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  1. Pakistan

    No. To make such a huge dent in the search engines and win as a nation, masses of Jacks and Jills from various age groups and all computer literacy brackets need to get through. They know this quite well and its why they actually bother with ISP bans. Then video streaming needs good speed which has not been available here. So trust me when I tell you that the source spewing such things is not worth taking seriously.
  2. Pakistan

    First I don't know how Pakistan can be in those statistics when all ISPs here have banned all sort of porn and indecency. When any Pakistani IP address can not reach a porn server how can the country be registered? I'll be fair and say this could have been an issue over a decade or so ago when it wasn't banned. Anyway, secondly, since I myself or any of the people here never heard of human flesh being sold in restaurants here I realize its only more of that bovine excrement coming out of the outlet of a particular one. Seriously, human flesh, of all things? Does that make any sense? Wake up and don't step in the pile of excrement being left by someone who can do nothing better.
  3. Shia a "threat" to Nat'l Security ? ? ?

    These hypocrite snakes won't do anything about the Rohingya being purged next door in Burma. Are the Rohingya Shia? Pure proud muslims my *beep*.
  4. Post Your Voices!

    Batman came to visit me and we made this voice clip together. ^^^ https://vocaroo.com/i/s0oYmOImtGug
  5. Pakistan

    Enough bovine excrement in that one post to fill up a swimming pool, mr. intellectless resistance.
  6. Pakistan

    Iraqis are a great nation too. Inshallah their wounds will heal if flies are not allowed to sit on them. I have recently talked to the army leaders here some of them are my friends. They have great plans for the region. They have positive and peaceful options for India also if only they agree to solve the Kashmir issue. Which even if they don't and once the local problem of insurgency and terror storm is dealt with we can focus on the middle east. We are not wahabi minded. Dont you see we did not help Saudia with Syria or Yemen. We want friends with Iran, Iraq and everyone else who want to be friends. Even ex-Soviet states through Afghanistan if only they would get rid of the lord of terror sitting at their throne and not allowing them forward. We have plans to set up big trade networks. We are poised for that. We are ready to defend the innocent people in the region by all means necessary. We have given explicit statement some years ago that if any nuclear escalation takes place then our response first and foremost will be to strike India and Israel as they are the sources and the sedition backing our enemies. So we have a common enemy. We need your prayers and well wishes. We have already been facing negativity. No country in the region has been fighting and sacrificing against terror like Pakistan has. If Iran and Iraq's east side is safe its because of Pakistani forces. So wish us well like brothers do. Let the pied pipers pipe on while we take the road forward to our destiny.
  7. Pakistan

    I disagree. There are 70 - 80 million Shia in Pakistan also and the biggest religion is orthodox Sunni who love the Ahl al Bayt (as). Inshallah there will be ansar for Imam Mahdi (as) from Pakistan. Pakistanis have their own elite outfit in Syria and Iraq, the Zainabiyun brigade. We are not a morphinist, selfish, expansionist or criminal minded people like our neighbors. The problem with the Pakistani nation is Poverty and Illiteracy and these can be cured with effort or these issues will escalate if ignored. I recently met Shias in Peshawar and confirmed that the army has in fact devastated the Wahabi militants and forced the remaining into compliance. Things are not the same as last decade rather incomparably better. We have the ability to and are overcoming our problems. These Wahabi militants are born due to illiteracy and poverty. As children belonging to large families unable to feed them they are sought by Saudi funded madrassas and assimilated. Zainab and the other children like her, since we are a NATION we have been at the backs of our rulers and authorities and yesterday a suspect was caught and the matter is being investigated. We are a Nation. A real Nation. We have heart. We know the way and we are struggling. We have completed great national projects. Motorways, power generation facilities, reforestation programs, defense initiatives, counter insurgency ops. The nation itself has been pressing the politicians hard and making them submit to our demands. Its a very healthy trend, don't you agree? Our army disagrees with the political leadership who have been serving the zionists for bribes but thats what these crooks do. Inshallah elections are this year and hopefully under a new regime the establishment's goals are to turn a fresh page with Iran and Russia and even invite India to CPEC. To trade and prosper for the future generations and make ourselves stronger for the challenges ahead. Its a long shot but it is worth going each step for the sake of so many people. Good people. With work from the community and prayers I have hope that my country will survive through and become the asian tiger it should. We have nuclear deterrence. Our enemies can bang their heads against our nukes. It'll make us stronger. There is a huge honking difference here for those who can see and know the difference.
  8. Quran teacher beats child to death

