are trying to turn back to Allah and seek knowledge and read books. Definitely keep at it but just know that, in the back of your head when you start to feel depressed, that Allah is n-times more Merciful than our own mothers, which should give you a sense of how wonderful and forgiving He is.