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  1. the Imam love

    *real Madrid C.f News Center*

    Now 6 points between Real Madrid and Barcelona Won Real Madrid on Barcelona certainly After the loss to Real Madrid Elmira 2 - 0 The profit before Barcelona Osasuna 1 - 0 Still Advanced Real Madrid
  2. the Imam love

    *real Madrid C.f News Center*

    Oh are you Like Barca Mr.sambadiof?
  3. the Imam love

    *real Madrid C.f News Center*

    The Whites lose against a great Almeria, but continue leading the table Almeria's stadium is a tough venue to play in, and the team itself knows how to stand its ground against any rival. Despite their defeat tonight, Real Madrid continue being leaders with a seven point-lead over the runners-up. Almeria deserve to remain in the First Division. They already proved their quality at the Bernabéu on Matchday 3 and, four months later, they defeated Real Madrid on their turf. Diarra returned to the Whites' starting line-up in midfield replacing Gago, who was suspended for the game. Sneijder took Baptista's place. The rest of the team were the same players who faced Villarreal last weekend. The first dangerous chances for both sides came in the first ten minutes after a period of time in which both teams were rather inefficient in midfield. Raúl was the first to have a go, with an amazing lob from the right wing on the 5-minute mark. Former Madridista Negredo and Juan Ortiz began to siege Iker Casillas' goal with several chances, one of which resulted in a goal after Cannavaro bumped into Negredo, fell, and a shot was efficiently taken by Juanito (16'). Iker reached the ball with an amazing stretch, but it had already gone over the goal-line. Almeria grow strong Pressure on Guti prevented Real Madrid's game to flow smoothly, but they still had chances, esppecially from set-pieces and in counterattacks. Van Nistelrooy came close to drawing the match from a corner by Guti, but keeper Alves grabbed the ball (21'). The Whites' clearest chance came four minutes later when Robinho passed the ball to Sergio Ramos. The defender ran with all his might diagonally towards the goal, but clashed with Alves right outside the box. A free-kick was awarded and Guti missed the top right corner of the goal by inches with a beautifully curved shot. The second half had a bad start for Real Madrid. Negredo was pushed inside the area by Cannavaro and scored from the penalty that was awarded (1'). Van Nistelrroy had been replaced by Higuaín at the start of the last 45 minutes because he had received a hard blow from one of the locals' defenders at the end of the first half. The Whites don't react Schuster's men tried with all their might to turn around the score, but their hearts ruled over their minds. Baptista replaced Salgado, widening the team's scope on the pitch and bringing more speed to its game. Balboa also came on, pulling off the most dangerous chance Real Madrid enjoyed in the entire second half, crossing the ball into the box for Raúl to head in, but Alves once again saved the day for Almeria (55'). Minutes went by and Real Madrid still didn't find a way to score, while the locals wanted even more. Baptista had one of the Madridistas' last chances with a shot from just outside the box on the 87-minute mark, but the ball grazed past the post. In the end, Almeria once again stood their ground firmly against an opponent at their stadium and Real Madrid will now have to think about defeating Valladolid next weekend.
  4. the Imam love

    Ashura Miracle

    thanks my dear Amazing!!! Mashaallah ,Subhanallah But What a (khaake) & (zakira) & (tasbih) & (preannouced)
  5. the Imam love

