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  1. Need a very super duper powerful dua

    i need a miracle to happen to get on of my needs and my childhood dreams fulfilled i can really do any thing even if some one tells me to jump from a skys[Edited Out]er assuring me that on doing so my need would be fullfilled i would do so i ve been reading tajud for the past 6 years and i am 18 years now i try to read 5 times nammaz daily and always thought that god will give me the things on its own i just have to read the namaaz but things havent am materialized maybe he wants to test me more i know i might sound a bit selfish but i never did this with my dream in mind i just did it without thinking of an thing thinking that god will take care of the rest but now my time is passsing and and u can say very less time is left and only a miracle can fullfill this dream fast i really get very impatent and depressed seeing that i cant do any thing plz suggest me sm dua for a miracle and tell me how many times to read it u told bout the dua yasthsheer can u tel me how many times to read it or if u have any other ones