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  1. Tatbir Documentary: Masaf Productions

  2. Tatbir Documentary: Masaf Productions

    Sorry but those people who perform tatbir, cut open their childrens heads, etc are an embarresment to the ahlul bayt. See Seyyed Nasrallah discussing this. Those who are doing tatbir are no where to be seen on the front lines defending the shrines. Guess the love of Imam Hussains sister goes down the drain when it comes to defending her shrine.
  3. Tatbir Documentary: Masaf Productions

    Ewww, bunch of middle aged half naked shirtless hairy desis with their potbellies out cutting themselves. God forbid I have to witness this. Perfect way to spread the message of Imam Hussain I must say.
  4. Tatbir Documentary: Masaf Productions

    Tatbir should be banned globally. People shouldnt have to see images of this rubbish anymore. And those who allow kids to do it should be arrested for child abuse.
  5. Alsalam alikum,

    I encourage some shias who have books about Ahlulbayt(as)and don't need them to donate their own books to new reverts, so we can spread the knowledge of Ahlulbayt(as) and to face Salafis who spread rumors about Shia Islam around the world. You don't need to afford any costs of shipping for these books if you can't.
    Can you help us in this project, please?
  6. The Coup against Corbyn has begun- civil war

    This is disgraceful from Labour MPs. Corbyn was elected with an overwhelmingly large mandate just a year ago. This coup against him was being planned for ages. They were expecting labour to lose hundreds of seats in the local elections a few months back, but no such happened thus the plans to remove Corbyn failed. Besides, Corbyn has the support of unions and Labour members, so even if there is a leadership contest, Corbyn will still win. Why dont the blairites just form their party, or even better, just join the conservatives as they're all alike anyways.
  7. Independence for Britain! Votes to Leave

    Silly idea. We cant keep on having referendums over and over again because one side refuses to accept the result. The remain side ran a very negative campaign, full of scare mongering from Cameron and Osbourne. When Osbourne threatened to raise taxes and cut spending in an emergency budget incase of Brexit, that was it for me. I voted out just to see Cameron & Osbourne go.
  8. Independence for Britain! Votes to Leave

    Stop panicking. We will have a Norway style deal soon and everything will be back to normal.
  9. Independence for Britain! Votes to Leave

    Plans already being made to oust Corbyn in the coming days as he failed to mobilize the Labour vote to Remain.
  10. EU Referendum

    So its finally desicion time. How are you guys going to vote? I'm inclined towards leave. Not due to any particular reason, but just due to the ridiculous scare mongering from the remain side. Seems like the whole of the establishment are also on the side of remain.
  11. Muslims Condemn Paris Terror Attack

    How will this impact the situation in Syria? Will the EU/US still be adamant for Assad to leave? Considering Assad/iran/hezbollah are the main fighting force against IS, might be time for them to reconsider.
  12. Muslims Condemn Paris Terror Attack

    Cnn quoting AFP: 100 ppl killed just in the concert hall
  13. 40 reportedly killed, 60 hostages.
  14. [Closed/Review]Shias - Brace Yourselves

    Cutting your head open is barbaric, no matter who permits this. Forget sunnis, even I feel repulsed looking at these images.
  15. Jeremy Corbyn

    Jeremy has won the labour leadership contest with almost 60% of the votes.