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  1. [Closed] Ahlulbayt Tv Khums Scandal?

    This is the challenge of living in an era with an Imam that is absent. No matter what you do, there will always be someone who says that the what or how or who in your attempt to serve is wrong... Time is so precious, if we waste it on looking for the faults of others that are busy serving, we have only lost time we could have spent serving.
  2. Too Much

    Too much The silence in Karbala is far too painful. The darkness is depressing. The sky is shedding tears and the earth is weeping. My heart is lost in search of her. They have arrived to Karbala but she is not here. Where is the precious daughter of our Imam. Why has Zainab come with bad news and regret? Were the men not enough of a sacrafice? Was another loss very worthy to recall. She was with them in shaam, but she is not here with them now. I can still hear her cries. I can still feel the ground shake as she falls. Ruqaya, oh daughter of Hussayn. This is a humble tribute to you. The Imam prepared to leave. His time to bid farewell had arrived. As he said his goodbye there remained one child left. He approached her. His eyes stared into hers. His heart was aching. What a moment very difficult to bear. He smiled at her and caressed her hair. A farewell too hard to endure. A goodbye with a daughter--so precious; so pure. He left and departed. Her heart remained heavy hearted. To shaam she went. It was her destiny. It was meant. At night her eyes knew no rest. She wanted her father. This was Ruqaya's test. The separation was terrible. It truly was unbearable. She woke one night crying in pain. The pain was to much for her to contain. Yazid heard Ruqaya's cry. He sent her the head of her father Hussayn. My darling. My beloved. She shouted in fright! What an unspeaking sight. The separation came to its end. This was a tragedy too much for any child. She rushed to her father and hugged him as she smiled. Do not grieve my lady Zainab. Remain strong. Your journey is very long. No words will describe what you have seen. In the midst of each trial you remained serene. Peace by on Zainab and the daughters of Hussayn. The gems in Karbala and the flowers from Madina.
  3. Empty No More

    Empty no more.. The desserts were empty on that day. No one chanting. No one walking. No one in sight. If you looked far into the distance you would see blackness. Blackness covered in light. I am watching wondering who it could be. Just forty days ago the family of purity and light was forced to leave here. The daughters of Rasoolallah were taken as prisoners. Could it be that they have returned? Can they even bear to be back? What will happen when they see this painful place? It is them. Her holiness Zainab and the Great Imam Sajad. They've brought the women and children. They've come with the heads. Isn't there anyone to great the daughter of Ali? Isn't there anyone to greive with the children of Fatima? What a bitter moment it must have been. Years later I stare at your pain and am astonoshed by your strength... but Karbala, is empty no more. They have come Hussayn. They have come in millions. They are here to greet you, oh daughter of Ameerulmomineen. They are not late. Only in time with their fate. The city is filled with your lovers. The city these nights shall not sleep. They are here. They are chanting. They are crying. They are mourning. Your mission was achieved, dear Zainab. You stopped in Karbala to grieve your loss and tell the world of your pain. You are victorious, even till today. Look at the streets filled with women, children, and men. They were not there to welcome you on the day of Arbaeen..but they are marching towards you in memory of Arbaeen. Karbala will never again be empty. Karbala will forever be alive. As I watch them from distance, my heart rushes towards them. My heart will march to Karbala with them. I can only close my eyes and imagine you there. Imagine you standing at the grave of Hussayn. Was it more difficult to enter Karbala again? Or was the entrance to Shaam more brutal? Or was your rearrival to Madina most heartaching? How many tragedies did you endure? It is now wonder. You are the daughter of the most patient; the most pure. I salute you. I salute your patience. I salute your bravery and eloqence. Your service to Islam has not gone in vain. Today we remember you and we remember your pain. Oh Zainab. Oh Daughter of Zahra.
  4. Salam Alaikum, I will be spending Muharram in Singapore.. any idea what the Shia community is like there? What are some things to do/see? I will be in Singapore the majority of the time. Anything to keep in mind when traveling with a toddler? Thanks.. Wassalam
  5. Is there a link for this channel? Can it be viewed online?
  6. Ramadhan 2009 - Lecturers

    slaam... I am not sure about NYC but I know Sayed Saleh Qazwini is in Albany for first 2 weeks at Al-Fatemeh Islamic Center... his lectures will be online at: http://www.alfatemahic.com/
  7. Yma Online Website

