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  1. May i ask, in which book did you read this from?
  2. Do you love chilli in your food

    Addicted, and there's nothing else that can compensate .
  3. It was Umar, also let's not forget umar doubted Rasulollah as a Prophet at the event of hudabiyah.
  4. Sahaba part Two

    But you have said; Maula Ali RA. He is Maula of every believer as declared by Prophet SAW. So what are you saying now?
  5. Sahaba part Two

    What is Ahle Sunna definition of Maula?
  6. Yazeed (lan) Saddam (lan) Muawiya (lan)
  7. Regardless as to what weapons the Imam (as) will use, the fact is imam (as) will bring justice globally, this has been ordained by Allah swt.
  8. Sword of zulfiqar would be the main weapon i guess?
  9. Supernatural powers?
  10. Why cannot Imam (as) use modern technology?
  11. Are you surprised, knowing that god knew?
  12. So, God knew that people would interpret the Bible and Quran differently?
  13. So God could not ANTICIPATE that the readers of his Books would interpret them so differently that Christians and Muslims and Jews would split up into many different sects?
  14. So what is your educated opinion, or belief, as to why we have so many sects in religion?