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  1. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    You can't wake up a person pretending to be asleep. Just wait till the reappearance of the Imam and if they are around by then.
  2. Pakistan

    The lamentations of Afghani nationalists should soon cease because Pakistan is building a very nice double fence along the Durand line to keep the filth out of it. ^^ Be happy.
  3. Pakistan

    I don't think its a coincidence that Pakistan banned Shiachat.com from viewership right after this thread was launched. Being an American puppet our authorities seriously hate and silence all truth outlets now. Oh well.
  4. Thoughts 2017

    Obviously, they don't want any others to find out something about space travel...
  5. Explain Pakistan -Nov17

    Its not talibs, its orthodox Sunni protesting against the government. Zahid Hamid is the person who drafted the bill allowing Qadyanis and non-muslims to occupy the national assembly / senate in a free-for-all fashion. In fact the amendment technically allowed citizens of (say) Israel even to just come over and buy a seat. Like Sir Nawaz Sharif's historically massive buy out of assembly seats in national and punjab provincial assemblies in 2013. They bought the army chief and the supreme court top judge of the time who installed his party members as caretakers and then he paid a fortune to the election commission of pakistan. It was so ridiculous that all his party candidates declared their victories right after voting stopped. Anyone from Lahore area would be familiar with the Abdul Aleem Khan style shameless and open buying out of seats (thanks u democracy and freedumbs). Basically it had always been there. However now that these guys wanted to take it a step ahead and more importantly committed blasphemy by allowing Qadyanis especially and removing the sentences where the candidate had to take a legally prosecutable oath in the application form, the TLP party was giving a days long sit in in large numbers in the capital city of Islamabad demanding resignation of Zahid Hamid. The government ministers kept threatening them, citing the earlier massacre of another political party they conducted in model town lahore, telling them to disperse (unbelievable?). Then on this date clashes started between police and the crowds got out of control and in support of the protestors all the orthodox Sunni across the country are rioting (not the Wahabis btw, let it be clear that the Wahabis, Deobundis etc etc even Shia did not "bat an eye" for the amendments in legislature). As for suicide bombers, absolutely anyone can buy them, prices starting from 2500$ thanks u capitalism, salafism and drone bombings by murica. Yes it also means things are not 100% clear yet. However it has been the history of this government that whenever they are under pressure either suicide bombings occur or skirmishes on the borders with india or afghanistan/nato occupation forces happen. During the 2014 sit in and because Imran Khan was not leaving the "terrorists" (widely known to be linked to the law minister of punjab rana sanalullah) attacked the army public school in peshawar and caused untold grief. This pol party / gov is also especially against the army, the judiciary and deep friends with India, NATO, Saudia and so on. Meanwhile the army is tired of them, these despicable puppet politicians who are rated no 1 in transparency int'l most corrupt political party of the world. Personally i gave up hope for this country even before these purely illiterate, illegitimate clowns came into power.
  6. Does gene editing fit into the Islamic worldview?

    They are even offering this edition and choices in a baby parents may be planning to have. Somehow, I seriously doubt this gene editing will change anything about us human beings. Alcoholicism, godlessness, lying, cheating, apathy, selfishness, capitalist blood sucking will remain rampant. Secondly, our Creator has challenged or welcomed us to try and create something, anything the way He has. So let them have at it I say. Personally staying natural would be my choice. Because "scientists" today are equally greedy and liable to scam others just like the rest of our specie. Those PHDs cost a lot and they do it not for saving the planet.
  7. Oh yes I fully agree 100%. The world wars happened because of Islam. Saddam used weapons of mass destruction on WTC on 9/11/2001 in name of Islam. Gaddafi did (something-- there must be something) in name of Islam (and his female personal guard force oh nevermind). Eye-rack and Eye-ran are war crazed people especially Eye-ran just can't stop defending itself and building its military to maintain its freedom? They do it for God so God is to blame in this equally. Why they refuse to import alcohol, rotchilds central bank, sex toys and other fine western goods like other puppet countries is so damaging to the economy. Moving on, Vietnam, North Korea, Ireland, Bosnia, the Russian aggressions, the MAO and Stalin massacres are alllllll because of absence of religion. They all need darwinism, central banks, puppet regimes democracy and mass death freedom. Yeah. Yup yup. Religion is bad m'kay.
  8. Iran vs KSA ?

    The region is in state of war since years. ISIS is their proxy force to which they airdrop supplies, provide air support, provide extraction, provide medical support most meticulously albeit the western media will not report those things. And now it doesn't matter if they let go of the cloak and dagger its no surprise, is it? They have worked hard and long to bring misery to our world (and their own, to an extent). What can stop them? Its not like the hordes of zombies who are their citizens are going to refuse to pay taxes. Why stop now. Anyway this war is all foretold to the last detail in hadiths, as well as how it will end (which is especially racist). My personal feeling, and it makes sense, is that indeed Israel and US will put more firewood into Syria. They probably will not assault Iran directly (can't say about aerial bombings). US military and economy is destined to die out in the Syrian conflict according to hadiths. Israel controls US senate so thats the same thing. Saudia will as usual keep lending its bases, its shame, its absence of honor, its everything to the enemy of mankind. You do understand Saudis can not fight on their own? They can not even bomb babies in Yemen on their own and use foreign pilots and jets for that. Much less see ground combat. They are incapable of that. So the picture should be pretty obvious. Syria and Lebanon will be on the forefront at start. Its destined. On the auspicious occasion of Black Friday a congratulations to NOTO and its fundamentalist darwinists is in order for managing to resurrect slave trade of black people in Egypt and Africa all over again. Satan must be so proud of you. Too bad you will all burn in hell forever without an end.
  9. Iran vs KSA ?

