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  1. Was Abu Talib A Muslim Or Kafir?

    oh you dont want to know what bosnians say about iranians why dont you first give an answer then we can go on?
  2. Was Abu Talib A Muslim Or Kafir?

    Any proof he was?
  3. Questions For Shias...?

  4. Zaydi Shias`?

    Not saying i am a scholar,but everything i said here is commonly known among sunnis
  5. What About Uthman ?

    What about him? same as for others,for us he is one of the rightfully blessed caliphs,for shias he is hated
  6. Zaydi Shias`?

    Simple logic :D
  7. Thats your right,we beg to disagree here the serial is made by sunnis,and to us Ali is no better than other 3 I am hanafi
  8. Zaydi Shias`?

    we deny you view ,we dont accept your imams the way you see them
  9. who cares about them? our ulamah thought it was okay to show the face of the 4
  10. I know few azeris they are very secular and agnostic ,most of them just know they are muslims,when you ask sunni or shia many say i dont know :D the biggest mosque in Baku is called ebu Bekr mosque :D also they ar very nationalistic and see Turkey as brother,turkey is sending sunni missionaries amongst them
  11. Well i posted it in a non english section ,its in bosnian,i noticed there are bosnian here,and we are sunnis so like it or leave it Maybe you should give it a try,watch few epizodes you might like it
  12. Was Abu Talib A Muslim Or Kafir?

    anyway its not my dream but he was not,he deserved it more than Hind or lets say Wahsi ,but no he was not,its fact
  13. Zaydi Shias`?

    well we deny your view of imamah ,or whatever you call it
  14. Was Abu Talib A Muslim Or Kafir?

    nope he was not