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  1. I found the same thing - the health visitor saying you've got to eat lots to poduce milk but the weight will come off?! To me that made no sense at all! Don't worry about the weight - if it took none months to out all that weight on, it'll take atleast none months to loose!
  2. been having this problem with my hair

    Use vinegar?! Doesn't that sound disgusting?! That must reek! I think Almond oil is much better for the hair that olive oil. Also try giving your head/scalp a massge for like even five minutes everyday - you can do that even whilst watching tv.
  3. Curves gym

    I wouldn't register with the gym unless you are 100% sure you are going to stick at it - the monthly direct debits are sure to run longer than you will!
  4. South London - Tooting

    How comes my tesco doesn't sell Halal chickens?! How trustworthy is their 'halal' chicken?
  5. Attraction/ Marraige

    ^ She can't leave if she's not even living with him in the first place! I don't understand how this can be called a marriage when they are not even living together?! Anyway i think she should wait until they do live together, get to know eachother properly and then decide if she is 'attracted' to him or not. It's to easy to say 'he's not his and that' without giving him a proper chance. Also, she sold stop thinking about what he isn't and start thinking about he does have going for him - it'll never work if se's going to be negative about him. I know that is easier said than done, but it's true.
  6. Did You Suck Your Thumb(s) In Your Childhood Days?

    Gosh look at all those to ashamed to admit they sucked their thumbs! All you read are no's. Well i did for years! I use to suck my thumb and have a towel with everywhere. Then it was jsut my thumb as my mum destroyed the towel! (very horrific moment for me!) I was a thumb sucker for more years than i should have been. My thumb was all gross by the knuckle and my mum use to scare me with stories saying that if i don't stop i'll have to have an operation to fix my thumb - cruel love really. Eventually i stopped and thankfully my thumb is normal without an operation.
  7. If U Were A Woman

    A lot of people are saying 'age doesn't matter if you really love them' etc. But how exactly are you suppose to really love them before you get married in the first place? How do you know this before you actually get engaged?! I think it's easy for poeple to say that 'ohh age is jsut a number' but in reality it has implications, such as schooling and whether he is still studying etc. If i had finshed my education and the guy in question hadn't, i prolly would not think about it. However, if we were both working and were at similar stages then yea i prolly would. I think there's a social taboo about women marrying men younger than them as the man tends to be the head and in charge and so on. If you are elder to him, it jsut makes it different. You get talked about for the first couple of months and then people move on - they're fickle. If you can handle that then go for it. I don't think i could handle a bigger difference than maybe 5 years. Really big differences in age is like a diffrence in generations and then how compatible would you be? aAso the older peopel get the more stuck in their ways they tend to be - so how willing would you be to change with your younger partner?
  8. Hard For Muhajabat To Marry?

    That isn't really what i meant. I mean guys who do do what they have to do - do do the wajib actions, however, may not do many 'extra' things. I do not mean they should settle for guys who aren't worth it - not at all! ~RuQaYaH~ it is your decision to marry someone who is more intelligent and more religious than you, but that does not mean you will find someone like that. Also, there is no law saying you can't be the one influencing good decsions and practices on your partner. Marriage is a two way thing - i'm only newly married but i have learnt a lot from my husband and him from me - you don't always need someone on your level - you can benefit from differences too.
  9. Rice!

    Yea what are those things in exhitbit A? You can't see the rice as well in exhibit B.
  10. Hard For Muhajabat To Marry?

    I haven't read all the posts - jsut mainly the first page, but i agree with the sister who said that some women in hijab seem to be less approachable and thus seem less likely to get married. However, although they may seem like this outside, once inside the community centre, when there is a happy occasion on, they are dressed as nicely as the other girls, hair done etc and I think this is the time mothers get to see the girls and recommend them to others and hence meetings start to happen. So i think this problem may be dealth with. I think some guys jsut need to realise that jsut because a girl looks like that outside, it does not mean she will dress like that in the house with her husband. I do think that a reason why some women are still not married is because they get too fussy. By this i mean they may be looking for someone who is on the same religiousness level as them, and that is very difficult to find. I have seen girls who will say "but he doesn't do this and doesn't do that" - he would still be doing wajibaats but as she will doing many mustahabaats she would want him to aswell. Guys who don't do these things don't seem to be 'religous' enough, and therefore are rejected. I know many girls may disagree with this and think i'm being stuck up, but like i said, it is an observation i have made - not a statement.
  11. Colonic Irrigation

    Just to interrupt your very educational discussion on matters of the backside, but i have to inform you that in many areas populated with schools, digestion charges are considerably higher on account of the dinners served at school. These charges are due to drop when the Mr Oliver's policy comes into effect sometime in the later future.
  12. Eid In The Square

    Where were the hijab selling stalls? I saw one selling hijab pins but no hijab. I didn't see anyone jumping up and down but i did think it was funky when they replied back.
  13. New Fast Food - Fried Coke!?!

    Only in America... This actually sounds revolting...but then again that's what i thought about the deep fried mars bars and that is actually really nice!
  14. Being Avoided

    I don't understand this - are you saying that your husband/wife has avoided talking/answering you? Where - at home? In a public place? Is this all of a sudden or after an argument?