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  1. In ur mail, what i didnt reveal, u called me very bad names, because i have faith in God...any god...U sad, i am dumb because i am simply a theist. U sad, beleief in any god, means the sickness of the soul or something. I didnt want to say this but now u are saying u are this and this makes me sad. (of cousre u will negate this, saying its not true and i am sure all ppl will think, i am liar...) Anyway, i am really dumb maybe, my kafer parents also says, i am stupid, because i beleive in Allah. But i dont want to listen this here, i have better to do. And i geuss i wont be missed. So plz, none of u answer me back, that i was rude and harsh and stuffs..okay, i wont be anymore, i promise, ...I have faith in god, ana muwa77ida, and i think, tis better for me to read Quran than such things. I ask u to NOT answer me..I wont come back anymore.
  2. Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh I attend sometiems to a mosque what is officially follows the aqeedah as-salaf "as-salih"...But they didnt say such things about me even there. Maybe i should consider thsoe men better...So may Allah Taala erward wahhabis in my mosque for not calling me idiot. Ameen. Okay, i thought i told to this guy not to talk to me. I asked him , not in a lovely manner but in one short sentence without any name calling. Without any bad stuffs. Finally again he labelled me as no brothers ever did. So thanx a lot, even a kafer didnt call me like this never, stupid, yeah a lot, lol, but idiot no. Time for me to leave really. Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh P.S.:i wanted to include a hadith a susual just for my OWN education but i got also attacks, that i want to "justify" my "ugly stuffs" with "misinterpreting Islam"... so better no to include any hadith. Salam alaikum
  3. Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Masha Allah, ya ukhti, i really like abayas, they are awesomes! I have one full black, from silk, its so beautiful! Sometiems i wear the niqab, but very additionally, because...sometimes i just feel, i want to wear it, when i am among such people who are erally...naajis. Unfortunately i realized, among my sisters, i am the only who covers :( Most of them afraid, bcoz our society is very mean and rude, so may Allah subhanah wa taala encourage them. Honestly, i dont care with naajis people who are giving strange looks to me or even with my parents who are non-muslims...I really want to please Allah Taala from the deep of my heart and insha Allah i can at least a little. A lot of times happened to me, when iw a sin buses or tram, that some group of dirty people entered, like drunks, or crazy guys and stuffs, and i was afraid, even thought we are commanded to fear just Allah Taala, but i always keep the book of Dua Kumayl with me so iw as erading it and alhamdulillah until this time nothing bad happened to me. For me, hijab is also a sign of Aakhera, that i dont care with this dunya that much...In the same time i feel myself so nice in it, really. Wa Allahu alem, it makes me happy. :) If i wear it, i think about Allah, and as Quran says, verily in the rememberance of Allah the heart finds rest. And i need this rest in my society in dar al-kufr :( [i:post_uid0]The Prophet (SAW) said to Fatima (S.A.) what is the thing which is a blessing for woman?' She said that, 'she must not see a man (stranger and not intimate) and a man must not see her.' [/i:post_uid0] salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
  4. Dua requested - For a very dear sister

    Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh May Allah subhanah wa taala cure her and give back her health soon insha Allah! May Allah subhanah wa taala help her and grant her Jannat Firdaws, ameen, thomma ameen. May Allah subhanah wa taala listen to our ada3iyah, ameen. Imam Ali (as) sad in Nahj al-Balagha to one of his friend whow as sick: [i:post_uid0]May Allah make ur sickness as blessed escape from problems, because no ajar (payment) for sickness, but it deletes the sins, and make them fall down as leafs.[/i:post_uid0] So may Allah subhanah wa taala delete her mistakes what she maybe did before and clean her soul and her book of deeds through her sickness, ameen, thoma ameen. Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
  5. Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Jazak Allah Taala khayran, brother. And yes, i totally agree with sis Zuljenah, may Allah bless her... We must keep our proper adab and akhlaaq. May Allah Taala help us in it, ameen, thomma ameeeeeen! And yes, i also needed it, so just...subhan Allah. Imam Sadeq (as) has said: [i:post_uid0]“I would like to have a copy of the Holy Quran at home thereby God repels satans.” [/i:post_uid0] Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
  6. Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Last time i posted an article about the jihad of Fatima Zahra (as), and insha Allah Taala this time we can see an other wonderful remarkable-and reminder-about the pious women in the old times. During the Prophet's times one of the Muslim women in Madinah received the news of the loss of three of her close relatives in the Battle of Uhud. She set out on a camel to the scene of battle to bring the bodies of the martyrs. Having laid the lifeless and bloody bodies of her dear ones on the camel, she was returning to Madinah when on the way she met one of the wives of the Holy Prophet, may peace be upon him and his Family. The Prophet's wife, who was concerned about the Prophet's welfare, asked her if she knew anything in this regard. That bereaved woman, as she held the reins of her camel and blood dripped to the ground from the bodies that it carried, answered with a peculiar serenity and calmness that sprung from her firm and steady faith: "I have a glad news for you: the Prophet hasn't suffered any harm in the battle, and every lesser grief is tolerable in front of such a great and precious blessing." The Prophet's wife asked her; "Whose bodies are these?" She answered: "One of them is my husband's, another is that of my son, and the third one belongs to my brother, I am taking them to Madinah to bury them." What agent except faith could give such indescribable serenity and calm to this bereaved soul? This was due to her high iman and masha Allah Taala she was really like Al-Khansa or Zaynab bint Ali (as)! May Allah subhanah wa taala help us to attain such taqwa or at least to try, ameen. Love u all for the sake of Allah! Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
  7. Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Faith not only removes anguish and anxiety from the human heart, it can protect it from being overwhelmed by agitation and agony. The Qur'an describes the preventive role of faith in these words: [i:post_uid13]If you have faith, do not yield to fear and sorrow, for you have an u p per hand over the others on account of this asset of faith. [/i:post_uid13] (3:139) This verse drives home the point that faith is a firm shield for the soul in its encounter with the agents of anxiety, producing a certain immunity in the human being. If one should lack a complete faith, and should the agents of anxiety penetrate to the core of his soul, it is again faith by relying on which he can free his mind from the burden of agony and purge the effects of suffering from the tablet of his heart. The Qur'an says: [i:post_uid13]...In God's remembrance and reliance upon Him are at rest the hearts of those who have faith and do righteous deeds. [/i:post_uid13] (13:28) [i:post_uid13]It is He Who sent down tranquillity into the hearts of the faithful... [/i:post_uid13] (48:4) The Qur'an considers steadiness and security to be the characteristics of those whose hearts are full of faith: [i:post_uid13]Mental peace and security are qualities of those who have faith and who have not drawn a veil of wrongdoing over their faith[/i:post_uid13] (6:82) [i:post_uid13]Lo, fear and sorrow do not affect the friend of God. [/i:post_uid13] (10:62) In a sermon on the benefits of remembrance of God, Ali, the Commander of the Faithful, may peace be upon him, describes the characteristics of godly human beings: [i:post_uid13]God, the Exalted, has made His remembrance the light and burnish of the hearts. It is by the means of His remembrance that the hearts recover their hearing after being deaf, regain their sight after being blind, and become soft and tractable after being savage and rebellious. It has always been the case that in periods of spiritual torpor, from time to time, God Almighty has confided His inspiration to the thoughts of His sublime servants and spoken to them through their intellects.[/i:post_uid13] Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
  8. Smoking ... - Halal/haram?

    Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh ameen, thomma ameen. May Allah subhanah wa taala bless ur niyyat and the ikhlaas in it and make u successfully. I agree with u. Wa Allahu alem. The Holy Prophet (S) has said [i:post_uid0]The first thing through which transgression against God-Almighty was done consisted of six characteristics: Love of world, love of position, love of women, love of eating, love of sleeping, and love of comforts." [/i:post_uid0] Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
  9. Sal am alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh I wrote about jealousy. Personally i dot see any contradiction, since, as i know, at least a little, jealousy is bad feeling, negative. In Nahj al-balagha imam Ali (as) sad, the jealousy of the man is iman and the one of the woman is kufr (maybe he ment the gheerah of themuslimeen, masha Allah!)..So lets say, its negative. And Allah Taala CAN remove the negative feelings, even in this dunya, namely if we feel, we have something like this, we usually make ada3iyyah (duas) and ask Allah Taala to help us and our soul and He does. Wa Allahu alem. Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
  10. New member

    Sal am alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Welcome, dear sister, insha Allah u will enjoy ur staying here and u will get beneficial knowledge about Islam and also friends, masha Allah.
  11. Your marital status!