    What can a dirt poor old parent do in the face of an intimidating threatening and bribed british colonial police force except comply. Its not stupidity its survival. You should also know the difference between triage and treatment. I do.
  9. Pakistan

    What Afghans? There are no Afghans. Let me explain. The country and its dwellers are sitting in the lap of India and USA and making war upon us at their side instead of being grateful to us for accommodating several million real Afghan refugees for nearly two decades. They say we gave them the Taliban which is a lie and even if it were true their post monarchy recent history indicates that Taliban regime was the better one and before it they were slaughtering each other divided up and playing in the hands of petty, uncharismatic warlords with no vision. In fact Afghanistan is only a stretch of extremely hazardous wasteland since some time. It is a safe haven for all manner of criminals. During the USSR occupation the Afghans KHAD spread their arms to KGB and the agents crossed the Durand line and would drop toy bombs in the streets of Peshawar to kill our children. Later under each regime, regardless of their views they passively served them, being an arbitrary wasteland people. Uzbek mercenaries living in Afghanistan hired by India or others would cross the border and cause havoc and grief in Pakistan. Not to mention all the smuggling and slash to our economy because it is a lawless wasteland. It is the birthplace of Heroine and millions have died due to it, growing and selling poppy mainly being the produce of Afghan agriculture. A developing country like Pakistan is forced to and can't but build a fence along the hundreds of kilometers of border with Afghanistan. Its like a zombie land. We are also building forts and setting mine fields. We have no choice. Isn't that sad? We have no particular issues no more than a man trying to defend himself has an issue with a vicious venomous snake. "Afghans". There are none as we imagine a nation or a community to be. The world thinks its a "muslim country" belonging to the "Afghan nation". I simply say, prove it. Prove there is one. The last Afghans fled that area decades ago. Like seepage from a wound they have spread all around mostly immediately around what used to be their country. Even Iran these days is sick and tired of them so its not just Pakistan.
  10. I Am Sunni. But I Do No Believe In Muawiya Lanati.

    Bhai jan aap Sunni nahi hain kyu k aap ka koi aalim muawiya ko lanati kabhi nhi kahay ga. Aap ki soch haqq pasandi pr mabni hay jo aisi nayab ho chuki hay jaisay patharo main heera. Lekin aap ko bta doo k aap k liye boht zaroori hay k aap aik mashwara ka intekhab kr lain. Ya apnay dosto say bach jao, ya phir is tarah ki baat logo main bilkul na kro. Dosto ko batanay ki bajaye Allah ko gawah kr lo or apnay liye or meray liye dua kro.
  11. Pakistan

    And I'm the queen of England. You, my friend, are a generic Afghan as evident by your behavior and the nature of what your "heart and mind" contain. And it is precisely the reason Afghanistan is what it is and why it was taken over by the likes of USSR, India, Taliban, USA, Uzbek mercs, ISIS and whoever else is interested in setting up a global business of drugs. Or perhaps your mind is a product of those events.
  12. Quran teacher beats child to death

    The parents "forgave" the "teacher" after "receiving "blood money"". This is a big trend that Pakistani politicians and elite have started; kill someone or do anything resulting in their demise and then be a nice muslim and pay the blood money (10k - 30k $ usually) to clean the slate. Now you have my permission to "blame" "islam" and lament "its" image.
  13. Pakistan

    Excuse me but I think that it is too pretentious to compare Afghanistan to other, real countries and their events. You rolled over and handed your poppy field of a country to uncle Sam and now they have stopped spending money and brought in their mercs ISIS who are slaughtering your morphienist "army" and civilians and paving the road to another great Afghani national collapse. The fence was not all we could afford rather we are also heavily mining this side of the border fully ignoring the Geneva convention. We have to safeguard our country from the inevitable fallout. Unlike Trump's wall the Durand line is from a sci-fi horror setting where the living have to try and stop a horde of monsters in order to survive. Afghanis should do something about that. But you should have done something about that when they pulled Karzai out of an American bomb factory and installed over you. No offense. And hoping for the best.
  14. How can we prove taqleed to akhbaari?

    You can't wake up a person pretending to be asleep. Just wait till the reappearance of the Imam and if they are around by then.
  15. Pakistan

    The lamentations of Afghani nationalists should soon cease because Pakistan is building a very nice double fence along the Durand line to keep the filth out of it. ^^ Be happy.