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  1. eThErEaL

    Hell fire

    The creation of God is eternally known by God (i.e. the creation is eternally present in God's knowledge). What we call "creation" is simply a playing out of what already exists from eternity in His knowledge. God didn't make Pharaoh into Pharaoh, he simply caused Pharaoh to be. "He said to it (as it was in His eternal knowledge), "Be", and it is!"
  2. eThErEaL

    Dua to Allah

    MashAllah, thats a nice quote. Shukran
  3. eThErEaL

    Dua to Allah

    You don’t REALLY want that thing you are asking for. What you REALLY want is for your burning desire to stop making you suffer. And so by getting that thing, your burning desire will be stopped, but only temporarily. The wise thing would be to find a way to stop your burning desire forever. If you want your burning desire to be stopped for good, then you simply have to realize, within the depths of your heart, that you always have everything you want since God is nearer to you than your jugular vein and that He is with you wherever you are. What more can you want? That is how He always guarantees an answer to to your prayer. It is because He is the answer. Only He suffices.
  4. You want to prove to him that God is the only reality. If God is the only reality then the reality is God and God is the reality. So, since he knows that there is the reality, then he should, by that very fact, also know that there is God. If he says that the reality is not God but the universe, energy, matter or a quantum state(s) (or any specific thing for that matter), then he is reducing the reality to being one thing and not another. He is limiting reality to being some thing as opposed to another thing; he is attempting to define and categorize the reality. But the very fact that this is subject to doubt (or that it can be disputed since it is not something anyone can be absolutely certain of) and that the reality is not subject to doubt is proof that the reality as such is not the said thing. If he objects by saying that your assertion that "God is the reality" is also subject to doubt, then you should say that God is not a specific thing to be doubted. You should say that what authentic religions mean by God is that God is not a particular thing or person. God cannot be defined or categorized. What religion calls "the many attributes of God" are not in reference to God Himself. So the real question to ask him is how is God not the reality? This will reveal his ignorance or lack of understanding of the nature of God.
  5. eThErEaL

    Sufism in Shiasm . . .

    Yes. Apparently, there are numerous "Sufis" who are "Shias" but it would be rare to find anyone who is so open about it. Firstly, they probably don't make a big deal about labels such as "Sufi", "Shia", or "Sunni". Secondly, their relationship with God is a private affair for them and so it would not be to anyone's benefit to tell them about their "Sufism" or whatever it is that they practice.
  6. Death is actually our time in this world. God gave us death by making us exist in this world. Our first life will be when we enter into barzakh. Just because we we think we are alive doesn’t mean we are. We are pretty much dead in relation to the subsequent phases of our existence in the hereafter.
  7. eThErEaL

    A question about wahdat alwujud

    Salam, Do privations of existence exist? Answer: yes and no. In other words, creation does exist but in a relative way, or in a metaphorical way. Do the shadows on a wall exist? Yes and no. Yes, in as much as the shadow can be identified as an object with distinct attributes and qualities. The shadow could be moving, light grey, and perhaps be ina specific shape. But at the same time, this shadow is not other than wall inasmuch as its root, it’s substance (i.e. the wall it exists in, by and through), does not move, does not have a grey color, and does not have a shape. The shadow comes and goes, and yet the wall remains the same exact wall. In the same manner, God (His wujud) remains God (remains untouched, pure, unlimited) despite all that appears in Him, by Him and through Him. This is because that which appears in God, by God and through God is not other than God (for they are pure privations of the Substabce of God or the Wall). So there is no doubt that creation does have a beginning, it does come and go, and it is returning to God, but this fact only goes to prove further that the multiplicity of created objects (which come and go) are only a privation of being and not being itself. Just as nothing new is added to the wall every time a shadow appears on the wall, so also nothing is added to God when He creates. Just as the wall is not made any less by the disappearance of the shadow, so also, nothing is taken away from God when creation is destroyed. God remains God.
  8. eThErEaL

    A question about wahdat alwujud

    Wa Alaykum Salam Akhi, Do privations of existence exist?
  9. eThErEaL

    A question about wahdat alwujud

    Wujud (however you wish to translate it) is not an entity, it not an attribute and it is also not reducible to being a mere concept or idea. Is this a theory? If one understands this to be a theory then it it useless and most certainly false! This stuff isn’t theory. It is yaqeen. It is not an idea to think about. The philosophy is based on the primacy of yaqeen and that wujud is yaqeen itself. The epistemology and the ontology are one.
  10. eThErEaL

    A question about wahdat alwujud

    Inshallah, Inshallah you are doing well. Salamun Alaykum ya Akhi, Tashkik does not mean that wujud is disparate or multiple. On the contrary, Tashkik al-wujud points to the unity behind the seemingly disparate creation. This is why it is so hard to translate tashkik al-wujud. It is a term that needs A LOT of explication. To simply think that tashkik al-wujud is graded does not do justice to the term (So it is good that you see that there might be more to this term than what the typical abuse of the translated word may suggest). The manyness, the different grades of creation, comes from the privation of wujud, but not from wujud itself! Tashkik al-wujud is the assertion that reality, being, wujud, or existence (however you wish to translate it), despite our illusion of independently existing entities (i.e. despite the illusion of self-existing, independent and/ or self-enduring entities) is just One continuity. To think that reality is made up of objects is the mistake that one makes when one does not acknowledge that wujud precedes mahiyah. Asalatul wujud states that mahiyyah (essence, thingness, or object) is a privation of being or wujud. It asserts that wujud or being is not a mental notion, an abstract idea, or an idea at all! wujud is reality. beingness is real, not thingness....and beingness is NOT a thing. And because beingness is not a thing there is something tashkiki about it. God is the Manaifest & the Hidden... we all heard this in the Quran, but perhaps many of us don't understand its full implication. That which is Manifest (when one sees the multiplicity of creatures) is not the creatures themselves, for they are nothing but privations, nothing but pure "neediness". Rather, that which is Manifest is the One, it is God. This is how the Manifest is the Hidden and the Hidden is the Manifest! Take care Ma'salama Ethereal
  11. eThErEaL

    Buddhists & Fear of Death

    Essentially, an “ilah” is an objectification by some subject (abd). An objectification or “object” is precisely what is meant by “enduring-self” by Buddhists.
  12. eThErEaL

    Why is there a God?

    For example, it is self-explanatory that triangles are three-sided. certain truths (i.e. necessary truths) are self-explanatory. It is necessarily true that triangles are three-sided. For example: It is not self-explanatory (because it is not a necessary truth) if a triangle were big and red. It is therefore sensible to ask why is this triangle red and big. This is because it could have been small and orange instead!. You can also ask, why does this triangle exist? This is because the triangle did not have to exist. But it doesn't make sense to ask, why is the triangle three-sided. If a triangle were one-sided or four-sided then a triangle wouldn't be a triangle! We call such necessary truths analytic truths because their predicate is contained in the meaning of the subject such that to deny the predicate is to deny the very meaning of the subject itself. For example, a bachelor is an unmarried man. This truth is analytically necessary and therefore self-explanatory.
  13. eThErEaL

    Why is there a God?

    Why is there a reality?
  14. eThErEaL

    Buddhists & Fear of Death

    The assumption that desirable character is representative of one's belief in a correct or true doctrine seems to be false. The doctrine that there is no enduring self and that ultimate reality is in fact non-dual (sunyata) is universal and is found in all religious traditions in one form or another. Its realization is expressed in Islam simply as: "La ilaha illa Allah", There is no enduring-self but the one and only-enduring-Self.
  15. eThErEaL

    Buddhists & Fear of Death

    Salam Akhi, So what are your thoughts about this study?