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  1. GRE: anyone taken it? Advice?

    You do not get tested on grammar but vocabulary on GRE.Anyway sister just download the test and give it in test like settings.If you score near what you are looking for. Just use the official GRE test book to practice and remember to use vocabulary app.
  2. Depression

    I been though this phase.Try to find work just anything to get your mind off depressing thoughts.If you still feel bad remember Imam Hussain A.S. you will feel as if a heavy load has been lifted off your chest.Read book Ayatullah Qazwini has great biograhies on ahylul bayat.Try to read any of them.Do your best to find work do tawasul and then leave it to Allah.
  3. GRE: anyone taken it? Advice?

    Finally since I do not come here often.If you require 160 plus score in both verbal and math you will have to work hard but anything in 140 is doable without much effort.
  4. GRE: anyone taken it? Advice?

    You can get all the books you want online.If you do not have much time just stick to official gre guide book which includes few tests and answers. Also if possible use the two tests which you get free from gre website when you learned most of the stuff. Test will be easier for you if your math is ok and if I am not you are a native english speaker.
  5. GRE: anyone taken it? Advice?

    Everything depends on what score does the university require and the time you are willing to invest. If you have time I would recommend you start by downloading gre verbal app preferably Magoosh if you want the free or one manhattan prep if you are willing to pay for it. Download the gre official guide book check out the problems.Again if you have more time use Manhattan Prep guide for all your prep as I tried most of other books and founding them wanting. If you need more help send me pm.
  6. Book Translated In English

  7. Mediumship and contacting the deceased

    If you are doing this as an academic excercise even then it would be all conjucture.If you are doing this for lost time with loved one then it would be better do a sadiqa jariha. As the brother mentioned you are setting yourself for a big time con game.
  8. Need help with a wood fire clay oven

    The oven looks something like this. What I really wanted to know if you ever used anything similar to cook something as big as a mutton leg.My experience with it has been that if a put something covered in aluminum foil it usually gets cooked but if I tried to without one it would usually end up being under or over cooked. May be I am just a amateur. Yes you are right about salt and meat. I have been searching for ages for someone who could help me master the art of making a real mutton sajji. Cooking the meat till it is tender by placing it near a fire not on it and usually takes 6 to 8 hours. Another thing is all meat tastes good if it is fresh once you put it in the freezer you kill the taste although slowly. There is really nothing better eating a Partridge within a few hours you hunt it. Thank for your words of wisdom. I will keep that in mind.
  9. Need help with a wood fire clay oven

    Well.Thanks but I would prefer tips from people who have used this contraption.
  10. Second marriage

    Well why don't we all give the man credit for trying to halal whether wife number one lets him do or not something.At least he wanted something halal.He could have just done the deed if was into sensual pleasure.
  11. Need help with a wood fire clay oven

    My cooking skills are rudimentary at best.I would like to know if any brothers/sisters have used a wood fire clay oven before.I have so far learned to make pizza from but failed when I tried to cook a leg of mutton.Would love to hear @Darth Vader thoughts since his are only cooking posts I have read so far.
  12. Great business lessons youve learned

    If some one is offering you out of this world returns it is a con.
  13. Need advice on tattoo

    I think it will be a lot better if you express your faith through your deeds than your tattoo.
  14. Thoughts 2017

    @rkazmi33 There is not a minimum threshold of pain humanity has to go through for society to stay in equilibrium.Allah does not like dishing out pain.What Allah has said everyone must go through a trial to measure his/her eman. Yes human sacrifice was useful just not as way of releasing positive karma.It was just another way for elites to stay in power.Think someone has worked out a method predict rain.What better way to stay in power than use human sacrifice so all the lesser mortals only see this person has a connection to the divine. I think it our cultural baggage which prevents divorces.Allah provide option because sometimes it just doesn't work out.Men grow weaker as the children age.Wife has usually all the kids on her side.I will not comment empowerment of women.It has used too many times to peddle consumerism.
  15. Thoughts 2017

    No one can not prolong one's life even if one stays married to someone.The have only come across sayings that tell one's life will be prolonged if one does Sulhe Rahm but it has no consequences for your relatives just for one doing Sulhe Rahm. Mostly people respect those who are like ones you described because they would not the headache that follows arguing with person who bosses other people around.