    It's up and running again. Sayed Mostafas lectures are posted as well.
  8. Salam.. You can find several duas for "good matrimonial relationships" here: www.duas.org/matri2.htm I'd also suggest paying sadaqa on a regular/daily basis....
  9. What Have You Done?

    Assalamu Alaikum.. Actually, I believe we do need to start somewhere. If we are not actively doing anything for the Imam now, how can we ensure that we will be ready to do anything then. You have to be alert to the institution of the Imam. I think there are serveral things needed for us to be (or in the process of becoming) prepared. Recognizing is key....... recognizing not only the presence and reality of the Imam, but his right over us and our duty towards him. Realizing is a must........ realizing he is amongst us, realizing we are a part of the picture, realizing his importance How many of us actually think about the Imam on a daily basis? How many of us think to simply send him our Salam? How many of us realize that the "little" sins we commit and overlook each day are a cause of pain to this generous Imam? Allah (swt) has placed the Imam on this universe as a sign and a mercy for us...................do we even think to thank Allah for this and the blessings we receive through this Imam? Sadly, we are far behind, yet I think with more and more awareness we can get closer to awakening our hearts and souls. If we really desire the return of our Imam, then we certainly have work awaiting us. May the Imam forgive us for our many shortcomings and may he glance at us with his grace and mercy.
  10. Falling Down

    Falling Down I am falling down, but I cannot lose hope. Time and time again these eyes shed tears. Tears of concern. Tears of agony. Tears of yearning. Time and time again this heart is wondering. Wondering where you are. Wondering when tear shedding eyes will see you. Time and time again this soul is crying. Crying for your arrival. Crying for you safety. Crying for the peace your time will bring. My sleep is interrupted. My eyes are not managing to find any rest. Where are you now? In the east or in the west? The heart of the faithful are shouting to find you. The world is in need of you. Your patience stuns me. Your godly and divine patience amazes me. How is it you can endure to see the world in such a state. We too my beloved, continue to wait. The day of your arrival will be far too great. I am falling down, but I will not lose hope. I will close my eyes only to whisper your name, in hope this heart can escape to you. I will shut my eyes and try to find ease. Reply to our call. Return to us please. How can I ask when the answer is with us just as much as it is with you. The pain we bring you musy definately hurt you. Apologies my dear master. We will work to perfect ourselves and bring your arrival to come even faster. Too many scenes we cannot forget. Too many losses we cannot ignore. How much longer will we wait? The world is in chaos. Too much is happening for us to not cry. Tragedy again has entered Karbala. Yet the tears that shed for the tragedy of your grandfather will always be more. The eyes of man cried for him. The heaven and earth cried for him. The time is coming. The time is near. I await for you to be here. To read your flag and to know, the tragedy of Karbala will be sealed. The ease Lady Fatima has long awaited will soon be granted. Today a special seed in my heart will be planted. A seed of growing hope. For with that we can indeed cope. We may be falling, but with faith in you and your time, we will gain strength to once again, as strong shia stand. We will wait and will pray for peace in Karbala, the blessed and holy land. A final thought I can't keep within... a special word of thanks to you, for always caring, for always listening. For providing the answer to our needs. For being the light of Allah on earth. For being our source of comfort in moments of turmoil. For being the cold water that stops our blood from coming to a boil. Sincerest thanks for filling with spiritual energy our tanks. Missing you very much. Awaiting you day and night. Awaiting you heavenly light. Awaiting to find from it sight to see what is wrong and what is right. Labayk Ya Sahibalzaman
  11. English Hajj Lectures