    I don't get it. A handful of capitalist overlords and their mindless underlings foaming at their mouths are about to attack, mass murder and ruin the lives of yet another chunk of the human civilization, yet we are to respect them while discussing the rabidness in their worship of Satan and the lakes of blood they are about to sacrifice to their god? How are we supposed to write about this without being hypocrites? The core and homeland of Shia is about to come under massive, cruelest and unjustifiable oppression, where else do I "lament" that if not of "Shia"chat? Is there a crime or a gang of criminals more loathsome than those oppressors who are beneath abhorring for the majority of the world now due to the pure evil of their actions? What are a few words in comparison to all their blackest of deeds? Ironically the person who is always found backing all such atrocities and those committing them is complaining about words criticizing them. A person I have always had in my ignore list until the function got broke with the recent update. I am no more racist than Shakespeare or the known history of mankind.
  10. Pizza Toppings

  11. Thanksgiving Mubarak, Y'all

    I hope all you folks celebrating it have fun. Please think of me when you eat turkey.
  12. Burning questions

    Seriously bro? Please list them. Jazak Allah khair.
  13. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    @hasanhh and anyone else who would enjoy a light comedy war film. This one has its moments. Its also thought provoking and asks a big question about the purpose (or the absence of it) behind the US occupation of Afghanistan.
  14. Iran vs KSA ?

    KSA wants to try and make a dent before their abominable presence leaves the stage of history forever. However it is ridiculous to think Saudis will be fighting a war with anyone alone while they can't even bomb Yemeni babies on their own. Same goes for Israel. So naturally they will bring their uncle Frankenstein Sam to help them out with the heavy lifting as usual. However due to important strategic reasons they will be go for Lebanon and Syrian territory first. This is why Netanyuhu and King Salamander have been grovelling at Putin's feet through 2017. If I was Putin I would pull a Danzig with them and take their monies then back stab them after having filled my defending allies with weapons. China will not be joining in. They are seeking wealth. Of course the US senate will soon give the go ahead for their troops and fleet to deploy (since someone in the thread was innocently asking why one of their fleets stays in the region, this is it). This is also why they had Iran under sanctions since so many years, to weaken their preparations. This is also why they have created hell in Balochistan and other borders surrounding Iran. They think that will prove to be enough deterrence for paramilitary forces attempting to reinforce IRGC. Manpower. That stupid video someone linked before was right about one thing and that is the very significant advantage in manpower Iran has. Available manpower is directly proportional to motivation of the people. That is why Israelis and Saudis and Yanks are bound to lose if the Shia manpower is mobilized who a lot of them will proceed to fight till the death while the axis of bankers has little motivation which will die out when the body bags start coming in. Israelis used to literally die of fear when Saddam fired a few scuds into their cesspool. Saudis are too decadent and incompetent. Yanks are waking up to the truth and are also oppressed now and its not a false flag attacked year 2001 anymore. Those of them who will fight will have to fight each other being transsexual, pro-Trump, anti-feminist, white supremacist, pedophiles and all the throngs of tedious little issues plaguing them now. So with such a difference in Morale and perhaps a little bit Russian support as well, God willing above all else, things will change forever. At worst there will be a regime change in Iran which will not change anything because the biggest push of all pushes comes later under Mahdi (as) and Jesus (as) who are promised the manpower, hardware and the ultimate victory to bring the world about and set if free.
  15. Now add to that picture the economic hitman and all his sanctions PRECISELY to keep nations poor and backwards. It does not want us to study the atom and the particles despite repeated assurances we will not use nuclear fission as weapon (nukes). The global elites / bankers / bolshevik use a teaspoonful of uranium to power their monstrosities, their navies and power plants for years on. But we are forced to buy and burn fossil fuel. The vehicles we drive are not allowed to run on anything other than fossil fuel and the computers in them are programmed to make the fuel air mixtures as rich on fuel as they can so we buy more and burn more. With a tech like solar power we have the means to free ourselves but very surprisingly even our own governments and leaders are not leading us in that direction. Some of them may be naive, while the clergy of science are hiding knowledge and misleading people for the elite global jewry the capitalists and lead us all on paths that make us financially weak day by day and the jews richer. In these circumstances when merely staying afloat financially is a task that takes a person's whole life how can we make progress on research, arts, culture, spirituality, social science, exploration and all that? We're all enslaved, and rather we are losing all those fine things rapidly.