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  1. Muslims Condemn Paris Terror Attack

    How will this impact the situation in Syria? Will the EU/US still be adamant for Assad to leave? Considering Assad/iran/hezbollah are the main fighting force against IS, might be time for them to reconsider.
  2. Muslims Condemn Paris Terror Attack

    Cnn quoting AFP: 100 ppl killed just in the concert hall
  3. 40 reportedly killed, 60 hostages.
  4. [Closed/Review]Shias - Brace Yourselves

    Cutting your head open is barbaric, no matter who permits this. Forget sunnis, even I feel repulsed looking at these images.
  5. Jeremy Corbyn

    Jeremy has won the labour leadership contest with almost 60% of the votes.
  6. Eu's Migrant Crisis

    For the first time, a poll has shown that the majority of British people want to be out of the EU. Even among those who polled in: "More than a fifth of those who favoured staying in the EU said they might change their minds if the migrant crisis worsened."
  7. Should Iran Be Like Bahrain Towards Christians?

    The Bahraini monarchy may be tolerant towards christians, but they are not very tolerant towards the shia who make up 60% of the population. Dozens of mosques were destroyed during the 2011 uprising.
  8. 50 Uae/ Bahrain Troops Killed In Yemen

    KHOBAR, Saudi Arabia(Reuters) - Ten Saudi soldiers were killed in Yemen when Houthi fighters attacked a weapons store on Friday, Saudi state-run Al Ekhbariya TV reported on Saturday on its Twitter account, quoting Brigadier-General Ahmed al-Asiri, the spokesman of the coalition. This raises death toll among the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthis to 60. The United Arab Emirates said 45 of its soldiers were killed, and five Bahraini soldiers were also killed.
  9. AP DUBAI, United Arab Emirates —United Arab Emiratessays number of its troops killed in Yemenrises to 45. Additionally, reuters were reporting that 5 bahraini troops were also killed.
  10. Not too sure what to think of this. Revenge or stooping to the same level ad IS?
  11. The End Of Hezbo...

    Since when did random tweets turn into a source for information?
  13. I Need Honest And Realistic Carreer Advice

    How about doing ACCA or CIMA (accounting)? Relatively cheap, and you can get a decent salary when you are qualified? You can also work while you study.
  14. I Think I Got My Friend Fired

    Dont obsess yourselves over these things- thats all.
  15. I Think I Got My Friend Fired

    Ali-f, people need to make a living. Nobody likes working at food joints to serve people pork or whatever, but they do it to feed their families. Stupid posts like yours abt halal and haram over such issues would just make people hate religion.