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  1. Salaam alykum, do you know where I can get an overhead abaya like ones from iraq? thank u, salaam

  2. (bismillah) (salam) shiachatters.. I have an assignment to hand in this week and its about Discuss the Shi'a view on Imamah through rational and traditional arguments am not struggling with the traditional arguments, as a matter of fact I need help in the rational proofs Can anyone help?:unsure: I would be greatful
  3. السلام عليكم

    عظم الله لكم الأجر بذكرى وفاة خير الورى و سيد الأنبياء أبي القاسم المصطفى محمد عليه و آله الصلاة و السلام

    ‌I'm iraqi, currently living in the Paris suburbs... :)

    و عليكم السلام

  4. habibtee zulakha.. we have 4 english subforums and u can post there if u like.. I 2 was fearfull of arabic forums but gradually started 2 become better & better in arabic & subhanallah I bcame a super moderator there..its totally up to u if u like to become a member or not & if u have anyting else 2talk about which isnt related 2 forums am more than happy 2 become available inshand ^_^

  5. salam

    interesting, im not that good in arabic. id love to go on but wouldnt know how to type lol

    i'll be reading it and if i get interested will start posting lol

  6. ws hayatee

    yes I do ..but am not active here

    I am active in an arabic forum and would be over the moon if i see u there too ( its an invitaion from me to u galob ;) )

    my name is manar there and here is the link

  7. heyy

    do you still come on shiachat?

  8. has not set their status

  9. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  10. wa 3alêki al-salâm sister, i'm actually in Paris but i was living before in Nice... why the question? i'm quite curious ;)

  11. salamun alaikum brother

    I had posted a topic few months back & being active @ other sites I had 4gotten 2 check it out, up untill 2day ,in the farsi topic U mentioned knowing arabic french and english,..may I know where U R from please, and I will xplain the reasons l8er on inshallah.. many thnx

  12. ولك طبعاً الحرية في الامر.. اذا احبب ذلك سأعطيك الرابط ويمكن تصفه وتشريفنا بالتسجيل هناك.. اذا لا,, فلا تقلق ولا داعي للأسف وسنتابع مواضيعك وفيديواتك عبر اليوتيوب بتواصل دائم إن شا الله.

    سدد خطاكم للخير دوماً وأبداً إن شاء الله

    أختك منار