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  1. Zulakha

    Did You Guys Hear About.....

    You mean the butterfly style abaya? Yeah maybe they tie the inner belt too much that it cinch on the waist. They shouldnt tie it tight. But i dont like to judge, its better they wear abaya then tight jeans and tops
  2. shocking just shocking is this really shia islam? if this guy represents shia islam i will be the first to leave this religion but wait isnt yassir habib and cryous the same idealogy as this guy?
  3. Zulakha

    Did You Guys Hear About.....

    Wooooow i love this website and the prices are reallly cheap too compared to other websites which sell abayas at ridiculous prices Raaja and Kayla the abayas doesnt show the curves infact they are loose. I think you mean the dresses which are dresses not abayas so I assume if you wear a dress you need to take precautions like you would wear any other dress outside, its not a abaya its a dress. I just put a order through for a abaya and some hijabs. love it!!! if you mean the butterfly abayas i think those abayas have a belt underneath which you can tighten and loosen according to your preference. I have one at home and its veryyy loose so you can tighten and loosen it with a attached belt.
  4. Zulakha

    Hijab For Men

    Mrs insecurity? Yes I admit I am insecure. I have been used and abused far to long by womanizers and men who constantly put us women down. Men like that constantly make us feel not good enough and make us feel in competition with other women. I have been through a lot and it's only got worse. I'm sick of men trying to make us women feel worthless and shallow. Sometimes men don't realise how their actions can have an affect on believing women. When you put your attention on women who reveal themselves you make us want to reveal ourselves for that same attention. Sorry if I came across too strong In my reply but it's only my life experience which makes me very defensive. Why don't you men support your sisters and help us cover up because not all of us are strong enough to maintain our deen
  5. Ok I will ask him why he changed his mind but i also want to know other guys opinions
  6. Zulakha

    Hijab For Men

    Moose, So you think shes a smart girl but hate the lecture because you love to look at a girls curves. Your messed. It doesnt matter if you want to stay flawed and like your girls, that means you do not follow Islam. Men like you make me sick. Stop thinking you can look at womens bodies and be peverted. You are a typical perverted man. Islam tells you men to lower your gaze and have social and physical hijab so stop avoiding it
  7. Salam Where is all the lecturers lecturing this maharram? I dont know which lecture to attend please answer i wany to know
  8. Salam, Thank you for making me feel better. But i dont understand what could of happened
  9. Salam, Am i allowed to post in here? Ok here goes, i recently was going to marry this guy, we spoke for so long then suddenly he changed his mind. Im so heartbroken and confused, why would a man just change his mind so I wanted to ask you all this question. What kind of women will you all not marry? What puts you off women, im so confused and heartbroken.
  10. Salam I watched this excellent lecture on Ahlulbayt tv by zahra al-alawi The hijab finger is hardly pointed at men so it was very nice to watch this which talks about hijab for men and women What do you think?
  11. Zulakha

    Is It A Sin To Bear Our Flesh

    Salam, Great job. I dont think Zahra Al-Alawi knows what shes just done. Mainstream television is watched by millions of people. There was probally a bunch of BNP supporters watching their daily dose of television when suddenly a fully veiled Muslim woman comes on TV telling them that Hijab is the best thing for a woman. Who thought a day would come when that happens? Zahra is really brave for doing that and if she can handle speaking on mainstream knowing that shes preaching to a audience who hates islam than may Allah give her the strength for doing that. And majority of the negative comments seem to have a problem with her confidence (thinking she wants to impose the hijab on others) and like Sayed Ammar Nakshawani I think sometimes her confidence is misunderstood into thinking they are stuck up. There are very few active sisters in mainstream media and i hope Zahra paves the way for others to follow
  12. Zulakha

    Maddrasa Teacher Sexual Abuse

    lool, yeah maybe i over reacted but these stories seriously put me of religon. if we can not trust religious people who can we trust. actually the host did advice him to go counselling which is a form of psychological help, maybe that will help him as she says it helps alot of people. What have lecturers done? :squeez:
  13. no offence but no hijab girl should do muta. its very indecent and i believe its only for those who can not control the desires. not recommeded at all.
  14. Zulakha

    Looking For A Month-wise Shia Calendar

    perfectttt i was looking for this. Exactly what i needed, i hope this is accurate.