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  1. there is som1 ( a shia) in brisbane who needs help. I have directed him to this page for you!


    A Global Campaign For Zahoor e Imam-e-zaman (ajf), Trying to make an effort for the quick return of our beloved Imam.

    and post ur comments. thanks.


    if we love IMAM E ZAMAN ajtfs then we have to do some thing that shows our love for him.

  3. salam, may Allah bless you today (your birthday)

  4. Street Justice

    OMG! Police had to stop them, after all they were only robbers not murderers. I hope this world ends this is enough...
  5. Peace Of Cake

    Oh man i have not even seen this programe but just keep hearing about it from friends been so busy... no matter wat this wed i m watching Salam C.
  6. Allah And Physics

    Interesting I think he is mad as he is not a scientist but is giving wrong scientific reasons. I m studying science and can prove him wrong (sperm cannot tolerate heat at all and die when reached at 60 deg c and loose their mobility at 45 deg c. If kept at room temp.Sperm can survive outside the body for no more than about an hour. In general, if the semen is still wet it may well have live sperm.) its all done by God humans even the greatist scientist can't explain. Ask him how is black hole, and bermuda triangle made and what is it made of, can physics explain the mechanisms behind their action? And he didnt even answer ur single question fully. He want on and on about what he thinks LOL.
  7. Afghani & Indian Clothes For Sale

    Guys if your not interested then don't buy but at least try not to be rude come on
  8. Your Fav. Post-man/woman?

    Guess what i will try to be selfish this time 1. Faiza 2. Faiza uruj 3. Faiza Ali :wub:
  9. How Easy Is It To Learn Farsi?

    I speak English Urdu Persian farsi dari its not hard at all
  10. Introduce yourself here.

    Name: Faiza Place of Birth: Pakistan live in Australia since i was 9 I am 19 currently 2nd yr at university of queensland (studying biomedical science) speak English, Urdu, farsi, dari (Persian)

    Of course i do and i started when i was 6 or 7 years old or maybe younger dont remember exactly when, i better ask mom.. but from my memory of childhood i have never been without it. I love my scarf ;)
  12. What Countries Have You Been To?

    Pakistan(born there love it) Iran Singapore Indonesia Thailand Australia(live here right) Love to see all world but in future will live in Canada bcause i love mountains and snow
  13. Your Fav Colour?

    All colours but in these case BLUE!
  14. Wa Ajil Farajahum Hour

    wow good idea... fix an exact time... i'll inform as many friends and family member i could to recite.