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  1. hasanhh

    Opinion: Like 0ld Niccola

    Musk and a "Cult" ? "Run for your money!" Adult Warning Notice: https://gizmodo.com/elon-musks-idea-of-excellent-journalism-comes-from-an-a-1826358023 A more mundane article. a law suit: https://www.digitaltrands.com/cars/tesla-settles-autopilot-class-action-suit/
  2. You haven't known a lot of teenage girls have you? Will my friends 'like' this color nail polish? ls my hair color right? Did l buy the 'correct' scarf? Are these the 'right' jeans? "She hasn't called me in 3 hours !" " Don't use the phone. Somebody may call ME !" "l want my !"
  3. We use a counter-surveillance system that mirrors back into peeping-Tom surveillance systems that religious, political or governmental snoops used. This is then compiled onto DVD and copies are sent by courier to VAJA (frmr: VEVAK) who then copies and usually sells the info to Russia or to the Far East.
  4. hasanhh

    Join my club

    Do l need a uniform for this? Or can l just go guerilla?
  5. hasanhh

    Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Another Milton Berle: 1st Woman: "You marred those nutcases for a husbands? What are you trying to do, one husband after another? Break them in for someone else? 2nd Woman: "Dear, when l am done with them, they are all broke."
  6. hasanhh

    Help with translation of this word

    Crucifixions were not usually done with expensive nails, but with rope or the executed's own clothing. So, a person would be tied to one -or between two- palm trees and left to muscularly suffocate. Meanwhile, bugs and birds would go after their bodies.
  7. hasanhh

    Why do people do weird stuff?

    Alternatively, "they can't do anything" as the old people use to say; and they aren't known for doing anything. So they do this to show-off for themselves.
  8. hasanhh

    Thoughts 2018

    ^^^^^^ War, politics, Trump, Hillary, taxes, movies, and so on. But after reading the near above, What brings the numbchucks and clubs out on SC ? Fu$ball/Football. Yarrabi.
  9. hasanhh

    What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    "Den Deutschen" "The Germans" Docudrama on dw.com So far, Karl der Gro$e and Otto I. The years ~765 to ~965 Good, but could use some subtitles. Each episode is 42 minutes.
  10. hasanhh

    What made you laugh today

    OK, you 'got' me. "AAhhhhhhhhhh" plop
  11. hasanhh

    Help with translation of this word

    The Greeks and Latins were a millennia+ later.
  12. hasanhh

    The Snowden Revelations

    12,453 For your daily dose of paranoia http://www.dw.com/en/chechen-refugee-interrogated-in-germany-for-sharing-a-dw-article/a-43935988 he shared a news article on IS and how they get their weapons.
  13. hasanhh

    Help with translation of this word

    1] The trilateral root is sad lam ba. 2] In this ayat it is in verb form. 3] Crucifixion l know was recorded in China ~2000+ BCE. Must also be before this, too.
  14. hasanhh

    The Theory Of Evolution

    Which supposition works best? Then you have this contrived, even hokey, story: (ln my humbled opinion) http://www.newsweek.com/only-handful-birds-survived-dinosaur-killing-asteroid-now-scientists-have-944381 Because they "lost their perches" ? "How dare they believe l am so dumb as to entertain this hokem?"