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  1. A New Years Gift to You!

    Thank you. Happy New year to you too. I spend my holiday with family, or well, sleeping lol.... Good on ya!
  2. A ShiaChat Reunion?

    I'll see you this summer @Ibn al-Hussain
  3. A New Years Gift to You!

    Boy, you have a lot of time on your hands @magma
  4. This show should be considered as one of the greatest ever. 45 episodes of pure genius. I watched it again and feel like it doesn't get enough attention and respect. The cinematography was second to none. The historical accuracy, characters, design, music, etc were all spot on.
  5. New Year's Resolutions

    a) Most people don't know how to write down goals 2) Most people lack foresight I don't want to come across as pessimistic. I just want to keep it real with you all. Examples: 1) Begin this moment If you want to lose weight. Writing down your goals won't help you lose weight; it will just remind you how fat you still are. Instead, invest in a good gym and dedicate your time to actually going to the gym. Make it obligatory like going to work everyday. Write down specifics; "treadmill 1 hour" "30 min of squats and deadlifts, 10 x3 reps" 2) Now if your goal is to become a better Muslim in 2017, you shouldn't write down your goal as "to become a better Muslim"....that makes no sense. How will you become a better Muslims? Set strict schedules for reading more duas, fasting every Monday, praying salat al layl once a week, etc...Those specific goals will develop good habits which in turn will make you a better MuSlim.
  6. Which Shows Are You All Following?

    Prophet Yusif (pbuh) series is the best show created by any film producer. Those Iranians are amazing.
  7. Travelling

    Are you the kid from home alone?
  8. Marriage

    Yeah, thanks. I thought only Fox News did that kind of stuff (joking).. As far as I know, beating your woman is only allowed with something as light as a tooth brush. I don't know the degree of beating this man imposed on his wife, but a) we all make mistakes and can repent/learn/evolve b) divorce should always be a last resort I didn't know they divorced. I didn't hear him say that. Why would he post the topic about his wife running away then? It's still not to late to provide support and counseling to the brother, divorce or not though,
  9. Marriage

    Why don't you quote the entire paragraph and not a small sentence. I don't know the depth of the conflict between the man and his wife; I was simply advising him of how normal it is for couples to fight and argue.... But not to stress too much on the problems, but focus on the solutions.
  10. The problem with moderation

    Anything in moderation that leads to excess of moderation, or diminishing of returns, is in fact not moderation.
  11. Don't ask SC what it can do for you; rather, ask yourself, what can you do for SC?
  12. Marriage

    @Hasan641977 Sincerely apologise to her. Tell her it was in the heat of the moment and you will work on improving yourself. Likewise, marriage is a learning experience for both parties involved. Don't feel too bad. I'm sure she will forgive you as long as you learn from it.
  13. Magical disappearance of my blog

    Do we get compensated a piece of Ali's commission cheques for SC losing all our hard work?
  14. Travelling

    Great choices sis hameedah! And, great topic!
  15. Music

    Define music.