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  1. Wise Muslim

    Khabib quotes Imam Ali a.s. on his instagram

    Tony Ferguson got easily taken down and beat up by guys like Kevin Lee and Micheal Johnson. What do you think Khabib will do to him once he takes him down? Tony Ferguson will not be able to submit Khabib because he will be focused too much on trying to breathe and survive the Khabib onslaught. Also, I think Dana White is still unsure if Conor will return so he doesn't want to rule him out completely from the lightweight title picture. I honestly do believe McGregor will be able to negotiate a deal and fight the winner of Tony vs Khabib.
  2. Wise Muslim

    Khabib quotes Imam Ali a.s. on his instagram

    That's #1 bulls***
  3. Wise Muslim

    Khabib quotes Imam Ali a.s. on his instagram

    Cool. Khabib is my favourite fighter. I even have my own papakha. I think Khabib smashes Tony Ferguson. His wrestling is simply world class ahead of the division.
  4. Wise Muslim


    And that is why I should read the full question. Thanks.
  5. Why doesn't she just ask the Bahrani guy living in Bahrain all these very important life changing questions? Obviously he would know his situation and circumstances better considering the girl in question.
  6. Wise Muslim


    Let me understand this correct: You are asking members on a forum if they can explain heaven and hell like they have experienced both worlds and returned to shiachat to share their story. Please take pre caution.
  7. What is more important is having the love of wisdom to love God's creations knowing their imperfections.
  8. Two questions really. 1) How old are you now? You must still be very young. Let me guess? 18-21 2) Please explain to me how on earth does a 9 year old make their own decision when it comes to wearing hijab? No offense to you, but that's bs. The point I am reaching is if you really decided to wear hijab based on your own free will, then we wouldn't be having this discussion in the first place.
  9. Wise Muslim

    A good man's attitude

    Being religious does not necessarily make one a good man. More important than that is having a good and kind heart. Some people are either born with it or not..
  10. Wise Muslim

    you are a muslim

    Why would you ask that question? Instead, why not ask -- how does it feel to be a human?
  11. Wise Muslim

    A New Years Gift to You!

    Thank you. Happy New year to you too. I spend my holiday with family, or well, sleeping lol.... Good on ya!
  12. Wise Muslim

    A ShiaChat Reunion?

    I'll see you this summer @Ibn al-Hussain
  13. Wise Muslim

    A New Years Gift to You!

    Boy, you have a lot of time on your hands @magma
  14. This show should be considered as one of the greatest ever. 45 episodes of pure genius. I watched it again and feel like it doesn't get enough attention and respect. The cinematography was second to none. The historical accuracy, characters, design, music, etc were all spot on.