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  1. l worked it once, maybe twice but that was it. l always otherwise had two corner colors switched, as if the photo had a blue and red corner reversed. I took one apart to see the innards, but all there was was a sphere and hook-like-snappy-things.
  2. l never imagined l'd see starlight use a "rant" emotocon. Her six-year-old must have gotten loose again.
  3. Reminds me of Jimmy Kimmel.
  4. Another Milton Berle: l went to a hotel and the manager asked me if l wanted a wake-up call. l said l am always awake at 6 o'clock. He said, "Good ! Would you call the desk then and wake the clerk?" I said l would. Then he said, "l'II show you to your room. Do you want me to carry your baggage?" l answered, "No thanks. She can walk."
  5. A little B&W TV in '74 l think it was. lt lasted over 15 years. What is the worse gift you received?
  6. l like GoodReads for the book reviews. That is usually as far as l get.
  7. @Mohamed1993 "Freedom" as modernly understood began with Luther --individual responsibility for their belief system. A mental liberation from totalitarianism of Church, Communists, Nazis, dogma et alii. The positive function of materialism, in US history, has been a standard of privacy and "decent housing".
  8. Full of Hot Air.
  9. Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer (1949) with Boris Karloff and Donna Martell (who is still alive, BTW)
  10. Yahoo news has a "now" highly cited article. l found more interesting DeutscheWelle's 28May coverage of Angela Merkel's speech before a CDU meeting in which she says Europe will now have to forge its own way without the US (Trump and post-Trump) or the UK (from Brexit) "even if this includes Russia" (l think this is the exact quote)
  11. 8296 Judy malware --from RoK Auto-clicking revenue via Android from South Korea, many apps available to defraud http://www.pcmag.com/news/353943/judy-malware-potentially-hits-up-to-36-5m-android-devices
  12. My little sister, sent me some pizza slices, macaroni with halaI, Thank you lil-sis
  13. Never heard of Supergirl ? When notme first used the avatar she wrote it was as in Supergirl But, l guess she is really the Phyllis Coates type. Egg salad on bread with baby carrots. Kids lunch stuff,
  14. Sen. Ben Sasse has a cultural book out entitled "The Vanishing American Adult: ..." In a Charlie Rose interview, Friday 26May17, he said a few things but here are a few: --18-24 year-old males spend 40% of their time playing video games --the average person reads 19 minutes per day. --by testing or other means, you cannot tell the emotional difference between a 10 year old to a 15 year old to a 25 year old, currently. --there is an absence of cross-generational interaction. --a significant percentage believe the 1st Amendment should be repealed because free speech might hurt someone's feelings. Opine: now this last one reminds me of that 1990s Wall Street Journal OpEd saying that when political correctness came apart in the past, it did so violently.
  15. Excused to the hallway, l see. I spent most of 2nd grade there so that is nothing new. l thought l'd be identified as a "radical Islamic moderate" [<--"Behave Yourself" ], or an "extreme eccentric"