    Zearaht Ashora ,arab Sound

    thanks my sister for coming to the here.
  6. the Imam love

    *real Madrid C.f News Center*

    Ramos: "Both sides are coming in in good enough shape for the fans to have fun" Player Real Madrid Sergio Ramos , offered the final player press conference prior to Sunday's derby against Atletico Madrid. How badly did you take your Cup elimination? It was a real blow, but we can't let it hold us back. It's just a part of football. We have to think about the League and beating Atletico. Why did you say you prefer Forlan over Kun? I prefer Forlan, but both are deadly and very hot right now. We know we have to keep an eye on both. I'd pick Forl?n because I think he is a more complete player, but the danger Atletico presents is that they are a solid unit. Madrid has reigned supreme in the derby. We're going to try to keep the streak alive. We want to win. Atletico players are counting on a 2-0 victory. Totally normal. Each and every player believes he will win. We're not the favorite, even with the lead in the table. We want people to have fun, but only as long as we win and maintain our lead. I'll settle for a 0-2 or 0-1 in our favor. You had a run-in with Aguero the first time you met this season. That's just stuff that stays on the pitch. We're all friends off of it. Kun and I have done several Nike events together and we get along well. Is this the most evenly-balanced derby you'll experience? It could be because Atletico are doing very well right now. They are very dangerous along the wings and when playing the counterattack. Both sides are coming in in good enough shape for the fans to have fun. Real Madrid is struggling with injuries. Unfortunately football is like that. We are suffering a lot of injuries, but we have a deep bench including youth teamers and reinforcements who can have their chance and capitalize on it. Who is your main competitor for the title, Barcelona or Atletico Madrid? Right now, Barcelona. They are the closest, but Atleti isn't far behind. You never know what can happen in this competition. They've really been chugging along. It's too early to rule anyone out, even if we do win on Sunday. Is there any fear of slowing down during the second half? We hope not. We have to stay consistent. We had a great first half of the year, and it's only normal for us to need a little time after the Christmas break, but I'm sure we'll be back in full swing on Sunday. Has Schuster seemed a little frazzled this week? We know him well and no one likes to lose. I don't know what took place with Manzano. Things are said when tempers flare and then are taken care of with cool heads. He's a little frazzled, but it's nothing to worry about because none of us expected to lose. We're still strong in La Liga and the Champions League. We've been hearing that you've complained about your salary. I'd like to clarify because it's simply not the case. I don't ask for a raise or contract review every two days. I don't know what my teammates earn and I don't care. I focus on playing, doing the best I can, and earning my salary on the pitch. The club knows when they have to give me a raise or not. But the club needs to watch out because you've been receiving a lot of offers. The club takes care of those matters. I am happy here but, of course, everyone wants more. Again, I speak on the pitch. I don't ask for a review every two days. I have a long-term contract and I want to grow as a footballer and fill my trophy case with Real Madrid. Casillas was selected by UEFA.com as Europe's best goalkeeper. It's a privilege to have him here. He deserves it. He's played among the elite for many years. Few goalkeepers make it to where Iker has. Source
  7. the Imam love

    Zearaht Ashora ,arab Sound

    salam alikome ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã Click Here = ÃäÞÑ åäÇ And Go to the down æ ÅÐåÈ Åáì ÇáÇÓÝá Good by ãÚ ÇáÓáÇãÉ
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    Every Year In Saudi Arabia

    (salam) ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã æÑÍãÉ Çááå æÈÑßÇÊå Çááåã Õáö Úáì ãÍãÏ æÂá ãÍãÏ ÇáØíÈíä ÇáØÇåÑíä Every year in Saudi Arabia Solace, to Iba Abdullah Hussein be in the masjed and out the masjed But Saudi Arabia is not all Shiites But many of them Shiites This is picture from saudi arabia ÍíÏÑ ÍíÏÑ ÍíÏÑ Haidar Haidar Haidar And this is in the masjed http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1138929330.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1138929518.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1138929731.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1138930845.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1143158147.jpg And this for Deaf and dumb http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1138929913.jpg And this out masjed http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139651033.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139651073.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139651507.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139651591.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139651671.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139669274.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139873208.jpg And this is Representation epic, Imam Hussein(a.s) http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139653283.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139792147.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139795461.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139796476.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139796566.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139796638.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1139796704.jpg http://www.awamia.com/showimg.php?file=1138929201.jpg
  9. the Imam love

    *real Madrid C.f News Center*

    Real Madrid F.C. current squad 1 Casillas • 2 Salgado • 3 Pepe • 4 Ramos • 5 Cannavaro • 6 Diarra • 7 Raul • 8 Gago • 9 Soldado • 10 Robinho • 11 Robben • 12 Marcelo • 13 Codina • 14 Guti • 15 Drenthe • 16 Heinze • 17 van Nistelrooy • 18 Saviola • 19 Baptista • 20 Higuain • 21 Metzelder • 22 Torres • 23 Sneijder • 24 Balboa • 25 Dudek • Coach: Schuster
  10. ÈÓã Çááå ÇáÑÍãä ÇáÑÍíã ÇáÜÓáÇã ÚÜáíßã æÑÍãÜÉ ÇááÜå æÈÑßÇÊÜå Important information on the preferred club. :: Titles :: 30 times Alliga 17 times Cup 7 times the Spanish Super Cup 9 times Champions League 2 European Union Cup 1 European Super Cup 3 times continental Cup (Continental) ...... :: The club slogan:: ....... Real Madrid Spain Founded years: in 1902 ........ :: Stadium :: Name: Santiago Barnabio Opening stadium: 1947 Maximum capacity: 85,000 thousand spectators Dimensions of the stadium: 106 m × 70 m Real Madrid official site
  11. ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã This is *Live video to Imam al-hussein And al-abbas* *Live video to Imam al-hussein* http://www.holykarbala.net/online/alhussain.html *Live video to al-abbas* http://www.holykarbala.net/online/alabbas.html But language Arabic to words. Thanks ÔßÑÇð
  12. the Imam love

    3 Day Curfew From Karachi To Karbala

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã Çááåã Õáö Úáì ãÍãÏ æÂá ãÍãÏ æÂáå ÇáØíÈíä ÇáØÇåÑíä ÔßÑÇð áß thank you Åä ááå æÅä Åáíå ÑÇÌÚæä To God and we return to him ÇáÓáÇã salam