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  1. Kid in a candy store?

    Art supply store
  2. Marriage advice

    OP, I'm sorry to hear that you are going through these rough times and that your husband has been dishonest with you. It know it must be very hurtful. I think this is some good advice from Iister Laayla, albeit hard to do because our ego gets in the way, but I think you should try to heed this advice sister. But I would add to that that you should talk to him about making that relationship halal. Clearly he doesn't want to cut her out of his life, so the only option is to marry her permanently or temporarily. So advise this for him so that he doesn't keep doing haram. And unlike what one of the other posters said above, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you or care for you, but it means he cares for you and her. It's not worth it to keep fighting over this issue, you have to move forward. And maybe it's just short term infatuation, maybe if both stop talking about it and focus on YOUR relationship, he will get bored with her and call it quits on his own terms. But you can't control him, you can only control yourself and try to turn these lemons into lemonade as they say. However you choose to deal with it I hope for peace and happiness in your marriage.
  3. I don't understand this

    I am wondering if I can pray my salat with a jumuah ghusl without doing wudhu after the ghusl. I prayed zuhr already so I am wondering if I need to make wudhu and repeat the prayer. I read this on the website of Ayatollah Sistani: 653. After having taken the Mustahab Ghusl listed in rule no. 651, one can perform acts (e.g. prayers) for which Wudhu is necessary. However, Ghusl performed with the Niyyat of 'Raja' do not not suffice for Wudhu (i.e. Wudhu has to be performed). I don't understand what the bolded part means. Earlier on the website it said raja' means recommended act? So if I did ghusl as a recommended act I have to do wudhu? Why else would I do a mustahab ghusl??
  4. Thoughts 2017

    For those of you who are not able to go to majalis this a very good and interesting series. New uploads every day.
  5. Salat al-Layl and Qadha prayers

    Sure but it's not wajib. Better to get the qadha finished as soon as possible though.
  6. Salat al-Layl and Qadha prayers

    Wa alaikum salam, I asked the same question to a well known sheikh a few years ago and this was his response Q: "If I have many qadha prayers to do, do they take precedence over nawafil prayers--as in, should I replace all nawafil prayers with the qadha prayers or should I offer both?" A: " If you can offer a few in place the Nafilah that is good but it is not Wajib. If you are wondering about self-building according to the teachings of the Ahlul Bayt (AS) and going above what is Wajib, then continue to offer Salatul Lail even though you have Qadha prayers. Again it is not Wajib and I do not want to put a burden on your shoulders. If you were already offering the Night prayers, and of course we should be doing the shortened version, then Marhoom Ayatullah Allamah Tatabai says that offer both. For your regular Nafilah if you would like you can offer them after taking care of your Qadha. " So I think it is allowed for you to do both.
  7. Shia wants to convince parents to marry sunni male

    If he says no for an unislamic reason then you can still marry him, but in this case he has a good Islamic reason.
  8. sister wont go to majalis

    This must be a troll
  9. Fasting after Fajr

    It would not be valid because you already ate breakfast. 1562. As for Mustahab fast one can make its niyyat at any time in the day, even moments before Maghrib - provided he has not committed any such act which invalidates the fast. -Sistani.org However you should try to fast tomorrow if you can. It's recommended to fast the 1-9 of muharram.
  10. co 2017

    Hi, I can only answer for myself not all Muslim women. I don't know a whole lot about her. My limited perception of her is that she is brave. I don't consider her a role model personally because I have never been limited in my access to education and I know that Islam does not restrict Muslim women from education. I think perhaps that the way you see Muslim women in general may be influenced by some Muslim women's cultures, or media, or the way you interpret our actions is maybe misunderstood. Covering our bodies and being modest in action and words is not because we are subservient to men but in obedience to God. By obeying Him we safeguard our souls, our bodies, and minds. We put a barrier between us and male society which can distract us and mislead us from purifying ourselves. Muslim men and women have different roles and different ways to reach God, and His laws and wisdom are all-perfect. We are supposed to speak out against injustice when necessary just like our role models Fatimah Zahra (sa) and Zainab (sa) did. Hope that helps.
  11. #7 Can you cook?

    I don't know how I should answer if yes, I can cook if I follow a recipe, but no, I generally cannot pull a meal together by myself with no outside help or instructions.
  12. News of death of brother Toyib

    I don't see it taken on the list... 24 then.
  13. News of death of brother Toyib

    #21 inshaAllah
  14. Thoughts 2017

    I wonder if the creation of clubs was a subconscience response to the lessening of subforums on the main page.
  15. #6 Actively Reading a Book?

    Somewhere between active and passive. I have it next to a certain sitting area in the house and if I happen to be in that sitting area I will read a page or two. I'd say about 5 pages a week?