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  1. alig_reinvented

    Inside The Ka'abah

    you just caught that dude in a lie! This hossien nasr is either 100 years old or he is a huge liar on the mimbar. The insides were redone almost a hundred or so years ago...
  2. alig_reinvented

    Hindu Fought With Imam Hussain In Karbala

    :!!!: Man I tell ya...some of these damn hinduized shias. LOL seriously
  3. alig_reinvented

    Shias safer in INDIA or PAKISTAN?

    Shias are the safest in USA, to be honest. :)
  4. alig_reinvented

    10 Days Tears

    What color lipstick a woman wears or what places someone frequents is none of your business. This wahabi mindset will doom you. You are wahabizing shia islam. Get out of here you troll.
  5. alig_reinvented

    Ashura & Muharram Pictures

    a picture from dawn.com from Rawalpindi, 9th moharram juloos a picture from dawn.com from Lahore, 9th moharram juloos
  6. alig_reinvented

    Blast In Majlis E Aza In Peshawar ,pakistan

    Despite the attempt, Peshawar Juloos swelled with the faithful and also respected members of the Ahl Sunnah. This is a picture from dawn pictures section.
  7. alig_reinvented

    What Does Bhuttos Party And Her Think Of Shias

    With all due respect to your family, it doesn't make Bhutto a shia if your family is a part of her party, friend. My family is pro Musharraf, does it make him a shia? Let's snap out of that dialogue really quick. Either way, Bhutto was not a very nice person. She was harmful to the middle class, which included most of the educated shias in Pakistan.
  8. alig_reinvented

    Ahmed_e_nejad And Hassan Nasrallah

    I'd disagree friend. But whatever your beliefs are, we can agree to disagree here. aliG
  9. alig_reinvented

    Hasan Sadiq Reciting In New York

    You guys are so lucky. Hasan Sadiq is a superior reciter. Much much better then Nadeem in my opinion.
  10. Just wanted to add....in addition to what the above poster mentioned. They were at a funeral in Houston Shia cemetery, burying an old relative (grandpa?), and a few days later, all four of them were buried in the same place they were standing in the cemetery, next to their grandpa. My dad is buried next to them, as five fresh graves I saw that were dug there.
  11. alig_reinvented

    Shias safer in INDIA or PAKISTAN?

    Hyderabadi shias are the most hinduized minority I have ever had the displeasure to come across. From USA, to Canada, to UK i have seen and heard it. Maybe thats why india treats them better?
  12. alig_reinvented

    What Does Bhuttos Party And Her Think Of Shias

    LOL Bhutto was not shia.
  13. alig_reinvented

    I Will Tell You Who Killed Benazir

    Either way, Musharraf Zindabad. May Allah keep him safe always. aliG
  14. I was referring to your claims of the number of Shia employees of Geo and ARY
  15. Sorry, assumptions of such great nature may be relevant for you brother/sister, but I'd rather not buy that as it makes little sense to me. But to each their own. ws