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  1. Iran vs KSA ?

    Y'all remember former general and Sec.of State Colin Powell's 05Feb UNSC presentation when he laid out the flimsy fabricated 'evidence' that Saddam lnc. was a threat to the World? Well, in a similar presentation, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nickey Halley has done the same with one of many recovered missile parts from the launches since Desert Storm -when 39 SCUDs were launched at lsraeI. Here is the PressTV report: http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2017/12/14/545629/Iran-Yemen-missile-Nikki-Haley You can search images a find many missile stages' parts from over the last 3 decades. But here is an article from February 2017 discussing the Yemen Army which has been reverse engineering old Russian SCUD missiles for years. https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/yemen-unveils-borkan-2-volcano-2-ballistic-missile.476552/ Some the war-on-iran-chant has really begun.
  2. The Man Who Hit Bush With His Shoe (Nearly)

    Sorry l am an hour and a half late, have been busy. Happy al-Zaidi Day 2017 Y'all
  3. Thoughts 2017

    #lifeof silasun is in front of him, not behind him.
  4. Confessions...

    "Do not tell me"
  5. Net Neutrality

    "chipping away" a better verbal phrase?
  6. What about Kashmir?

    and the Rohingya, Mindinao, Guiene, Thailand, Gujarat, Cameroon, ...
  7. What about Kashmir?

    l wrote a research paper on it in college. So l do.
  8. Confessions...

    See your local hypnotist.
  9. Confessions...

    l aIso talk to about everything: "what is wrong you, (dish) soap", "well, get in their"(to my monthly laundry), "you're too cold"(to my coffee), "Where the Hell are you" (to anything l cannot find quickly-it was pliers yesterday), ... l also curse things, like the News, the Hillary, the Pelosi, some reporters, the new FCC, ... But a few things l am kind of quiet about, the Weather, traffic, ... So, in summation, l talk, curse and scream a lot.
  10. From reading the above, whomever is doing this is acting like an Amerikan Evilgelical --with their shameless, self-righteous arrogance.
  11. Net Neutrality

    "Hasan is on a rant, agin' " In Pai's remarks about abolishing Net Neutrality, he preached, "By removing heavy handed regulations that stand in the way of deploying digital infrastructure, especially in rural and low income areas, l'm confident that more consumers will enjoy better, faster and cheaper Internet access." [bold face added -ed.][Source, PBS News Hour, 14Dec17] "Confident" as in confidence game, l suspect. By removing regulations on lnternet Service Providers encourages the same and similar problems as F.D.Roosevelt fought as Governor of New York in the 1920s with the electric utilities, and let-loose the Bank De-regulation fiasco the Billy Clinton triggered in the 1990s resulting in the Great Recession. We already have an Automated Autocracy. Yet the lSPs pretend they "have no plans" to raise rates, slow access or deny access. At least until they figure out how much money they can extort. "As much as the traffic can bare" maybe a 19th Century boast, but it still applies today -and tomorrow. And since there is now a conduit to deny lnternet access, will SC now be banned and its members singled-out because of another round of "let US war on lran" ? A political favor, no less.(See UN Ambassador Nicky Halley's neo-Colin Powell's 05Feb UN session styled bio "evidence" on a missile allegedly manufactured in lran and landed outside Riyadh's airport --without how such a large missile was smuggled through a blockade, transported, erected and fired without the extensive US monitoring in place since Yemen became a US concern after 9-11 is not explained.) "lnterneters of the World Unite !" ---with no apologies to Marx. l never apologize to Marxists.
  12. The Theory Of Evolution

    @iCambrian ln addition to your above post, are their natural occurring substances that have mutagenic effects??? --like some chemical warfare agents, dioxin, mustards, and so forth.
  13. Net Neutrality

    Pai claims "flood of fake comments" "FCC Just Killed Net Neutrality. Now What?" https://www.wired.com/story/after-fcc-vote-net-neutrality-fight-moves-to-courts-congress/ Article also links to a prior study of net neutrality economic effects.
  14. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Yarrabi. l have had "the munchies" all night. Double Cheeseburger with a large bowl of potatoes. Then a candy bar. Then a nap. Then a double bologna sandwich with cheese. Another candy bar. Handfuls of dry cereal. Half a bar of cheese. A vitamin pill --because maybe my decrepit body needs a mineral or something. And now, tea. Oh well, bon appetizer
  15. A New Era ? https://tribune.com.pk/story/1582549/1-scientific-equipment-oic-member-states-decide-shun-western-countries/ After a two day meeting, OIC countries will now begin pursuing technological independence. As the article states, this is for "big science" projects. Not techno-industrial power. For a background article, see: "New STI Agenda reflects aspiration for change-in-Islamic-world" at http://www.unesco.org/new/en/education/themes/leading-the-international-agenda/human-rights-education/single-view/news/new_sti_agenda_reflects_aspiration_for_change_in_islamic_wor/ http://www.unesco.org/new/en/education/themes/leading-the-international-agenda/human-rights-education/single-view/news/new_sti_agenda_reflects_aspiration_for_change_in_islamic_wor/