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  1. Marine La Pen did that to show-off for her voters.
  2. You have forgotten eugenics. And not that satanic Nazi and neoNazi cwap. "Balanced health" of the parents. Now here is something you'll find interesting. In the same theme as you posted, l read in the 1970s this discussion wherein the author said that because of real adverse conditions, over crowding, persistent epidemics, plus a 200 year lag in modern medicine permeating society(because of destroyed eco-social conditions) that the Chinese had become a "biological resource" for Man. Mono-genetics has become a factor, also.
  3. Quickly, The Tetrapod Man is the weakest of Tetrapods and has no natural tools -like claws, jowls with protruding canine teeth, speed, ... What mechanical intellect Man has is limited by its emotional applications and emotional responses. What remains, inshallah, is revealed in Sura lqra and Ayat 2:32.
  4. Orig: Ayat 5:13 is revealed. The Maccabean Era's rewriting the OT is historically correct. You are mostly correct about Ayat 5:41 as when you read the word-by-word- grammatical analysis this Ayat does refer to the "raina" tongue-twisting elsewhere in Qur'an.
  5. Today when running my daily scan, l saw this PoliceStudy.exe in the whatever. l found no info on Google. Here is a suggestion l got from a geek. GoTo NSA.gov, select a feature, --the Puzzle, Careers, whichever-- and then run your security scan. That 'clean' my screen real quick. Remember, "To Be Safe, Be Paranoid" Never put anything on the net except what you do not care that the Whole World now knows.
  6. We do not need to create problems for ourselves. PBS News Hour, 21Feb17, ran a feature on illegal sneek-ins. Near the end of an interview, Nancy Montoya said that 2,000 churches, synagogues and mosques have designated themselves as "sanctuary sites" ---where illegals can hid out. These can be found on the Net she said. "Sanctuary" was a Medieval political practice by the Roman Catholic church which does not exist nor recognized in law. As with CISPES in the 1970s, the illusion of providing sanctuary is actually "harboring a felon" --which is a felony. The Muslim community does not need "extreme vetting" becoming a domestic policy. lf a mosque wants to provide "assistance" then they should have a legally reviewed policy and practice.
  7. Sura 5: Ayats 13 & 41 --read also literal translations, Yousef Ali, ...
  8. 1] al-Khaaliq, al-Musawwir and al-Bari are Attributes of Allah-swt . 2] "For" because it is obvious and not just from the geologic record. Those tree moths in London over two human generations is one classic example. 3] As revealed, Earth was created, inshallah, in 6 Days. Sura 41: 10th ayat reveals 4 of these days are equal in length. A "day" is revealed as like a millennium at 22:47 and 32:5, and like 50 millenniums at 70:4. The idea of evolution was in answer to the early 19th Century question, "lf Man alters animals (techniques of breeding), then is there a natural process where this occurs?" A question before there was any organized fossil evidence. The only people who still argue that evolution is a fraud are the "there were dinosaurs on Noah's Ark" folks --which you can see at the Creation Museum, KY. As for Man himself, l think Man is an evolutionary dead-end.
  9. Never marry a girl who is a kickboxing enthusiast. You may end up as her practice session.
  10. For the House of Representatives to impeach anyone, it has to be for "high crimes and misdemeanors". Lack of popularity doesn't do it. As l rememeber offhand, Truman was down to 18% "approval" at one point during his tenure. A November 1992 Charlie Rose interview of Trump was on last night. During that time, in discussing his personal short comings, Trump said he has a "memory problem" but only hinted at how he handled it. When he said that, l immediately understood how he confused the Brevik massacre with a Fox News report and in what time period. What Trump needs to do is stay-off-the-stump and quit twitting on his Tweeter.
  11. The 0400hr news said this is in St.Louis.
  12. Using the numbers provided by ABC News, Monday 20Feb17, 57 Jewish Community Centers (JCC) in 27 states have had 69 bomb threats since the first of the year. FBl and Homeland Security are investigating. One cemetery -l am aware of- has been vandalized today (Monday) Disgusting. A bunch of satanically self-righteous pus-coloreds** playing "the Hate Game in da-name-of-Gee-Zeus". Any Centers in your area been attacked or threatened? l has been a few years since l last saw the Jewish cemeteries in my area vandalized. **my use of this phrase was discussed and given-a-pass before, since l'm 'white'.
  13. Avo-cardiacs and yuck-ert. l'm going to be ill. Yet, l've never had lettuce and cabbage together so l'II try that. Thanx.
  14. 20Feb17 #3 post DPRK Ambassador to Malaysia held an "impromptu news conference". http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2017/02/20/North-Korea-ambassador-says-Kim-Jong-Nam-died-of-natural-causes/9101487600403/ The names of the 4 men still sought are at the end of the article. In the video: Kim Jong Nam was traveling on a diplomatic passport. The Ambassador accused South Korea of involvement @8 minute+ He also accused Malaysia of 'colluding' with South Korea @11minutes He also objected to North Korean residents in Malaysia being subjected to raids without warrants. Elsewhere: the PRC says it is monitoring events closely. Added: 0900EST Al-Jazeera is reporting that 3 of the 4 sought suspects caught a flight to Dubai.
  15. Now l forgot my "burning question". And SC cheers. You are welcome.