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  1. https://www.al-islam.org/secrets-success-ayatullah-mirza-jafar-subhani A book for the youth on how one can be successful in reaching their goals. Illustrated using examples from lives of great men from the East & West. Get PDF
  2. https://www.al-islam.org/new-analysis-wahhabi-doctrines-muhammad-husayn-ibrahimi A text that examines fundamental Wahhabi beliefs in comparison to those of the Ahlus Sunnah and the Shi`ah. Topics discussed within include a summarized account of the life of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, one of the prominent figures of this movement, and some of the major ideological issues in which Wahhabis deviate from mainstream Muslims (like Tawassul, Ziyarah, Ta'wil of the Qur'an, etc.).
  3. Favourite Hadiths

    Mashallah what a great topic
  4. Iran's Leader issues 2017 Hajj pilgrimage message http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2017/08/31/533516/leader-hajj-khamenei-message
  5. qeustion - 3rd and 4th rakat and reading 2 surahs

    Thank you very much. Is there someone who can confirm that Sayed Al Sistani has the same anwser more or less ?
  6. I am looking for a book or text about : what is being said in Salaa For example Allahu Akbar : and its meaning and some information I want to understand these holy words much better and correct current mistakes I prefer a book from al-islam.org a (old) forum on this website is a good second option or some other shia place May Allah grant you succes and thank you
  7. qeustion - 3rd and 4th rakat and reading 2 surahs

    I have read this too but I still do not know the anwser. after the Shada, wich is after the 4th sujood in total , and you stand up : you can can say 1 SubhanAllah AlHamdullilaah Wa la Illahe illalAah ( one time or 3 times) 2 you can read Surat Al Fatiha. If you read surat Al fatiah, and forgetfully read another Surat with it. Is there a problem with this salaat.
  8. I am a follower of Sayed Ali Al-Sistani , Alhamdulillaah If you forget and read 2 suras ; fatiah and another , in the 3th and/ or 4th rakat of the prayer ; what is the ruling about this? I hope for a fast anwser honestly Was not able to find this question on Shiachat.com after a quick search
  9. Please share all movies you know or can find about the story of Imam Al Hussain A.S. and if possible mention wich one you think is the best and why If you know or can find forums on this website about this subject it would be great May Allah SWT grant us success
  10. http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2017/08/25/532857/Syria-Assad-US-Saudi-Arabia In a major policy U-turn, US and Saudi diplomats have reportedly been urging the armed Syrian opposition to come to terms with President Bashar al-Assad’s role in Syria’s future as Damascus’ army irreversibly holds the upper hand on the battlefield against militant groups.
  11. Why I became Muslim (Sunni)

    Just want to say The best reply to a fool is silence
  12. Just came out as shia, need more courage please

    You are on the right path May Allah SWT grant us succes and make us closer to Him
  13. Hadith from Imam Ali A.S. ; sitting for food

    If I Google cross legged or cross legged siiting most people are sitting like this ; So did he meant the first picture or this one or both ? (Could we know this anwser by going back to the original hadith ?)
  14. Hadith from Imam Ali A.S. ; sitting for food

    So how does this expression translate to the fysical body ? Is there or are there specific ways wich is being recommended ?