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  1. Internetprovider blocked presstv.com

    Yeah but how? Maybe I should call and ask if they can unblock it.
  2. Internetprovider blocked presstv.com

    Same with me! I cannot access presstv nor Irib English radio on my internet. I have to turn on my data. I wonder what's going on... when I go to other people's houses I can access on their internet service though...
  3. #18 Do You Own a Car?

    We own a car but it's taking it's last breaths these days now we are in the market for a new? car.
  4. Relationship - moderate married to a iberal

    It would depend on how much having a practicing husband matters to the wife. If she doesn't care, it could work. If she does care, there will be issues.
  5. Thoughts 2017

    Why am I sitting here crying? I'm working on a painting for a client I've never met before. It's of him and his daughter (I'm assuming). It's just so sweet. You can see the love emanating from him and the look on her face is so innocent and cute and loved. Allah bless all fathers who cherish their daughters.
  6. Lying

    Yes it's lying. Lying doesn't become not lying just because you have an excuse for it. Being honest in all situations will get you far in life.
  7. #14 Computer Poll

    I rarely use a computer anymore. Mostly do everything on my phone these days. Buy laptop if I do need a computer.
  8. Standing Your Ground

    I admire that you stand up for yourself. I need to take some lessons from you. Although I would never want a small issue like that to escalate to that point.
  9. Envy

    Try to recite dua Makaramul akhlaq often. It helps me when I feel those kind of negative feelings.
  10. Changing Baby nappies

    Wash the najasa off but you don't have to repeat wudhu.
  11. #13 English As First Language

    First and only unfortunately
  12. Why do todays car concepts suck so much???

    Never thought about that one before lol.
  13. st.

    Is this a story you are writing?
  14. Kid in a candy store?

    Art supply store
  15. Marriage advice

    OP, I'm sorry to hear that you are going through these rough times and that your husband has been dishonest with you. It know it must be very hurtful. I think this is some good advice from Iister Laayla, albeit hard to do because our ego gets in the way, but I think you should try to heed this advice sister. But I would add to that that you should talk to him about making that relationship halal. Clearly he doesn't want to cut her out of his life, so the only option is to marry her permanently or temporarily. So advise this for him so that he doesn't keep doing haram. And unlike what one of the other posters said above, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you or care for you, but it means he cares for you and her. It's not worth it to keep fighting over this issue, you have to move forward. And maybe it's just short term infatuation, maybe if both stop talking about it and focus on YOUR relationship, he will get bored with her and call it quits on his own terms. But you can't control him, you can only control yourself and try to turn these lemons into lemonade as they say. However you choose to deal with it I hope for peace and happiness in your marriage.