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  1. Hillary Clinton 2020

    This does not need any opines from me. Another Clinton Cash Story Russia, money laundering, domestic kickbacks, uranium, covert action, speaking fees, ... Solomon and Spamm of The Hill broke this, 0600EDT, 17Oct17 http://thehill.com/policy/national-security/355749-fbi-uncovered-russian-bribery-plot-before-obama-administration#,WeYE4DpXq3s.twitter The conservative National Review ran a sub-story following these revelations: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/452776/russian-nuclear-scandal-what-did-hillary-clinton-know
  2. lSlL : 0700EDT 17Oct17 Raqqa has been taken. BBC, 16Oct17 described lS as "crumbling".
  3. Future of North Korea?

    "PUTIN signs decree to implement UNSC sanctions on North Korea" http://tass.com/politics/970972 Essentially, anything of value over $500, scientific cooperation, etc.
  4. What is happening in Kurdistan???

    Deleted: sorry, l mis-read something.
  5. What is happening in Kurdistan???

    News Note: l just heard CBS describe recent Kirkuk events as "lraqi forces have just pushed out American backed Kurdish forces." OPINE: l remember a standard gag line from American TV comedians in the early 1960s. Specifically, Red Skelton, Milton Berle, and such. The political context is the Containment Policy (of the Soviet Union) when the US had been sponsoring all kinds of treaties, such as the Baghdad Pact [a.k.a. CENTO] as well as SEATO, NATO (first one) and so on. The gag was: "The US is a member of so many treaties, when the next war breaks out we will be on both sides."
  6. 8527 KRACK Wi-Fi Using WiFi anywhere is now hackable. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3233308/security/krack-wi-fi-security-flaw-faq-tips.html KRACK even breaks your encryption !
  7. Tattoos

    Doing imaging of anything living -outside of academia- is haram an not good for you on the Last Day. Tattoos look bad. Can be a health hazard. Maybe like make-up rendering your wudu no-good.
  8. Hurricanes 2017

    ^^^^^ @notme Did you see the pictures of UK's sunset on Monday the 16th. Saharan dust was a big component of it. l'II see if l can find a pic. Note l searched "UK sunset pictures 16Oct" and got several. a couple are good.
  9. Kid in a candy store?

    Same with a gun shop. I want to try all of them.
  10. Anti-Bucket List

    Never do again? Join the Army.
  11. Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    . Forget Eastern Religions. . Meditate American Style:
  12. Kid in a candy store?

    A Red. " America"
  13. Kid in a candy store?

    OK Now l can identify some of the objects. Let me guess: you got the politically incorrect pink kayak?
  14. Future of North Korea?

    WARNING: What is WRONG with people? 46% of Republicans want war with the DPRK https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/10/14/almost-half-of-republicans-want-war-with-north-korea-says-a-new-poll-is-it-the-trump-effect/?utm_term=.6e9e77beb71f A Quinnipiac University poll. To put this in the perspective required for laughter: The Taliban had a few worn out AA pieces and mortars and the US with lFOR hasn't been able to get then to a "peace table" -much less defeated-- in 16 years. And now these clowns want to start another war on DPRK with an Army that hasn't finished rebuilding from lraq?
  15. Mogadishu

    As of Sunday night EDT, 276 dead ... so far https://www.apnews.com/deba8411c8984fd086d7a84c51dc86fa/276-killed-in-deadliest-single-attack-in-Somalia's-history