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  1. What We Are The Muslims!

    In the Name of Allah The most Beneficent and Merciful. Now, If you tell an animal something and it do not follow. You have less sorrow, you say to yourself what to do? Its only an animal. But, when you tell human beings the truth and they do not accept, what will you say to such a person? I think the Quran Used the Best word. Sharad-Duwab ( Sorry If pronunciation is mistakenly written). What will you name them? Non-Muslims always say that they have invented everything. Which is not the reality. This is a Video which i wish every single Non-Muslim should watch in the world. You can help in making my wish come true... http://www.youtube.c...h?v=kdSv95AIOVs
  2. Boycott Facebook On 20 May 2010

    JUST by reporting the page WILL NOT RUIN your reputation. We, the Muslims have the least reputation in the world because of this very thing. (DO NOT TRY TO STOP SOMETHING WHICH YOU CAN'T...Blah Blah Blah )There is no force in a little drop of rain, when when they collectively drop, they take the shape of a flood. There was a time when Non-Muslims were unable to do anything without getting the permission from the Muslims And now you are saying "This is a free world they can do whatever they want". Please don't be like this ( If you can't beat them, get with them). Islam says, Stop evil doing by speech, if it did not work use your power to fight against it and if you had no power also say them bad in your heart. I don't think you are doing any of these. Just suggesting not to bother them? let them do anything and we go to their page and enjoy watching the Drawings of our Beloved Prophet? You are answering to your own Question in your own post. Did Prophet Lot said at that time, " I can not stop it so i will not even try, let the God do everything.??
  3. In the name of the Great Allah, The most merciful and benificient. "On 20th April, 2010, a drawing appeared on Internet announcing May 20th to be an international day where everybody should create a drawing of Prophet Mohammed, may peace and blessings be upon him, as an event supporting unrestricted freedom of speech. The drawing went viral on the internet, and within one week the idea became popular on Facebook, was supported by numerous bloggers, and generated coverage on the blog websites of major U.S. newspapers. ‘Everybody Introduce Prophet Mohammed Day!’ is a dawah campaign in response to ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!’. Our campaign is targeting 1 Million internet post introducing Prophet Mohammed, may peace and blessings be upon him, to Non-Muslims. Every Muslim who has access to the internet should introduce Prophet Mohammed, may peace and blessings be upon him, to at least 10 Non-Muslims anywhere on the internet, either through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, or standard e-mail. A brief introduction to Prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him, has been written and the message has been translated to English, Francais, Deutch, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, and Russian." Here is the link to the website which will then redirect you to the facebook page. This page is not mine. What i am doing is spreading this in love of Allah and Rasol. Who so ever is like me, please, please x124000 spread this...
  4. Hi welcome to Shiachat! wish you find right here.

  5. please help me

    Good IdEA!
  6. please help me

    Try to find out why you do so and then reach the main reason!
  7. Imamia Jantari 2010

    SORRY! but it is of 2009.
  8. the world's most expensive abayah

    Who so ever wear that will burn in hell with all those wasting that much money to become a Muslim is HARAM.
  9. Do you prefere to pray in an isloated area?

    It is good to pray in isolation because it drives you nearer to Almighty Allah. And you can be more comfortable.
  10. Place Of Imam Zaman (A.F)

    yeah heard of it.:wacko:
  11. Can anyone show me a pic of a 2mm beard?

    Because it has many side effects. Like at the time when you are fighting with an idiot who thinks he is the only legal Muslim (NAstakfirllah) then he can snatch you long beard
  12. Why is Shia Islam the right Islam?


  14. "Aelia" hebrew name of Imam Ali (a.s.)

    Try to search on internet before posting bro.. http://www.russianmuseums.info/M1650