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  1. When is judgement day already

    Exactly,it addresses the yahoods that are claiming to be owners of the akhira ...Allah tells them to wish for death if they really think they are good people and they own the akhirah..but the aya after that says that they will never wish for death becuz of their bad deeds..which makes me conclude that wishing for death is something good people would do!
  2. When is judgement day already

    Any proof? In this regard, i remember this part of an aya where Allah says : فتمنوا الموت إن كنتم صادقين ..... .."Then wish for death if you are truthful" سورة البقرة الآية 94 Personally i believe that merely wishing for death is not a problem itself ..it's the reasons behind that wish that needs to be questioned!
  3. I hate the hijab

    I hope ur not living in iran ! Because I've been a hijabi since i was 9 yrs and i never felt the way you are feeling..until i had to come and live in iran ...and i know why I've been feeling so ..it's because of the pressure and expectations of the 'religious' people of iran regarding hijab!! And i can assure you that if i was wearing my hijab for the sake of people or anything else i would have took it of off my head years ago!! But i will keep it till death only for the love of Allah simply because i feel that he is pleased with me more when i put it on...plus, i feel less beautiful when i put it on which is good when non mahrams are around!(if u know what i mean ☺) U have to listen less to the people around u and start to wear ur hijab the way u like and the way it makes u feel urself!! Allah knows us even better than ourselves so no one have the right to judge you!
  4. By that u mean i am in a situation where temptations are more around than where you live?? Actually being in iran, i am supposed to have less issues with going outside comparing it with the US and other open countries like the one i was raised in (lebanon)! But it's in fact,as difficult as being in other countries..if not worse..so it has nothing to do with places as much as it has with the nafs of every single person! Everyone knows best about his inner self and it's borders and the on/off button of it! So we can't generalize any rule in this regard,but as i said the article makes sense to me !
  5. What is the difference between "Raib" and "Shak"

    actually this is what i meant when i said the scripture mentions old stories and prophets' to prove the guidance; the bayyinat that are inside the scripture now,are outside it at previous times! Just like you said, prophets and old miracles,books and events that are all bayyinat mentioned in the scripture,were at times 'outside' bayyinat for the people of those times also... Yes,i believe bayyinat exists inside and outside in a way or another...and is still happening as an outside bayyinat routing from inside the scripture (events..threats whatsoever that Allah tells us about in many ayat)...
  6. Actually, as a married woman, I like this article regardless of who wrote it! And i said married becuz honestly, back then when i was single, temptations where way less than now for me unfortunately!! I understand exactly why he said all of that and i can relate personally... For some reason i was just thinking of how much comfort and stability in my life could occur if i could just not leave my house except for learning! but i can't decide that alone as for a married woman there are alot of responsibilities outside the little kingdom !
  7. What is the difference between "Raib" and "Shak"

    Linguistically the word "guide" is the property of the book obviously..the book is a guide For those who guard themselves against sins and so.. As for why Allah has used the word muttaqeen here and nas there,u can ask those who know the tafsir of the quran they can help you.. The second verse u mentioned is just the same as the first...meaning, the words هدى & بيّنات من الهدى are both properties of the book...the book has guidance and evidence of guidance...so the bayyinat exist inside the scripture or outside?? I'm not sure i understand what u mean here but i believe the bayyinat(proofs) are mentioned in the quran in forms of stories of the old people and prophets to prove the guidance of it! Yes the book can't distinguish between a muttaqi or non-muttaqi but Allah can,and when we say 'quran' it's not merely a book..it's Allah's words that can address whomever he wants to..and some of the verses indeed can not be understood or even accepted by non pious(non muttaqi) people...it's just that simple.. Excuse me if i missed something... Peace..
  8. What is the difference between "Raib" and "Shak"

    Salam Shak means doubt, raib somehow means vagueness or obscurity... Also, raib is not something one can do, whilst shak is.... like for example, i might have raib in my personality as an adjective but shak is something that i might do as a verb... I hope i was clear ...
  9. What's your Personality Type?

  10. A ShiaChat Reunion?

    Salam Op thank you for starting this the way you did..your words are exactly mine... I am somehow an old member but not that active...i used to be more active on sc when i was lost(teenager)...i posted many stupid stuff on here...most of them were deleted walhamdulillah. I changed... just like the op described it..i learned a lot from the forum itself and from specific members as well...i will not tag them as i forgot some of the usernames...however brother ethereal is someone that i must thank for teaching me a lot about life in general and for changing some of my childish views regarding Islam! I will not tag him because simply i feel like he has changed too to become a more serious person that may not be glad to read what i wrote about him I wanna add that i don't visit sc the way i used to because of life responsibilies as the sister above said..marriage..my boy..moving to a different country..new culture..new challenges...and so.. I come here sometimes when i need answers to my weird inner questions..or when i feel misunderstood by almost everybody...and the good thing is that sc makes me feel better in a way or another...always thank you ! And god bless you all !
  11. Marriage Problems

    Salam sister hawrsh First of all,u should never expect a motherinlaw to be a second mom for you because she is simply not! Second,u didn't mention anything about you and your husband's ages and iman! If your husband is a real momin you can use Islam and the 'haram and halal' with him to show him that he is being unfair to you! If he fears Allah he will eventually see the bad side of his mother without you nagging all the time! Use logic and common sense! And what about your parents? Why don't you send them to talk to the mother and show her that she is harming her son's marriage and life ? An elder must help you guys,coz with such a devilish mother in-law u can't fix anything yourself.ask for help in 'real' life. Personally, from what u said,I feel like your mother in-law is considering divorce for u and her son!! So if u love your husband,u have to be patient and give your marriage couple of years and he will better understand you and get closer to you than he is now!just remember to, always, be kind,caring and forgiving with him! My duas for you..
  12. marriage issues

    W alaykom assalam I suggest you tell him the untold!! With details ...with love,without fighting,,without trying to defend yourself...because your marriage deserves a try at least! U do so and see how he reacts...if he gets worst then as others here have told u,he doesn't worth it.but it's possible that he might trust u again and believes u because u told him some 'private' stuff about your past! Just be honest!
  13. Cosmetic surgery Iran

    Beauty..beauty...beauty...nothing more
  14. Cosmetic surgery Iran

    Yeah ,sadly,most Iranians can't bear imperfections..besides,they have something called "cheshmo ham cheshmi" which somehow means rivalry...so u relate..