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  1. Waiting for poiyut, to make his appearence, so far not too many of your muslim pals have weighed in on this, so don't declare victory with only one response, Baghdad Bob!
  2. Kohmeini's alleged pedophile qoute.

    You can't even get the threads straight, more or less admit that it was physically impossible to transport all those slaves, you really are pathetic. BTW, the lunch invitation was for you and your fellow muslim poiuyt who wants to kill all the jews, was in response to this post of yours, not you and Thor.
  3. Temporary Pause In Response

    Bon Voyage, and be sure and tell the attendent to make sure the prozac dosage is right.
  4. Conversion

    Problem is, Sharia law considers just leaving islam as an attempt to destroy it, but you conveniently left that out.
  5. Conversion

    Time out! But if you are a muslim, and still love and whorship Allah/god, but don't think the teachings of Mohammed were kosher, you get your head chopped off by Sharia Law, how is that forgiving?
  6. Conversion

    Well they certainly wouldn't be themselves anymore with they start adopting arab names and arab dress, would they? Why is it a prerequisit to have all of this arab mumbo jumbo go along with becoming a muslim? You don't have to dress like a jew to be a christian.
  7. In looking up some of the stuff Thor was talking about I got this off of a non-shia muslim website. If this stuff is true, he is saying that Imams have the power of God???
  8. Kohmeini's alleged pedophile qoute.

    Try looking up the spelling of the word gohlem in other languages for a starter, Mr. expert. " Why don't you start a seperate thread with a poll asking just that? Be sure and get the usual suspects to answer though, because they would like to see you dead pal! Once a Jew, always a Jew, live with it! Better yet, meet him in person and share a ham sandwich, I will buy :D "I'm what would be called an Penacostal Agnostic" Hey if you guys want to believe in science fiction fine, but geez, Gene Roddenberry stuff was at least plausable, whereas you koran and bible thumpers really are in outer space! "Say listen, he gave photos of himself and his relatives, and you said you would do the same, where is your photos, because he lived up to his end of the bargain and you didn't, so in my book, you are a welcher!" You are a welcher! In one post you stated if he provided you with a photo of his father, or grandfather, you would provide him with a photo of yours, you reneged! Anyways, you are starting to sound like you are Reinhardt Heydrich doing checks on the blood lines of aryans. I read his answer, and he took into account the ships making more then one trip a year, giving it three voyages yearly. Even that was absurd for him to have given you that, a sailing ship would take up to at least 6 months or more to make one round trip, taking into consideration weather, provisions, and the need to rest the crew. He beat you to the ground on this issue, there is no way possible with the amount of sailing ships available in those days, for that many slaves to have been transported, even if every ship available were committed to that task. Admit you were wrong, it would give you some credibility in the future.
  9. Kohmeini's alleged pedophile qoute.

    I don't recall him saying he thought they were true, just that it didn't seem right that the shias wouldn't have something on the net correcting this stuff if it's a lie. Why don't you ask your board moderators where he is, since he is almost always around, they probably banned him again?
  10. Conversion

    Yes I do, you can become a christian or a jew and you don't have to change your name and start dressing like you are Sam the Sham and the pharaohs. I guess some people like to play masquerade on more days then just halloween. I guess an identity crisis will do that to you.
  11. Conversion

    And whats fair about your religion giving the death sentence to anyone who leaves it, you don't see christians doing that, but then maybe they are a little more secure in their beliefs then to have barbaric laws like that to keep the flock in tow.
  12. Conversion

    So I guess from the names above, not only do you have to give up christianity becoming a muslim, you have to give up your identity and become psuedo-arabs? Sad, very sad!
  13. Conversion

    I guess they don't want you talking with a large group of christians because you also may be swayed by their arguements, and then according to Sharia law, they would have to kill you!
  14. Kohmeini's alleged pedophile qoute.

    First of all in your ignorant arrogance you make assumptions about what my screen name is or isn't based on nothing. Let me ask you something, seriously, are you mentally ill? Better check out the reality of islam, not the mythical one, because a sizable amount of your fellow muslims here would like nothing more then to see every Jew, including you, eradicated off the face of the earth. I borrowed the below from thors signature. I'm what would be called an Penacostal Agnostic, so what I believe is nothing that doesn't have some solid evidence, of which makes the science fiction you portray is out of the question. I do believe you are reinforcing the muslims faith though, with all the guns and Mahdi stuff where you guys get to kill all of us kafir in the end days. My what a pleasent religion of peace that is. You don't pretned to know, because know full well there was no 402,000 ships back in those days, no matter if it was a 3 hundred year period. get real! Say listen, he gave photos of himself and his relatives, and you said you would do the same, where is your photos, because he lived up to his end of the bargain and you didn't, so in my book, you are a welcher! You really like to hear yourself talk, don't you?
  15. Kohmeini's alleged pedophile qoute.

    You are a Jew? And you are a muslim too, that's real interesting, you must have a death wish, because a jew being a muslim is like a blackman joining the KKK! I'm not as polite as Thor, I don't suffer fools, and you are the joker in this deck! You have no idea what I studied in college, you are just a pompous smart a$$ who likes to hear himself talk with all the trumped up junk you come up with. Thor challenged you to show him the logistics of how it was possible to transport 300 million slaves with the ships they had during that time, you couldn't, WOULDN't answer that because you know that trumped up number could never have been supported with the fleets of those days. Nice try though, and keep patting yourself on the back on what an intelligent individual you are, because every one of your jackass posts proves otherwise.