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  1. Ya Allah

    Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars

    I have checked the hadeeth, there seems to be misinterpretation. The notion of going and coming means they are in motion and not sitting in one place. Why does earth not go out of its orbit ? It doesn't say that in Arabic, it says why earth doesnt get pushed down (crushed) from the weight on top.
  2. This dictator rose to power after the fall Shah Iran to remain an ambassador for the American regime. This puppet was the very reason Iraq was invaded.
  3. AlSalam Alikom, I'd like to know if there's a hadeeth from AhulBayt (AS) revealing how the Earth is rotating with relation to the Sun. Is Earth really revolving around the Sun or is the other way around. I read that the first that came up with the idea that everything revolve around the Sun is Copernicus who is a Pagan believer (Sun worshiper ), so in that regard (to his own belief ) everything should worship the Sun by revolving around it including Earth that embrace Bayt Allah. Was there any work done by our astrophysicist scholars ? Before this guy came along everyone believed that Earth was the center of the universe. From the Islamic point of view that seems to be the correct path.
  4. (bismillah) I've seen many documentaries but the only one that interested me is the old one titled "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow" starring Orson Welles who died in 1985. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4ccoU7OCcQ Near the end he speaks of a man wearing a turban who will rise to power to establish Muhammad's law. This could only be the Imam (as). In his own words, Orson said that the Imam (as) will bring tyranny and destruction, and eventually bring mankind to final annihilation. I bet this man forgot what his own country have done/ or been doing in it's past and present?! I guess everyone sees others with the eyes of his own nature! In another documentary, one guy speaks of the comet/ satellite/ moon that will enter close to the atmosphere of earth but not collide with it. The polarity of the sun will cause one of Mars moons to lose orbit. I think for an object this big to fly close by to earth causing it to change polarity, it should have an immense velocity. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi_RO-dOeSU
  5. Ya Allah

    False Mahdi

    (bismillah) The only impostor I know of is this guy http://www.al-mahdyoon.org Though I believe at some point he claimed to be the Mahdi himself—now he's the Wasi of the Imam. Maybe tomorrow he will come out to be the Dajjal. :!!!:
  6. (bismillah) With what's going on in the world today, floods and droughts is killing most of the agricultural resources. At some point, food will become so scarce and expensive it will exceed the value of gold. :wacko: Okay, I posted this here since it's one of the signs of the close emergence of the Imam (as).
  7. Ya Allah

    Ark Hoax?

    (bismillah) Here's the second version of the document: DOCUMENTARY ON THE WOODEN PLATE FOUND IN NOAH'S ARCH During the month of July, 1951 a team of Russian experts, were surveying the Valley of Kaat. Perhaps they were busy in finding out a new mine. They noticed a few pieces of rotten woods at a place. The group officer started diggin the place. To his surprise he found heaps of woods pressed there under the earth. Experts by observing a few layers speculated that these woods are extraordinary and possess obscure mystery. They excavated the place with deep interest. They found quite a good amount of woods and many other things. They also found a long rectangular wooden plate. The experts were surprised to observe that this particular place admeasuring 14" x 10", was in far better condition among other woods which were on the verge of decomposition, due to aging. After investigation at the end of 1952, experts came to the conclusion that this particular place belonged to the Noah Arch which had rested on the peak of Mount Calff (Judy). And the plate on which a few words of some ancient language were inscribed, was fixed on the Arch. After it was proved that the woods found in the excavation are that of the Noah's Arch, the curiosity as to what is written on the wooden plate was aroused. A board of experts was appointed by the Russian Goverment under its Research Department to investigate the language of the wooden plate. The Board started its work from the 27the February, 1953. Following were the members of this board: 1. Prof. Solonon Mascow University 2. Prof. Ifa Han Kheeno, Lu Lu Han College China/ 3. Mr. Mishaou Lu Farug, Officer I/c fossils. 4. Mr. Taumol Goru, Teacher, Cafezud College. 5. Prof. De Paka, Lenin Institute. 6. Mr. M. Ahmad Colad, Zitcomen Research Association 7. Major cottor, Stalin College. So these seven experts after eight months of research came to the conclusion that this plate was of the woods used in making Noah Arch and that the Prophet Noah (pbuh) had put this plate on his Arch for the safety of the Arch and for receiving favor of Allah (SWT). In the center of the plate, there is a drawing of palm shape on which some words of ancient Saamaani language are written. Mr. N.F. Max, Expert, Ancient Languages, Britain (Manchester), has translated the words written on the wooden plate, in English as follows: "O My God, my helper Keep my hand with mercy, and with your Holy Bodies. Mohamed, Alia, Shabbar, Shabbir, Fatma They are the Biggests and Honourable. The world Established for them Help me by their names You can return to Right." People were surprised to learn these writing. They were surprised as to how this particular plate after centuries of exposition to nature did not decompose and maintained its form. The plate is still preserved at the Centre of Fossils Research, Moscow, Russia. If you ever have a chance to visit the Soviet Union, you would be able to see the actual plate, and it will increase your faith in Ahel-al-Biet. The translation was documented in the following newspapers: 1. Weekly - Mirror: U.K., Dec. 28, 1953 2. Star of Britain: London, Jan., 1954 3. Manchester Sunlight: Manchester, Jan 23, 1954 4. London Weekly Mirror: Feb. 1, 1954 5. Bathrah Najaf: Iraq, Feb. 2, 1954 6. Al-Huda: Cairo, March 31, 1954 /END Why is there two versions written for the same incident? I personally think this is a TRUE story, please do not doubt one bit. There are sick scums out there who try with all their might to discredit people. Most likely misleading information was added later. They even resorted to reproducing the story for obvious reasons. Also, don't dream of finding the piece of wood anywhere in public.
  8. Ya Allah

