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  1. All night l have gotten these "504 Takeaway" time outs. OH, Well. NSA has to use up their $53 Billion Appropriation someway.
  2. @David66 Ref from above. My father was in a unit in France. His chain of command was Company CO then CO 7th Army. [get it?] When they were loaded onto ship to go to Pacific Theater, after they passed the Straits and out into the Atlantic they had their first prep briefing. The first thing said to them was: Based on Iwo and Okinawa --"you are already dead." A few days later the war was over and the ship turned to go to NYC. Edit: l had an officer whose wife survived this -that follows- when she was 5. You know what happened in Shanghai --"hip checks", beheading contests, and all. She, her mother and infant brother hid in an outdoor oven after mother grabbed two knives.. Her mother did this when hearing the that a "new" unit was coming to the village. Unlike for years of occupation, Japanese would ask questions and then leave, this was not the case with these "new" Terror Battalions trying to combat the Resistance. Japanese field commanders got this idea: take anyone who will act like this (Shanghai) out of the prisons and asylums, not only in Japan, but also Korea, China, Taiwan and the Phiiippines themselves; and then turn-them-loose on the country side. There were even three or four from Vietnam l read last year. After three days of human-torches, flayings, and everything else you can think of, they left. Her mother waited until nocturnal twilight to make a run for it. Years later she asked her mother about how they escaped any terrorists that could have stayed behind to see if anyone did manage to hide. Her mother told her she knew if she ran were she had played as a child, the terrorists would not know how to follow --being way-slowed down by the brush and undergrowth, and that was enough lead time to get away. They walked all night through the jungle to a village the Japanese had never visited. The oven they hid in was never checked because it was still smoking and her mother burned her hands keeping it that way. The Occupation Forces found a memorandum to Tojo informing him of what was being done. Tojo never did anything about it even though he marked it as "read". Because he didn't try to stop it, that is the crime the Allies they used to hang him. Japanese housing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a wood and paper targets. So was Sendai, Tokyo, Chiba, Yokohama, ... all fire bombed. The yield at Hiroshima was 12-15 kilotons. Comparatively, the amount of shells and bombs put on Pont du`Hoc D-Day morning was 10+ kilotons. A man from my home town was on the Bataan Death March.
  3. 23March17 UPDATE: Arrest These threats were not only in the US. An lsraeli man "with behavioral problems" who didn't attend high school or grade school according the PBS News Hour made hundreds of threatening phone calls from lsrael. Still, no new info on the vandalism. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/israeli-man-arrested-jcc-bomb-threats-us-jewish-communnity-centers/ the link is correct--edit note
  4. Vice-Regency is in the Quran. lf we want to eradicate Aedes egyptae we are permitted to do so. Personally, l think our manipulative skill in genetics is far enough along to create a 'genetic bomb' that will eradicate this species of mosquitoes. Some genes express themselves after skipping a generation and this can be done with a fragile gene.
  5. When l searched "green cake" l noticed several articles on GC earlier in the year. The Independent's appeared to be the best. Did you read it in a professional magazine?
  6. "Frontline 2" initially was 2 reports -and at least one time 3 reports- in a one hour program. That is where the name comes from.
  7. You'll have to watch the video. Many organizational names were mentioned. The lists would be handed out by the Gulf States, Syrian Gov't, NATO agencies, North Africa, ... Since the pipeline is not going to happen, this conflict has been used to get-rid-of potentially politically incorrect persons.
  8. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/editors/3/risingfromashesingaza/ Green Cake, anyone? @notme --l know you will like this
  9. It summarizes things on SC and then opines that it is no surprise what the militiaman said. They have "complete lists" of all who are in daesh because the lists were given to them.
  10. Ref to OP title: YES Allah-swt looks towards the Last Day, as revealed. He-swt wants us to have a basis-for-mercy on the Last Day. He-swt wants to see el-Alamin behave themselves and remember salah and to fear Him-swt. There is nothing revelaed about His-swt wanting to see cry-babies.
  11. deprave --to debase morally; corrupt Yeah, @Sindbad05 use of the this word is lexicographically correct. Actually, in a very brief history, when it was decided to have a "bible" in the 4th century, there were-for example-10 versions of "Matthew" according to Eusebius. These and other writings all had to be sorted out and cross checked --similarly to hadith science. Then a choice had to be made about the crucifixion-resurrection story. This was chosen because it was the biggest numerical difference between the emerging roman church and the heretics. A historical difference, not a denominational one with Muslims. Another was "the Secret Book of Mark" which is their Book of Mark minus the part where Jesus is portray as 'gay', and got 'control' of the book so the heretics couldn't use it; but kept the blasphemous opening. Where the Satin-Side of things comes in is here: Ref: Matthew, Mark, Luke: Gospels say, Satan says, "son of god". There are a couple of places where this preponderance of scripture is contradicted, but l'll leave these out now. The there is Book of John, which contradicts itself within chapters and across chapters. There is in Chapter 8, Jesus being quoted as saying Satan is "the Father of Lies". Nevertheless, the Church chose the Satan-Side of things, so it incorporated a lot of Saul-Paul epistles --the guy from Babylon, who conspired to murder and torture people, Jews in particular.
  12. l wish l could have gotten rid of my ex that cheaply.
  13. And l am the one person who has been most politically incorrect? Look at all the cool stuff "dem dar injuns" bequeath: Sign Language Tomahawk-Peace Pipes Maize imported from the southerner americans Tobacco "Bad Guys" for Westerns Hi-a-cow-wa for comedies Cher LeftCoastMothers Fortunately, l am as bald as a newborn, so l have no scalp to take.
  14. Sad, funny, but true. All Americans are expected to recognized some pop culture literature. Well, supposed to, anyway. What is "sad" is this report on ABC 'World News Now', 22March17. On Wheel of Fortune, where the object is to correctly determine letters and the resulting words, this occurred about the title of a Tennessee Williams 1947 play. This is the complete display before the speech of "outrageous ignorance": A STREETCAR NA ED DESIRE The contestant asked to "solve" the title, and then did so with the letter "K". For you non-Americans the letter is "M".
  15. lS then lSlL then lSlS ... we on SC have followed these criminals since the first post about the prisons being emptied, families paid $150 per month, and sent into Anbar. The lntel Chiefs meeting in Damascus a couple + years ago. Several gov'ts running Herod/Herodias operations to get rid of critics and potential critics of their lifestyles. Western gov'ts sponsoring web operations --mostly through 'think tanks' and so forth. So, it is not surprising that when l watched the PBS "Frontline 2" (21March17) that an interviewed Shi'a militia commander said to the interviewer, "We have complete lists" of who is in lSlS/daesh. Opine: lt is not just a change by Qatar--as said by their FM on DeutscheWelle last year. With other things emerging, the countries want these criminals eradicated.