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  1. What is it? l don't want to open an unknown or hazard.
  2. Virtual Currencies

    16March18 The news had a report about Plattsburgh(sp?) New York banning "mining" as the amount of electric power consumed was driving up peoples electric bills. As l remember, in ~2000 it was said that personal computers and home office devices were already consuming 5% of the country's electric power.
  3. Stephen Hawking died

    Reading about Hawking above, l am reminded of Sura 40 Ayats 56-57. Now add in Sura 96 the fifth ayat. What made Hawking famous. The auto-biography/biography on PBS that has been running this week has Hawking saying that he really didn't start to "work hard" until he went to Cambridge for his doctorial fellowship and looking to get married. There he decided to focus on blackholes. Despite this currently cutesy stuff this past week about blackholes are like "sizzling like bacon", "blackholes are not really black' and other such garbage; what Hawking figured out was that when crossing the Schwartzchild Radius, some electrons (and other particles) will emit X-rays via bremsstrahlung with enough energy to escape. This is why he was laughed at in public reading (the reading was done by a grad student as he couldn't do the lecture himself). Blackholes at that time were thought of as the cosmological equivalent of the "perfect black bodies" discussed in undergraduate physics and chemistry. Then a couple of years later, another physicist was doing some work when he remembered Hawking's paper. Re-investigating and using whatever data he had recently acquired, Hawking was preliminarily confirmed. (l think that was Roger Penrose[?] that did this, l forget after four decades.) Another thing Hawking was known for was, that because of his physical disability, he developed a number of techniques/rules to handle tensors mentally --not needing to write them out. Yet, if Hawking was "offered" belief after what Allah-s.w.t. taught him, he rejected it. This was also at a sociological time (60s and 70s) when it was popular to quote that "god is a mathematician". (l forget who started that one.) lf Hawking was a rejector, he isn't now. lt is just too late.
  4. SC Addiction?

    l'm so-far-under from my addiction, l can't remember what this topic is? When l do get some sleep, l REM in donuts, hambergurgers and replies.
  5. Have you invented your own word?

    l was reading this article when l thought of this: As most of us know, "Hollywood" is a place where people live these 'unreal' existences. There was also the old "plastic people" phrase. People who define themselves by the number and cost of ornaments they have. Combining the two, we can change the name to "Hollyplastic". What l was reading was about the SEC and Elizabeth Holmes and the people suckered into a de facto 'fraud'.
  6. Thoughts 2018

    Yes, that is what l am referring to. lnshallah, you'll be fine in a couple of days. Do what l do, remember the best memories about him.
  7. SC Addiction?

    Ehhhhh ... maybe a "good observation". l use to teach so good habits are hard to break. One of my favorites: l had my PS students write a math essay. This one girl wrote this good paper. She was an A student. So l re-read her paper to find something --to make even an A student a better student. Eureka: 3rd page 3rd line. So l put a minus with her A grade. She comes up later an asks why she got a minus when there were no marks on her paper. l asked her to if she found her mistake. She re-reads her paper and cannot find it. l said, "3rd page, 3rd line". She looks again. Comes up blank. So l reach over with my red pen and circle a word --which l forget-- and said, "You misspelled that." She was absolutely dumbfounded, "I got an A- for misspelling a word in math class." Even fifteen and twenty years later, when some of those students l had then would see me, they'd bring this up.
  8. What Came First: Chicken or Egg?

    Kun fayakun. Al-Bari-s.w.t.
  9. Thoughts 2018

    "Confused" as in life-organizing-point? Point as something you no longer have as an organizer: secularly, like changing schools; or reversely having a new baby. My one grandfather lived next-door. l spent a lot of years driving him to the store or to visit his friends, telling me old stories. After he died, all that was a "missing" for a while.
  10. SC Addiction?

    l missed that one. Where is it?
  11. SC Addiction?

    "itching to use" No. l salivate.
  12. Share motivational videos

    ^^^^^^ Yep, people do get preoccupied with the few "don'ts" in Life. Like the "Tree" in the time of Adam.
  13. NOTE: This article discusses "social host" laws in the US. About two decades ago, the police somewhere in the US arranged for some drinking teenage boys to crash a girls party in a home --for local political reasons as l remember. "Social Host" laws were used to criminally prosecute both homeowners for hosting underage drinking. l do not remember how this turned-out. Here is a 'worry' that explains itself: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/14-year-old-girl-owes-20000-damages-house-party-parents-hook-180927551.html
  14. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    @Heavenly_Silk Can you also use the oats that come ready to microwave?
  15. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    l guess. Personally l, l cannot Iook at my own cooking for very Iong.