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  1. Burning questions

    The room behind them is where they nest and some parents are in there while the rest are in the picture having a sun bath. I didn't take close ups, the fancier ones have been eaten by that cat. Nope I have shot and missed so far. The cat is extremely lucky. This last time I was hiding next to it with a handgun and the cartridge fired with a slight delay, which is sort of a misfire, and it got away. Truth be told as long as my pigeons and stuff in the kitchen are safe I'm not bothered enough (if door is left open it goes inside to wreak havoc and breaks things). Otherwise, AK-47 is for amateurs, I have better stuff.
  2. Brother I know of a few such cases. One woman has her husband living abroad and has not visited for some time now. Two others are said to have husbands with sexual incapacity. Simultaneously some men I know of, both married and unmarried for various reasons find such women or even professionals and go unto them. For the record, I do not like what they do, but I also do not judge them. You must be unmarried. A marriage especially nowadays is not a guaranteed 100% solution to the problem unfortunately. Read the previous paragraph for instance. Marriage helps, ideally a great deal but the solution is to learn to fear Allah and know He is watching. And that's it. The fear of Allah, the knowledge of our own deaths and being held accountable, the certainty in it, that's the one ingredient going extinct among us Muslims, same as other people.
  3. This is true. The bigger picture includes how approaching the women has become a problem. Feminism has a part in this. Dig deeper and LGBTQ, homosex in prisons, some legislations by the state and media will all have their hand in this. When the usual ways of sexual release are complicated so much and obstructed then like water seeking means to flow people start to sin. Of course people were already far enough from being supermen of taqwa in the new age.
  4. Question for Sunni

    If you give me the book and author names I might find a translation. The most prominent islamic books are translated. However, if the said reference is by some new age scholar that will be difficult. So please try to mention authentic and orthodox books. Surely since you believe it then it must be in a well known book with a translation available. ^^
  5. Question for Sunni

    That there is even more reason to follow his teachings imo.
  6. Question for Sunni

    Oh? I wish to read about that. Can you help and provide reference? ^^
  7. Question for Sunni

    I have heard from some Sunni friends and speakers that according to them Abu Hanifa the Sunni Imam was a disciple of Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (as). So it makes a person think why not take your Islam from the master instead of the disciple? A teacher is complete while a student is not.
  8. #10 Battle Poll

    Karbala would be like a door to the highest place in heaven hence my vote. Its certainly not an easy choice if considering for real but we all have to die one day and what better place and time than with Imam Hussain (as) and the Ahl al Bayt (as)? I think one can not choose this honor rather it chooses you if you are so worthy. Jamal was just sad for Imam Ali (as). Not many people may know this but the Imam cried the night before battle. Since he was not easy at all with the idea of there being the only option of sending to hell misguided people in the conflict and fighting the first muslim civil war in history. Its sad if we think about it. Lifetimes of sacrifice, devotion, education, selfless service, care and all the feats of humanity for a nation and it all gets wasted on so many of them.
  9. Its everywhere and within everything. Lies and distortions to make people of the world think they are helplessly inferior to "them". E.g.: They are such a great nation therefore: They landed on and played golf on the moon. (Just ask yourself yankees on the moon in 60s? Rly? Comprehensively disproven btw See: MoonFaker on youtube.) They defeated Germany in WW2. (USSR did) They are going to Mars!~ (Get in line Musk, the deadline for that in people's minds was 2016 as announced by their presidents time and again. Space radiation has been blocking manned space exploration. Rly? Try exploring ocean floors first) Advanced human race to Science! Evolution! Atheism! New Age! Therefore religions are a lie! Capitalist economy model has won (lol right) The world hates teh American dream! Our war machines are the best. M1A1 for instance is the best tank (baby killer tanks, never tested like real tanks in real battles) Islam is very bad so its okay to bomb Muslims and destroy their world completely. "They" can see and control your computer screen. Feel the attrition barbarians! They has alien technology and UFOs! ALL G R E A T L I E S. Believe me.
  10. Burning questions

    No. My pigeons have abandoned their easily accessible places and now perch near the ceiling of their garage. I shot at the cat a few times and it seems to have started avoiding my home now. Good riddance. ^^ Meanwhile in its stead three new cats have started visiting and thankfully none of them seem to notice my pigeons. ^^^
  11. Muhammad Hijab refutes Ammar Nakashwani

    Hijab is an ignorant man. Got much better things to do than watch that imbecile.
  12. Said the holy Prophet of Allah (s.a.w.): "Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain".

  13. Western Islam

    There are stepping stones for each generation. It may look like "western islam" today. Tomorrow it will be the usual, compost. Yeah sure there are political niceties to observe in the west and all. Sure. Whatever.
  14. #8 Muharram Night Plans

    I am leading the local volunteer police to provide security to our Hussainiya / Imam Bargah. I've taken this night off. Yesterday was stressful because out of 25 volunteers only two of us showed and this year the police chief and the government are slacking way too much even though the situation is delicate now because the most foreign and most corrupt political government ever is leaving in a few months and even now several of their office holders have been charged with murder, corruption and other severe crimes. The police was also late, I had to call them. Then out of the blue electricity was gone for 3 hours so my 2IC and good friend called them and had to convince them to be more responsible. Finally two policemen with one rifle arrived an hour late. I told the inspector I have no choice but to arm my boys. Most of them were absent so I called them (and lied to them) that since they have violated terms in their agreement they will have to be locked up for being awol. We do this each year. It was stressful to note that all my veterans were absent or had not volunteered. All these new millennial boys knew nothing and can't guard a bundle of hay from goats. I would soil myself from stress if one of them was handed a firearm, they are so green, and can't even keep watch in the same direction or area for more than a minute. Thankfully two of my dutiful old pals agreed to return to this year's duty as I called them over. We erected check posts and wired some lights very quickly. Each year the first and the morning of the tenth are testing times and I notice only the most sincere will have the spirit to be there.
  15. Yazid existed. Hussain exists.

    1. starlight


      Copying this^

    2. baradar_jackson


      This is good but it would be more accurate to say "Yazid lived. Hussain lives."


      Once created, nobody can cease to exist.