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  1. Islam Without Allah? By Colin Turner

    It's a critique of Shi'i scholarly methodology, not a refutation of Shi'ism. I don't don't believe in refuting the other, whoever they may be.
  2. Islam Without Allah? By Colin Turner

    Yes, I thought I've mentioned his name before: Seyyed Kamal Al Haydari, for starters, being an 'establishment' scholar (the establishment hates him) , and various 'banned' Arab modernist thinkers that you would probably not have heard of (like the Egyptian scholar Nasr Hamed Abu Zayed).
  3. Islam Without Allah? By Colin Turner

    Yeah that's going to take a while. I was planning to give you all an outline of the research I've done so far in the two posts I've started some months ago.. Didn't quite go to plan. In any case, I won't delineate anything in detail here until I've been accepted into a PhD, completed a proper research study on my chosen subject and published my book.... which might be a few years yet considering my age, family commitments etc... So don't hold your breath.
  4. Islam Without Allah? By Colin Turner

    No, the research is done, I just need to find a way to publish it.
  5. Islam Without Allah? By Colin Turner

    yes, I do indeed have a vested interest to prove the established narrative wrong.
  6. Islam Without Allah? By Colin Turner

    btw i did criticize the book in the post right above yours... did you even bother to read it?
  7. if you're stuck in a mindset of 'choseness', you won't be able to accept the fact that salvation will encompass a far larger selection of 'believers'... this tribalism must end, it's been the bane of humanity since the creation of all the worlds.
  8. Islam Without Allah? By Colin Turner

    Lol you got me fella. Well done. You are right. I am an advocate of the centrality of the Quran. And the orbitality of traditions. This 'some convert' that you belittle, has a name:Colin Turner, and he matters. He's a breath of fresh air in this time of staleness and intellectual irrelevance (caused by the hegemony of the past). Not that he will cause any change. His impact is negligible. But he has made an impact in Qom in some circles, and I'm trying to get my hands on another 'banned' book, this time by an iraqi thinker, I'll post about him and annoy you some more, Insha'Allah. This post was meant to show that there's another side to the story, proven historically, buried by the religious establishment, yet narrated through western eyes. It's fascinating really. Cheerio!
  9. Death of the Shi'i Intellectual Pt2-Death by chain

    Just over 4 months on this one. Good.
  10. Death of the Shi'i Intellectual Pt1 - Akhbarism

    Not quite 6 months since I posted this. Good.
  11. A placeholder for the second chapter, summarising my research findings into the decline of Shi'i Intellectual thought production, which will focus on: - how the 'chain/sanad' method contributed to this decline, killed off any hope of academic revival ,and dumbed down the level of scientific research within the Religious seminaries. - the foremost scholar to establish this method of eliciting religious rulings and verifying narrations (knowingly or unknowingly) - S AbulQassim alKhoei, may God bless his soul,and the people who followed his method after him. I want to be absolutely clear that my research focuses entirely on the methodologies used by these different currents (Akhbaris/Usoolis etc), and not the individuals who became famous as a result of it.
  12. are politics counted as ibadah?

    Precisely, everyone agrees on the major premise of the argument (logically speaking). Let's talk about practical ways to establish social justice where we live.
  13. Why do iranians sound harsh and strict

    You obviously haven't met any Iraqis. Count yourself lucky if that's the case. Why is everyone posting multiple copies of their comments today?