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  1. Bernie a communist in disguise ?
  2. Great. Thank you
  3. Allright. Do you know other news channels, english and also non-zio media ? I would love to learn about this.
  4. explain please
  5. Bismillah al rahmaan al raheem I ask for advice, and anything that can help regarding issues as reading quran and latmiyat for people. I want to help somebody else with the help that you will offer me. Thank you so much in advance. May Allah grant us succes.
  6. Damn communism , the sister of Zionism, created by the same evil one Communism is also the reason for the biggest holocaust ever known to mankind. ( DO watch : The secret behind Communism by Dr David Duke )
  7. You could bury it in the ground as far as I know. BUt if I was you I would just keep it, could be good for investigations, comparing or things like this in the future. If the salafi satanic " sheik " and his interpretation bother you too much, cant you just go with a marker on it ? Leaving the quranic verses intact ofcourse. Salaam brother
  8. Do not forget that Communism = a cancer, the sister of Zionism
  9. I suggest to change the title of your topic. maybe some key words would help. You can also try to use google by writing Shiachat and some keywords about your question or issue. Alaikum Elselaam
  10. chek out Press TV
  11. Thank you for your comment. A lot of people say he is a white supremacist, but I have not found proof for this. And if someone loves his own race , that does not make him racist at all. But when white people do this, they are directly called racists. I started this topic to talk about the video. Hope to learn.
  12. Selaam Alaikum I saw a video of a 15 min interview with CNN ( Zionist media ) I know some have a bad image of David Duke and think he is not a good person, while I most of the time on the biggest part do not agree with these people. I would like to know what you think about the anwsers in the video of this same Dr. Duke. I myself do agree with him on what is being said in the video, this is what I would like to see your opinions about, about this interview and not about for example David Duke in general. Thank you in advance
  13. His election is a step forward , and Hillary would have been a big step back. that is a fact. Imam Mehdi ajf will come when the world gets worse and worse. So I think no.
  14. Tawasul is Islamic way. I can tell you, Shia Islam is 100 % true. Every doubt, every question you have, we have no problem with it. Just have a good attitude and put effort to find the truth, after that you will see and understand. And as a result you will have a stronger faith.
  15. Very good ! And I spoke the truth And you should respect this website, community and topic starter. If you want you can send me a message for example and I will anwser. On a topic just speak about that topic. Salaam