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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/marvel-might-be-adding-its-first-muslim-superhero-to-the-mcu-and-were-so-ready-for-her/ar-AAxgeaH?ocid=spartandhp&ffid=gz
  2. as salaam alakim! Marvel comics has a muslim superhero, Shes a female of Pakistani decent. Named Miss Marvel!!! I wonder how many muslims are going to see the movie they make,its on its way!!! http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-44111442
  3. Lion of Shia


    as salaam alakim! I kmo how you feel,im a revert from sunni, I don't have any support either,r and I feel isolated. Its gonna take me sometime to get used to the small community here and make new friends with the brothers here!
  4. as salaam alakim!! I was told that insanity makes wudu and prayer invalid! I was also told that scizophrenics and people with mental illness cant practice islam. I was told that by a sunni. What does Shia islam say?
  5. as salaam alakim!! I know this seems like a crazy question,but I wanted to know are there shia extreamist out there like sunni or wahabbi that kill people over religion? like if someone apostate, or blasphemy, or cursing ahlyuhbayat,retalation for murder ect. What do the marjras and Imams(as) say,or Islamic republic(Iran)? do shia ghulat kill civilians?
  6. ) Sixty liars will come forward, all of them claiming prophethood, and twelve will come forward from the family of Abu Talib, all of them claiming the Imamate was this hadith fabricated by enemies of Ahulbayat? or will there be false imams to come?
  7. as salaam alakim! what does the 8 point star stand for is it pagan or Islamic?
  8. Lion of Shia

    Rumor about me

    yea,but she acts like I'm not!
  9. Lion of Shia

    Rumor about me

    no I live by my self, inshallah I will be able to move if things get right.
  10. Lion of Shia

    Rumor about me

    as salaam alakim! My mom is evil, she spreads false rumors about me to cause fitnah, she told some muslims I wanted to join in order to get women, and said I'm not a real muslim. Then she lied to fellow shias and said I wasn't a real one. She causes fitnah with me and says my brother is her favorite son.What should I do shia bro and sis?
  11. Lion of Shia

    Shia Kingdoms

    as salaam alakim!! prior to Iran in this present day, where there any shia kingdoms?Shia governments, or influence?
  12. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/syria-us-accused-airstrike-1.4610753
  13. as salaam alakim! are there any verses in the Holy Qur'an about Imam Mahdi?
  14. as salaam alakim! Is it haram to play cruel jokes on people, people keep doing that to me and others an its getting me mad, they are actually causing fitnah and claiming to be joking, what do shias think.
  15. as salaam alakim! what are the signs Mahdi will show?