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  1. Dear, I have a friend from china . can I find books or any resources in chines about shia.

  2. Salaams, the below is an article relating today's situation with the bigger picture and the return of the Imam. And also mentions why things are happening the way they are and what needs to change for mankind to 'turn the corner'... A New Dawn, A New Day, A New Beginning... wa salaam,
  3. Salaams, here's an article that may well not sit too well with some people's... sensitivities. If you're not ready to face the reality behind whether you've done your pilgrimage/hajj or not then don't bother reading this article... If you want to find out what was meant by God telling us to perform the pilgrimage at least once in our lifetimes, then click below: The True Pilgrimage Also available at: Finding 'The Way' wa salaam,
  4. Yes, you must be right, because suuurely, the quality of someone's writings is based upon the number of comments he receives or the number of ratings he gets. Your logic is absolutely astounding, NOT. "Need one say more" Incidentally for those wanting to rate via someone else's comments. See this comment: A Comment
  5. Salaams, if you'd like to find out the difference between The People of Knowledge vs. The People of Understanding, then check out this link. It's definately insightful: The People of Knowledge vs. The People of Understanding wa salaam,
  6. biogenesis

    The author's name is "Mikhah ben David". Does a marjah make all your decisions for you? Even how to think? Remember, even marjah are fallible. If you follow a teacher who can only get a grade B or C, then you cannot go beyond this. If you take on board what he says and make your own decision with aql (that Imam Jafar-as-Sadiq tells us is Allah's greatest miracle to mankind) then you have a chance. Point being, just because you think marjah will throw it out as blasphemous does not necessarily mean anything. **** Johan Cecat is not his real name. This comment shows how "out of the loop" you really are. i'm sorry, but plain and simple. You're wrong on this one. Who cares what happened to taliyah.org? does it make a difference to this conversation? Are we to judge the contents of this book by your efforts to bring down the author. My POINT to everyone reading this. Regardless of WHO wrote this book, even if it was a kafir on the street. IF the contents are Truth, then it should be accepted as ALL TRUTH IS FROM Allah. Regardless of the conveyor! How long will it take before the ummah get this into their heads? Regardless of if the author is a JEW or a CHRISTIAN or an ATHEIST. Judge it by it's contents. So, any further comments you are going to make about the author is IRRELEVANT! Learn from Imam Ali(as), he taught the Jews using the Torah and the Christians using the Injeel. The cover doesn't matter, it's the contents. If it had been me teaching the Jews from the Torah and the Christians using the Injeel. It DOES NOT MATTER. It is the contents and the words being said that does. LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND... **** Finally, Once again you are way off mark brother. He does NOT think what you have just said. i would advice you to be VERY careful what you spread about people especially when it is not true! This is not only ghribr, but it is libel. Anyway, to correct where you are wrong. He does believe in khums. And Taqlid is a system that "has it's place" in Islam where the Qur'an tells us that we are to "ask those who know" when we do not. What is wrong with the Taqlid system (and i'm not about to debate this here and now any further) is that it has been made wajib to follow a single marjah who is fallible. The concept of taqlid is fine. It falls over when it says that the system of taqlid is WAJIB. Anyway, that was to clarify what i have read of this brother (Naziri's) writings. i do not intend to debate this with you. If you wish to debate this, by all means take it to www.hashlamah.org wa salaam,
  7. biogenesis

    Yes, agreed brother "first impressions" do last - my advice, however (should you wish to take it) - is not to go by first impressions, Insha-Allah. i have never claimed to know all 7 levels of understanding of the Qur'an. The reason why i said that was for the sister to not get too cut off from listening to alternatives based upon her own level of understanding. This was all that was meant from this. There was no intention of me trying to sound great or anything like that. This whole royal "we" thing is nothing but conjecture. The reality behind this is explained in the book. i am contemplating posting the explanation here (but it is quite long and lots of referencing), but there is a side of me that is thinking you should just read the book.... i'm going to leave this open for the moment, IA. wa salaam, sister, i was having a conversation with you. I asked you the following for a reason: The reason being that when the Qur'an talks with the "We" it is talking about the Archangels. i know this will go against your current understanding and you'd like to just throw it out immediately. But think about it. There are numerous places in the Qur'an where both He (or infact Hu) and "We" are used within the same sentence. Ask yourself, why would that be? Anyway, seriously, i was trying to have a conversation with you. By asking the question i was going to lead you to the answer.... anyway... like i said in the post above, i'm not sure anymore. i think people should just read the book. All i'm getting is just nafs from people who reject things without any thought. There is definately no compulsion in religion. If you feel you are right then i have nothing more to say. And i don't say this with any emotion or enmity against anyone, i really do leave the choice to your - selves. wa salaam,
  8. biogenesis

