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  1. HaiderAbbas

    proposal for shiachat singles forum

    lemme give u one last advice (to they who wants to marry someone in the forum) well, if u like someone here just pm 'em and if they replied you can continue from there.. still dont get it??? *sigh* just dont display yourself and put "single and looking" under your sig, the rest i dont care u guys can do anything you want here.. FULLY AGREE HAIDER
  2. HaiderAbbas

    Your view on Mut'a

    Asslam O Alaikum, Whats the use of all this debate over Mutah when its practically not possible ???? I have searched a lot but couldnt find any source from where I can get contact details for performing Mutah.... Now dont tell me about MUTAH.COM........ Regards, Haider
  3. HaiderAbbas

    How many of u lot are married?

    Asslam o Alaikum, Brother I agree with yr comments on the importance of marriage but u know its really hard to overcome that FEAR that you may not be able to handle the financial problems that you may have to face after marriage. Also what to do if you hav sisters...you have to think for them first before you think about yr own life. Haider
  4. HaiderAbbas


    Salam Brother, Yr suggestions are good but too ideal. All what you hav said shld be done but it will require combine efforts frm our community. And combining together is something that we are not good at !!.......We are a sleeping nation....these blasts and killings serve as a wake up call for us....should'nt be saying this but seems to me that in absense of such bad situations we will always be sleeping and will never think about gaining strength in this country and in the world. Regards, Haider
  5. HaiderAbbas


    Dear All, Just wana thank all of you who hav so far contributed to this topic. However I would like to point out that I started this only to know how many of you are from Karachi and not to start any debate about which city is better and which is not. Its good to know that you people care about the city and worried about the current situation. Would appreciate suugestions from all of you to improve the situation of the city. Sincerely, Haider Abbas
  6. HaiderAbbas


    Just wana create a group of people who are presently living in Karachi.
  7. HaiderAbbas

    why are you single and lonley?

    if any boy and girl are able to support theselves financially then they should waste no time and get married.
  8. HaiderAbbas

    Getting Married Before Is Right OR not

    how old r u fatima ?