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  1. Salam, I haven't been on here for aaages. But how can I forget you? :) I appreciate the kind words :-) Thanks. And I wish the same to you.

  2. salamz bro , dont know if u remember me .....anyways may god bless u , ur wife and family with a good and prosperous new yr!

  3. when are u gonna name ur birdi zulfighar,...i have been so impatient and i always chec the same thread for some updates but nothing is happening really,...lol, i havent commented on that post cos i havent got anynames,...but 4 ur birdy am really waiting to c what will the results be,..

  4. Salaams,

    Did u check the video?

  5. Yep, thanks. And then someone deleted the whole thread -- even better :)

  6. did i edit the rite number ?

  7. Salam,

    your anjuman attending astana-e-zehra shab-e-dari?

  8. Salamun' Alaikum. May Allah(swt) accpet your Hajj and Ziyaarah.

  9. Salaam bro!!

    Inshallah your Hajj is accepted!!!! I hope you remembered me in your duas O:)


  10. Asalam alaikom Brother. I was very impressed by a reply I read from you to a "convert". mashallah. you answered the Q's very well!

    I am a a 22 year old woman, recent revert and I am very very interested in Shism. I am doing my own research into this and I am trying to establish a connection with Shia communities to help me with my search for the truth.


  11. 3id Mubarak. May Allah (swt) bless you and please remember me and my family in your duas, InshAllah.

  12. Asalamualaikum bro, how are you? A belated Congrats on your childs birth, may god bless him with success and happiness. I'll talk to you later inshallah.


  13. Hizbullah Loves Ayatollah Khomeini

    I remember having a debate with the "Arab Society" in my university. Most of them were Beruit Christian Arabs and they were ticked off that Israel bombed Beruit (this must been like 1998-1999). So they had a teach-in and were planning a protest and asking the US to stop its aid to Israel. I raised my hand and said why not ask for Israel to leave southern Lebanon? Their response was, "That would never happen. Why should we ask for something that can't happen." I laughed it off and said, "Where was all this protest when Qana was bombed? You guys do know that Southern Lebanon is bombed on a daily basis right? Why not protest everyday? Why just when Beruit is bombed? And you actually think its more likely that the US will cut its aid to Israel than having Israel leaving Lebanon?" "Oh, we can talk after the program...." And guess what happened? Israel withrdrew from parts of Southern Lebanon a year or so later. Wa Salaam, Dhulfiqar
  14. Al-Kafi

    The word incorrect is not correct. the original questioner should have used the proper terminology when asking the question. Wa Salaam, Dhulfiqar
  15. So I guess this will also sets a precedence of non-clerical Presidents....