    oh, sorry, misunderstood your angle. Ok, so you agree with her. i did read her comments btw. And if you read my comments properly you'll see that i answered her also: Finally, i do agree with you about logos have A meaning. Which is why, IF you had read my comments properly you will have seen that i said "in the context of our discussion". And even if the logo has a meaning, in the context of what i was trying to tell you, a logo does NOT change the meaning of the contents. See my comment again... Perhaps it would be more beneficial to understand what is being said instead of taking sides. wa salaam,
  9. biogenesis

    ermmm... do you seriously think that by quoting yourself again you have answered any of my questions? or have strengthened your position at all? yeah, it's just another consipiracy. He definatley isn't a jew and even if he was, we should be judging a book by it's contents and NOT it's cover. wa salaam,
  10. Biogenesis eBook Available NOW!

    Imam 'Ali(as) teaches us that as wisdom increases our words get less... wa salaam,
  11. biogenesis

    At what point has it tried to change something in the Qur'an sister? Has it tried to change the text within the Qur'an? Has it even tried to alter a translation?? i think you'll find that's a NO for both. Or would it be more accurate to say your accusing the book of "blasphemy" because it doesn't agree with your understanding? Do NOT forget sister, there are 7 levels of understanding to every ayat of the Qur'an.... Next, it is not "my" "GARBAGE" that i'm promoting. Perhaps if you chill for a minute and think we could discuss a little better. Perhaps, whilst you are doing wudu you can drop your emotional outburst and remember the teaching of Imam 'Ali (as) when he told us that "anger is temporary insanity".... - sabr, sister. When you've done that perhaps we can discuss the following: Why does the Qur'an use "Hu" (i.e. 3rd person) and "We" (i.e. plural 1st person) and "I" (singular 1st person) in reference to Allah? wa salaam, ps. finally, that logo means nothing (in the context of our discussion). If the qur'an had a picture of a boy on it reading or if it had a picture of a tree on it, would it change the contents at all??? Ofcourse not, you judge it by it's contents. So your posting a logo, which makes you feel like doing wudu is of zero benefit to anyone. Those who are wise will judge the book by it's contents and not by a website logo.
  12. biogenesis

    salaams sister, firstly, have you read this book or have you read "info on this book". The 2 are quite different to be fair. To make a proper and more "scientific" comparison one needs to have read the contents before passing judgement. This would only seem like a fair comment to make. i agree, there is one true faith and the Qur'an is, like you're saying, uncorrupted. Nor does this book disagree with this. This author of this book has always said that all texts outside of the Qur'an should be taken with a pinch of salt. So, i doubt that the author would have written contrary to this in his book. Perhaps you can quote where the book says otherwise? Finally, let me ask you a question. Did the prophets and messengers guide mankind or did Allah guide mankind? Point being, yes, Allah created mankind, but it happened through his archangels. Sister, with all respect, i would advice you think twice before you suggest things are garbage because it does not fit in with your current understanding. wa salaam, i know you truely and strongly believe that this guy is jewish, but i assure you he is not. i don't know how to prove it to you, but i give you my word he is a muslim. wa salaam,
  13. biogenesis

    Salaams, this is a very interesting book that has finally come out on print. It's taken 2 years to come out and numerous difficulties with authorities due to the nature of the contents. It brings together many religious texts to give the reader a bigger picture that hasn't been seen before. Insha-Allah, i highly recommend this book: http://newdawn.dharmahost.biz/2006/08/biog...mankind-by.html wa salaam,
  14. LatePass.Blogspot.com

    Nice blog!! Some very interesting thoughts by the blogger. Especially the bit on Israel v Hizbullah. wa salaam,
  15. another forum...

    Salaams, sorry, forgot to mention, this is a good forum for learning too if you're like me and like to move around: http://www.hashlamah.org i think they're having problems within login at the moment, but when it's sorted it should be good. peace,