    Sal am alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Brother Ali, may Allah protect and preserve u, i am not sure if u fit into the single lonely dreamers club, masha Allah, since u stated u are already not lonely, but amm....okay:))) BUT strictly until ur marriage, okay, bro? After that fee farewell party and u join to the married brother's club, haha! Sis mtnprincess, barak Allah feeki, here is NO lifetime memberships, we are just temporarly members until we find our partners insha Allah:) But u are also very welcome and yes, we will have lovely friday nights, looool! "Almighty Allah says: O, Son of Adam! be patient and be humble and I will elevate you. Thank Me and I will increase your bounties. Seek pardon from Me, and I will forgive you. Call upon Me, I will answer you. " Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
  12. Gheebah - And its punishment

    S alam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh "The Messenger of Allah - upon whom and whose Progeny be God's benedictions - said: 'The havoc wrought by ghibah (backbiting) on the believer's faith is swifter than the one wrought by the disease of aklah in the side of his body." Abu Abdallah (as) sad: "The Messenger of Allah - upon whom and whose Progeny be God's benedictions - said: 'To sit in the mosque waiting for the (time of) prayer is worship, so long as one does not commit a misdeed.' He (S) was asked, 'O Messenger of Allah, what misdeed?' He replied, 'Backbiting.' The Prophet ) asked his companions: "Do you know what is ghibah?" They said, "God and His Messenger know best." He (S) said: "It is to mention about your brother that which he detests." We are neglectful of the fact that our deeds return to us in the other world as objectified entities, with forms appropriate to their character. We do not know that this act (i.e. ghibah) has the form of cadaver eating. It will return to its perpetrator in the hell in its other-worldly (malakut) form, for he, like a ferocious dog, has torn other people's honour to shreds and devoured their (moral) flesh. In a tradition it is narrated that once the Messenger of Allah, may God's peace and benedictions be upon him, stoned a man for commission of adultery. One of the persons present remarked to his companion: "This one was finished where he stood, like a dog." Thereafter, the Prophet, accompanied by the two men, passed by a carcass and he (S) said to them, "Now take a bite of it, you two," They said, "O Messenger of Allah, should we take a bite of a carcass?!" The Prophet replied, "That which you have taken of your brother was more putrid than this." Yes, the Noble Messenger (S) with the light of his powerful insight saw the greater putridness of their action, greater than that of a decomposed carcass, and the more abominable and repulsive character of its form. It is mentioned in another tradition that the perpetrator of ghibah would devour his own flesh on the Day of Resurrection. In a tradition of al-Wasa'il, cited from the Majalis (Amali) of al-Saduq, may God's good pleasure be with him, Amir al-Mu'minin (A) is reported to have said the following in the course of his advice to Nawf al-Bakali: Nawf al-Bakali says: "I said, 'Tell me something more.' He (A) said: 'Abstain from ghibah, for it is the food of the dogs of hellfire.' Then he added: 'O Nawf, untrue is the one who claims to be of legitimate birth and yet devours the flesh of people through backbiting.' " God, the Exalted, shall disgrace him amongst the creatures and in the presence of the inhabitants of the celestial realms. HIS ENTRY TO HELL: The Noble Messenger (S) said: "whoever backbites a Muslim spoils his fasts and breaks his wudu' and shall come on the Day of Resurrection with his mouth stenching more putridly than a carcass and it shall irk those who are with him in his station (mawqif). If he dies before repenting, his death is like that of one who dies while considering the things prohibited by God, the Exalted and the Glorious, as permissible." HIS POSITION ON BARZAKH: Anas ibn Malik says: "The Messenger of Allah (8) said, 'On the night of my celestial journey (mi'raj) I passed by a people scratching their faces with their finger nails. I said: "O Gabriel, who are these?" He replied: "These are those who perpetrated the people's ghibah and slandered their reputation." Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
  13. Don't be sorry when it is too late!

    Sal am alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Jazak Allah khayran, nice reminder. Belief in Madh is obligatory upon every muslim, but we often seems to forget, how far can death be! We often seem to forget about our brothers and sisters dying in Palestine, in Afghanistan (both by kuffar us and munafeq taleban) and in so many places, subhan Allah! Is it sure, we cant do anything? Are we sure, Allah will not question us about what we forgot in this life? Shaytan is always with us and he constantly whispers into our ear so we should really remind ourselves about death every day... "Wa al-Akheeratu khayrun wa abqaa...!" Collect wealth in this world according to the length of your stay here. Collect for the Hereafter (Aakhirah) according to the length of your stay here. Do not think that your death is far and that the Bounties (you receive from Allah) will always be available, or that your sins are hidden. (hadith qudsi) Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
  14. Your marital status!

    Sal am alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Shahh needs a shahbanoo, lol! And in our club, we dont have such! everybody is lonely.But...u can be the secretary general, ok? *laffin* Anyway...Plz, do join, brother! And anybody else?
  15. Where is brother al-radhy?

    S alam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Do you know anything about him? Long time he didnt post and i dont see him online. Insha Allah Taala he is fine. May Allah protect and preserve him! Ameen.