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  1. 6 Criteria 2 Perfect Hijab

    (salam) can you buy that in the UK or in countries close by or only in iraq? i want to get my sisters the same as that. lets put 21st century aside. would the accept the followers of fatima al zahra dress like that? you have your answer. its not very modest. i would hate it if my wife wore clothes like that. you have explained it perfectly.
  2. How Can I Make Juices?

    (salam) i brought a juice machine once and it came with all the instructions and all the different juices and how to make it and stuff. you can even find it on the internet.
  3. Congradulations

    (salam) Congratulations to all. i am looking for a nasheed, it was w=either on the al zahra channel or ahlulbayt chhanel. i think it was called "shiat fatima"
  4. (salam) no i dont think she can. it will create too much problems because ofcourse the parents will not approve. so the marriage will not have a good basis. besides the children are going to grow up as confused children.
  5. Prayer Request!

    (salam) that is really sad to hear. glad to hear everything is alright. my prayers are with you
  6. Best Aftershave

    (salam) what is the best aftershave? what do you use? I need the best one, ya3ni best smell and everything. share your thoughts
  7. 6 Criteria 2 Perfect Hijab

    (salam) shouldnt this topic be in the sisters forum, hijab section. why is it in the marriage section? :wacko: what i see these days are disgraceful. you see girls trying as the ghetto style boyish, mardri shino. ofcourse girls cant dress like boys. it is obvious. do you think the followers of fatima al zahra would dress like that? btw nice speech. short and simple. that girl has a future.
  8. Recent: Sunni Sheikh Converts To Shia

    salam, Yes this is true. I saw it. Many people saw it. Many people have written about it in the internet and discussed it on forums. Go see it for yourself. But what i think is that sister BG. got mixed up and thought it happened last week when it happened a year ago. Two brothers said they saw it? No one said they saw it on TV here on these forums only me. What a baseless way to proof something is incorrect just because the dates in which the reports were submitted dont match. If you want to proof its incorrect than show me one of his lectures of appearence on tv praising the shahaba or mentioning anything sunni related after the date he said he was shia. The website BG. posted just announced the news now, but this happened a year ago. This happened a year ago, the news came out a year ago, yet no website have proved or said its incorrect. So many sunni sheikhs have converted into shiasm, i can post you a whole list of them.
  9. Recent: Sunni Sheikh Converts To Shia

    salam, I SAW THIS ON TV. you should of seen the face of the interviewer, he was shocked!!!! the thing is this ex sunni sheikh was so famous in the sunni world, research him in the internet and you will get all his pictures and lectures and information about him in the sunni websites. you dont know what this will do to his fans. shiasm is the right path and any man who is not ignorant and researchs he will find the truth. Alla Humma Saali Alla Muhammad Va Aali Muhammad Va Ajil Farajahum.
  10. Muqtada Al-sadr For President!

    (bismillah) I think you should become the president @)
  11. Introduce yourself here.

    (bismillah) Darn me! I didnt even introduce myself. Well maybe because i didnt see this topic. Well my name is Mehdi and i am from the men of Mehdi (aj) inshallah. I am iraqi and i am 23. Thats enough info for now. Welcome to everyone in this topic too
  12. I've Got Problem With Beard

    (bismillah) :!!!: Yes thats us. You girls moan more. omg is my hair alright. omg is my hijab alright. omg do i look fat in this. omg do i look lanky in this. When ever i am around girls they really give me a headach. We dont complain as much :angel:
  13. Hadiths About Imam Mehdi (as)

    (bismillah) Thank you sister. Well to be honest i got this off a good website a while back, only problem is i saved the article on my laptop but not the webpage, so dont know the link. Sorry sis.
  14. salam men of mehdi, am sure u will be very popular on this forum as u already posted 7 posts within the first hour of becoming a member,lol ....becarefull brother, this forum is kinda makes u addicted & u r getting addicted already...lol...wellcome to shiachat, looking forward to read ur threads, & by the way nice name, lol, i like it....

  15. Goodbye! :(

    (bismillah) lol, nice