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  1. as salaam alakim! I take martial arts, and before we start we bow to someone, I bowed,but one time my hands were lifted up(I have minor uncontroleble muscle movements)and I gave a short bow, I'm still committed to Shia iISlam and I did not intent on comiting shirk,What do you guys think?
  2. as salaam alakim! Can a shia eat lobster,in the opinion of any marjara?I know its allowed in Sunni fiqh,what about shias? I know you can eat fish and game of the sea,(not Crabs).
  3. I know but black magic is real!!! And I heard it from a shaykh was well!!
  4. Black magic is everywere(although)practiced in secret. A lot of muslims are affected by this. I heard even shias!! They can be anywhere!
  5. It causes people to become insane, lose focus and drive them crazy. It is done by black magicans(Witchcraft) who are sometimes paid to ruin lives of people by casing spells and so on, I think that caused it its been around for years!
  6. as salaam alakim! psychic attacks mean black magic attacks on some ones mind like controlling thoughts and sendin some one unwanted thoughts or blocking thinking, I meant I was under the influence of black magic, and possible jinn influence, I was wondering what can I do to help solve this problem like Quran,duas and ayats!
  7. as salaam alakim! I'm come from a salafi backround and kinda new to shia,I think I'm a victim of psyic attacks from shir and jinn, and mean cruel people, its making me crazy and I cant do nothing about it, any duas,Quran recitations of advice?What do shias think of shia and possession.
  8. as salaam alakim!! In every part of the world Muslims are being killed, raped,humillated driven out of their homes. In Islam we are required to do Jihad to protect our lives home and property. Shias are the main ones that are the target, but now its they are not safe even in the US. Opresseve laws and harassment by people and hate crimes, in the west as well, we have 2 choises either hijara or defensive jihad which one is proper.
  9. Slander of Shias

    as salaam alakim! I wanted to see if a shia could counter these claims made about us, sorry if I offended any one
  10. Slander of Shias

  11. as salaam alakim! I know this is in sunni hadiths what is the Shia thought opinion on this?
  12. Non beliver picking on muslim

    you seem to have misunder stood what I said. In Islam we are required to stand up for justice like if a non muslim belittles or insult a fellow muslim, isn't the duty of the muslim bro/sis to defend them either present or absence, and is one required to not have relations with that person.
  13. Is it true you cant convert to shia

    no,just a question from a revert stand point
  14. as salaam alakim! I come from salafi, I heard that you cannot be shia unless you take the wali or are born in to it, is this true?
  15. as salaam alakim! what happens if a non muslim backbites a fellow shia or tries to harm him/her In any kind of way, and bullies and oppreses him/her for any reason, I'm come from a salafi backround and that being said isn't it a shias duty to defend his brother or sister in absence or present, and I heard we are not to befriend such people what does shia fiqh say, wouldn't this count as forbidden wrong?