    Hajj Classed being given at the Islamic Center of America are being uploaded online at www.ymaonline.org ....... The classes are a step-by-step guide to hajj and are given every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at 8:00pm in the hall of the Holy Prophet [p]
  12. The Grace & Glow

    The Grace & Glow The final light of brightness rests all alone. He prostrates and prays. He cries and contemplates. My heart is flying towards him. My eyes are searching for him. My mind is thinking of him. My lungs are in need of his oxygen. My soul is in need of his nourishment. I'm longing. Longing for his grace. I'm longing. Longing for his glow. Through him, I have come to grow. Too much to say thank you for. Too much to even think to ask for any more. Yet, I will never be satisfied unless I enter through your door. When I was young, you listened. When I was confused, you clarified. When I was tired, you comforted. When I was weak, you strengthened. Your generosity is endless. Close your eyes oh lover. Whisper the words Ya Mahdi. Whisper the words thank you. Bring peace to his pain. Bring ease to his distress. Bring hope to his heart. He is watching. Watching and thinking. Thinking and wondering. Wondering and wishing. Wishing to find just one more servant. Wishing to take just one more step towards nearing his time. Truly waiting. Patiently waiting. Our Imam has for too long been waiting. Today these eyes would not rest. For their Imam had gifted them more than the best. Today these eyes shed many tears. Tears of happiness and gratitude. In return, I wish to bring him solitude. I wish to speak words of comfort. I wish to make prayers for his ease. I wish to shed tears for his pain's alleviation. A whisper I know even he will hear. I have no fear. Whisper a name he loves to be called. Whisper from your heart. Simply whisper to his heart, and the words you utter will never depart. Cry to him with the title he adores. Say Yabnalzahra. No need to say any more. She was light, and from her came many lights. She was hope, and from her came our hope. She was patience, and from her came the patient. She was pure, and from her came the purified. She was calm, and from her came the calming. She was comfort, and from her came the comforters. She was a teacher, and from her came those who taught. She was wise, and from her came those with wisdom. She was Fatima, and from her came Al-Mahdi. Today these lips wish to say her name. Today these lips wish to serve her son. Today these words are waiting to be heard. Listen oh Imam to the heart of the beloved. Listen oh Imam and respond, for you indeed are my only living beloved...it is from and for you, that this heart loves. Al-Ajal Ya Imam
  13. Salamu Alaikum and Congratulations to AIM and the world on the many things AIM has brought to us. Inshallah with the baraka of Imam Al-Mahdi, the team will be inabled to serve the Imam and strive to bring his arrival so we may witness that day with our eyes. Keep it up. I enjoy the ulama videos and the many resources made available online. I second sis ya imam mehdi in that a website dedicate to Sahibalzaman (aj) should be one of AIMs next projects. Me'jooreen inshallah. Wassalam
  14. Been away from shiachat for a while........ Alhamdulillah, the while we wait conference stuff looks great and as it comes down to two days I got butterflies in my stomach as I pray for them and the success of the conference. I just hope the hearts of the attendees are touched so one step at a time one day at a time one heart at a time we can work towards housing our lonely imam. This is for him, and we sure hope he smiles, for his heart is heavy and his pains are too many. Just a comment regarding the date... Being a conference in honor and dedication to the birth of the greatest man alive today, you find it close to the 15th of Shaban. Labor Day was only an advantage to the out of town communities. In any case, mabrook to you all on his birth. Shaban :wub: my favorite time of the year. Wassalam
  15. Any word from Sis YaHujja?

    Someone emailed me this link, I'm here... just haven't been able to spend as much time on the comp lately. Inshallah the shiachat crew are doing well. Haven't been on here for a month maybe. LOM, I apologize for disappointing you.. Inshallah I will reconnect to the dialogues soon. btw....sis Laayla, it's the WHILE WE WAIT conference. Coming soon...This September. Stay tuned for more details later this week inshallah :)