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  1. From what l understand from the news and the French lnterior Minsitry is that there was a 70% turnout. In the run-off in two weeks, l'm guessing Marcon will win by 3 percentage points.
  2. Trump talked like his mentor is Baby Bush.
  3. When my ex was studying nursing -and l'd "help" [] - l remember bulimia as being for older girls in the 20+ range. ?
  4. For munajat see: http://www.qul.org.au/islamic-occasions/holy-month-of-shaban/938-the-invocation-of-shabaniyah
  5. Sura 2:152 "Remember Me and l will remember you". Question: Did you mean "taunt" and not "taught" (past of teach) ?
  6. "ls it true that Muslims ... the most blessed people?" Because the Quran was/is revealed. Historically, "blessed" occurred with Musa-as and Isa-as --as well as with others. But it is the Quran that is current and a "protected book". 56:78 The "NO" to your question is at 12:104. What is revealed in any period of history by Allah-s.w.t. is "blessed" and is for all of al-alamin. Most translators of Quran into English sprinkle some words around, 'Bless(ed)' is one of them. Or, it exists in the Arabic and the revealed word is ignored by some of these translators. Examples, Yousef Ali ignores mubarakun in Ayats 6:92 and 6:155. Shakir, Pickthal and Mohsin Khan do not. Ali also at Ayats 11:105 and 108 mistakes wasadun and su'id as "bless" when it needs to be "glad" as in 'happy'. Grammar examples for "bless" : ln 13:29 the verbal noun tuba is revealed. At 19:31 lsa-as when a newborn uses mubarakan At 27:8 verb form lll is used when Musa-as is spoken to by Allah-s.w.t. These are word-forms of "bless". Y'all get the idea and meaning. To summarize the meaning from what is revealed is that Mankind is "blessed" because the Quran is revealed. Whether or not anyone behaves accordingly is another matter ... which is settled for us on the Last Day. That is one Quranic use of the words for 'bless'.
  7. He is thinking, "Why do l have such a talkative wife?"
  8. "The way it is, who'd want it." l have to admit this quip is another Milton Berle "stolen joke". This was said by "Granny" in The Beverly Hillbillies in response to "Jed" quoting the Bible's "the meek shall inherit the Earth".
  9. Another Milton Berle: Which US Gov't agency has the worst tailors? NASA Ever see the tailoring of those space suits?
  10. Reads like anorexia nervosa. @starlight --opinion
  11. http://english.khamenei.ir/news/4765/Islam-doesn-t-demand-women-obey-their-husband-on-everything And an older one: http://english.khamenei.ir/news/4763/Oppression-of-women-can-be-prevented-via-laws-and-edification
  12. l posted this morning an opine from The Guardian where-in the commenter wrote that Mattis' "reputation" is being "tarnished" by Trump's twits and Trump-talk. At Donald Trump: Official Thread in General Politics and Current Issues
  13. "Amal" means hope. Am l referring to the same word as you asked about?
  14. Salam Darksky, Explain it to them in Christian idiom. As you and they will understand it, lslam is strict 1st and 2nd Commandment [Ex20, Deut5, et alii ] As you read Quran, you will read more ayats like-and-similar-to the 2nd Commandment in several ayats, warning against idols. ldols such as "the Almighty Dollar", "your own desire", personal objectives other than the Last Day [which is "Sentencing Day" as what will happen to you -Jenna or Jehenna (the Gehenna you hear actually has the "J" sound) is written into your book at physical death.]. The reason, is that breaking or failing in the 1st and 2nd Commandments is NOT FORGIVEN to anyone for any reason. No Exceptions. The prayer schedule is different from meal-time and bed time. This is the basic thing.