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  1. 8 Values Political Quiz

    Yarrabi ! Just what you wrote, "...the idea that everyone can..." is not the same as "everyone does". Not what is "unfair"?
  2. At Loss

    @Islandsandmirrors l forgot to note that it never got any better for her until last year. He got wheeledchaired by an accident at work. lt is still verbal stuff she hears.
  3. At Loss

    "You only really "fail" on the Last Day". Several years ago a girl l know, then in high school, was subverted and battered by her father --more than her other sisters. Then she went to college yet lived at home for obvious reasons. Situation continued. lt got so bad that my wife gave her a key to our house so she had some place to go. Once she came-in at 2 in the morning --limping. l told her then that she is "a smart girl and a tough girl". She is now finishing with med school.
  4. At Loss

    You have no reason to feel disappointed in yourself !
  5. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    The Mad Magician (1954?) with Vincent Price, Eva Gabor, ... A good murder story.
  6. What is your goal today?

    You sound like my Little Sister. My nickname for her is Nascar
  7. 8 Values Political Quiz

    You didn't cite your source(dated 16Feb18): https://www.thebalence.com/auto-industry-bailout-gm-ford-chrysler-3305670 where the Fed made $2.4 Billions on GMAC. The price sold in Dec 2013 is nearly equal to todays price --down from the Oct 2017 high. Plus GM also pays a 4% dividend. (Gov't sold too early) Bailout money also went to pay business related taxes -state, local, county... Ford was under the Student Loan program group with other things. So, in observation, by willfully denying GM and Chrysler(forced into Fiat) otherwise unavailable credit (because the banks collapsed from gov't allowed overleverage) you are perfectly willing to implode local gov'ts and school systems on the pretense of "democracy" to advance a socialist agenda. Ugh
  8. 8 Values Political Quiz

    Correct. GM and Chrysler, but not Ford . BUT you forgot to mention this was all paid back as required -- and ahead of schedule.
  9. Modern Propaganda Technique

    ^^^^^^^ l didn't watch much of the propaganda video as it is geared towards the evilgelicals, dumkoffs who believe "aspirin works miracles" and other wild nonsense. The second video was good. l found that Asaib Ahl-alHaq apologized to him in 2014.
  10. 8 Values Political Quiz

    You have it backwards. A corporation is limited liability for the shareholder: dividend loss; decline in stock price; insolvency; etc That happen to me twice with Bethlehem and Kodak. Then there was a closed-end fund that was run as a scheme and the price crash from $14 at open to $2 by the time l got it unloaded. l didn't get any taxpayer monies, tax-supported compensation or anything of the kind. So where is there a bailout? Addendum: The money appropriated by Pelosi's Congress was put on the national credit card.
  11. Thoughts 2018

    @notme l am serious, but when l read this l thought of the Sword of Damocles.
  12. 8 Values Political Quiz

    That was voted on by the 'democratic' Congress, not the taxpayers.
  13. 8 Values Political Quiz

    Where their democratic elements? Each shareholder votes once for each share owned. No own-no vote.
  14. Thoughts 2018

    Now why could any half-thinking man not see what is going on here? Summation: Getting Marred, Shopping, Shopping, Got Marred Futuristic Prediction: Shopping for this, Shopping for that, Shopping for whatever, Shopping for whomever, ... l can only pray that whomever lsIandswithMirrors snagged never ... repeat: never ... gives her a credit card.
  15. 8 Values Political Quiz

    Ain't idealism fun?