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  1. Imam Bargah In Brussels?

    Salam Alaikum, Can someone please tell me the address for a Shia center in Brussels that will be holding live majalis during Ashur? Jazakallah...
  2. A.S I am going to be in Brussels during Ashur, does anyone know where there are live Majalis being held there? Regards,
  3. Salaam Brothers and Sisters, I am trying to quit smoking (once again!) thought I would use this auspicious month to help me, does anyone know for sure whether the patch is allowed during the day whilst fasting? I tried researching the matter online, could only find info on al-islam.com. I looked on leader.ir but couldn't find the answer. A reply before Sehr time USA, CST would be appreciated!
  4. Aqiqah

    Asalam Alaikum, Can someone please tell me the importance and relevance of Aqiqah apart from as a tradition of Ahlulbait? Is it wajib or mustahib? How can I shave the head of my child without injuring them? Any such information would be appreciated.