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  1. Anti-Prophet Mohammed Websites

    (salam) I don't know how one would be to proceed, but that would be due to religious intolerance, not racial hatred.
  2. (wasalam) MashAllah, you are all very helpful. :D That would be lovely, I would appreciate it a lot. I've seen some videos on YouTube, but they all seem to do it differently. I found the article on revertmuslims and I found it really helpful, so I decided to stick to that. I'm really ignorant about prayer so far. I'd appreciate it a lot if you could tell me when you post your guide ^_^ Thanks a lot.
  3. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

    Salaamalykum Brother,

    I read your thread on not knowing how to properly pronounce the words in salat, I'm just letting you know that maybe in a week maybe two I'll be posting a simple guide on how to pray for shia's and reciting myself, and you can listen to the pronunciation on that video. I'll be sure to let you know when I

  4. MashAllah, I'll try to find some. I can pronounce Arabic fine, and I have two entire recordings of the Qur'aan, so the surah's are not an issue. Thanks for your answer.
  5. (salam) brothers and sisters. I know how to pray thanks to this site, but unfortunately I don't know how to recite the sentences in Arabic. Is it okay if I just say them?
  6. Helali

    (salam) He is truly amazing.
  7. The Police...

    True indeed. Thanks. ^_^
  8. The Police...

    Wa salaam. I know and I do, but I'm afraid they might just interpret stuff the way they want just cause they don't like us. I've known Irish republicans who told me about the British police doing similar stuff if someone wrote stuff they didn't like. And that's in the '90s and 2000s, not in the 70s.
  9. The Police...

    I'm working on a website for people interested in (Shi3a) Islam in Spain. In Spanish, of course. :o And the next thing I hear from a relative of mine who doesn't know it's my website is that I shouldn't upload stuff there cause the police are watching it. To prevent terrorism I suppose. Wtf? Lol... :angry: *sigh*
  10. Shiite Mosques Or Centers In Spain

    Thanks a lot. ^_^
  11. What Is "dvrflashing" For Dvd Drives?

    Okay that's something I forgot to search for :P Silly me...
  12. Shiite Mosques Or Centers In Spain

    Seville, Andalusia (Southern Spain) :)
  13. Children Praying

    I think you should wait til like the kid is 9-10. You probably should teach him how to pray before that and let him pray with you though. Turn it into a family activity, but let the boy sleep. This is only my opinion, I might be wrong.
  14. What Is "dvrflashing" For Dvd Drives?

    Wa salaam 3alaykum I've searched a bit and I came up with the very same as you did. Apparently it's an usual thing to lock DVDs to a certain area. I'm sure someone knowledgeable about this stuff would be able to unlock it. Anyone?