    Prophet Solomon Tablet

    (bismillah) I want to make something clear for those who doubt the authenticity of the artefact, that this artefact was found in a controlled archeological excavation in the early 1900, unlike some forgeries that's been happening in the past decade that pop out of no where with no source to where it came from. They wouldn't be hiding something if it had the slightest doubt of being labeled forgery, the fact that it found its way to the press means that it had once been on public display. It is not the best of their interest to release it to public. Why would they release such information and put their lives on the line? It's pretty sad for shia to doubt the authenticity of this.
  9. Ya Allah

    Prophet Solomon Tablet

    (salam) Can you tell us why?
  10. (bismillah) Prophet Solomon Tablet, carved with AhlulBayt names, found in 1916. By: Nabil Raza LONDON, United Kingdom: During first world war in 1916, a unit of English army found a tablet made of silver in a small village called Ontara that is situated at a distance of few kilometers from Jerusalem city. They came across the Tablet while they were digging ditches. Tablet’s outlines were bedecked with fine precious stones while the words written inside it were of gold. When the unit members took this tablet to their head Maj. Krendel, he tried to understand something inscribed on it but failed save this that the text is in some old language. Later, this tablet reached to British army chief LiftonanD Gladstone who passed it to specialized scholars and experts. After the war ended in 1918, a committee comprised of professors of archeology and experts of old languages belonging to Britain, United States, France, Germany and other European States was set up. It researched for months and at last was able to translate the text inscribed on the tablet. It declared results on 3/1/1920. The information indicated that this tablet was “TABLET OF PROPHET SOLOMON”. The written text was: الله Allah أحمد آيلي Ahmed Ayli باهتول = Bahtol حاسن حاسين = Haasan Haasain ياه أحمد ! مقذا = O Ahmed Help Me ياه ايلي ! انصطاه = O Ayli assist me ياه باهتول ! كاشئ = O Bahtol show mercy on me ياه حاسن ! ضومظع = O Haasan do favor on me ياه حاسين ! بارفو = O Haasain do good to me امو سليمان صوه عئخب زالهلاد اقتا اي = This Solomon desires help through five grand saints بذات الله كم ايلي = From Allah almighty It was decided to place this tablet in British royal museum but the Lord Bishop asked to put it in the secret trust of British church saying that putting this tablet in the museum and presenting it to all people will surely shake the foundation of Christianity. It is worth-noting that two of the archeology experts William and Thomas converted to Islam. Their names in Islam were Karam Hussain and Fadhal Hussain respectively. To know more about this topic, following sources may be contacted: Wonderful stories of Islam, published in London page 249 Magazine Al-Islam, published in Delhi 1927 Magazine Muslim Cronical published in London 1926 Ali and Prophets, translated to Persian and Arabic from Urdu, author Hakim Sialkoti
  11. Ya Allah

    any guesses on who the Sufyani is?

    (bismillah) Look how this guy talk like he's the best next thing coming. I believe this is the real Dajjal who will rise to power.
  12. Ya Allah

    any guesses on who the Sufyani is?

    (bismillah) He is half Arab half American. BTW, I found this hadith by Imam al-Baqir (as): "As-Sufyani is red, blonde and blue. He has never worshiped Allah at all. He has seen neither Mecca nor Medina. He says: O my God, I take revenge even if I go to hell! O my God, I take revenge even if I go to Hell!" His real name is Uthman ibn Anbasa. It is not surprising to see pseudonym to hide his real name. Both 'Mabus' and 'Anbasa' have the same root meaning in Arabic. I have no doubt in my mind the guy I posted is the awaited Sufyani. Westerners were way ahead in identifying him, however they are confusing him with the Dajjal. I want to know what is the next step of the operation. I mean shouldn't we go hunt the scumbag. :shaytan:
  13. Ya Allah

    any guesses on who the Sufyani is?

    (bismillah) I bring to you the real Sufyani, I am not joking this is real thing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Mabus The Dajjal Nostradamus said he will be named (Mabus), which is actually an Arabic name (معبس). This guy was once the United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1994 – 1996. He was awarded King Abdul Aziz Award from KSA. From this you can clearly see his connections with this regime. The hadiths we have state this guy will have signs of chicken pox on his face. Just look at his forehead. :squeez:
  14. (bismillah) I will raise the question again, why is it in spite of the number of fabrications that spouted from this tool's mouth, he was still considered a reliable source of sunni hadith. No Sunnis want to defend their position, eh?
  15. (bismillah) Abu Horerah has narrated more than 5370 masnad. From this tremendous amount of narrations, Bukhari only included 446 hadiths in his Sahih. That means more than 90% are fabricated lies. Abu Horerah was contemporary with the Prophet for only three years, yet he was able to narrate far more than the 4 caliphs in a 52 years period (the 4 caliph narrations adds up to only 1411 hadiths). Many companions who were very close to the Prophet (pbuh), who fight along side with him day and night for over 20 years, and even after his death, don't even come close to what this chatter mouth liar is claiming to have achieved in 3 years.