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  1. Mulla Sadra

    Salam Where can I buy the books of Mulla Sadra? Please keep me in your duas, AhlulBayt Follower
  2. Quran Must Listen

    http://www.listen2quran.com/default.aspx I came across this site. The whole quran is on there. It runs on flash. Please keep me in your duas, AhlulBayt Follower
  3. Rare e-books and articles

    Salam, There are many books on www.al-islam.org all on html format so its easy to read. Please keep me in your duas, AhlulBayt Follower
  4. Ayatollah Wahid Khorasani

    Salam, Is there anywhere I can find the works of Ayatollah Wahid Khorasani in English? Please keep me in your Duas AhlulBayt Follower
  5. Shia Blackberry Apps?

    The Topic Title really explains all.
  6. Any Shia Sisters In North West London?

    Also try Stanmore Mosque. Its based in...Stanmore. Website: www.hujjat.org
  7. Where Can I Find Websites Which Explains...

    Just surf al-islam.org It has some awesome stuff on it.
  8. #1 Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (as)

    Of knowledge and Wealth, which is better? Narrated Ali ibn Abi Talib 1. Knowledge is the legacy of the Prophets; wealth is the inheritance of the Pharaohs. Therefore, knowledge is better than wealth. 2. You are to guard your wealth but knowledge guards you. Therefore, knowledge is better. 3. A man of wealth has many enemies, while a man of knowledge has many friends. Hence, knowledge is better. 4. Knowledge is better because it increases with distribution, while wealth decreases by that act. 5. Knowledge is better because a learned man is apt to be generous while a wealthy person is apt to be miserly. 6. Knowledge is better because it cannot be stolen while wealth can be stolen. 7. Knowledge is better because time cannot harm knowledge but wealth rusts in course of time and wears away. 8. Knowledge is better because it is boundless while wealth is limited and you can keep account of it. 9. Knowledge is better because it illuminates the mind while wealth is prone to blacken it. 10.Knowledge is better because knowledge induced the humanity in our Prophet to say to GOD “We worship thee as we are your servants,” while wealth offered the Pharaoh and Nimroud the vanity which made them claim to be god.
  9. You can kill a revolutionary but you can never kill the revolution - Fred Hampton #Bahrain

  10. Salam I came across this article, and its definetaly a good read for all those interested in Business. http://www.al-islam.org/al-tawhid/politicaleconomy/ Please keep me in your duas AhlulBayt Follower
  11. If it is utter nonsence, then how did the lineage of Adam continue?
  12. Humans Before Prophet Adam (a.s)?

    I do not reject this, but where is the evidence? Doesnt it say somewhere that Adam was the first man on earth, because he got rejected from the heavens?
  13. Layla And Majnoon

    Salam, Where can I find the stories of Layla and Majnoon? Please keep me in your duas AhlulBayt Follower
  14. Salam I just read this article http://www.scribd.com/doc/33893609/From-Bida-to-Sunnah-The-Wilaya-of-Ali-in-the-Shi-i-Adhan on whether 'ali yun waliyullah' was added into the adhan. Can anyone provide me with any more information? Please keep me in your duas Wassalam AhlulBayt Follower