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  1. Yes. Musabbib Al-asbab Cause of all “secondary causes”. this sort of cause is not how we typically understand “cause”. This cause is not limited by an effect. It doesn’t end where the effect begins. The effect in this case is nothing in itself.
  2. Salam, God is not a “cause” of an effect because “lam yalid wa lam yoolad”. The effect is begotten by the cause and the cause begets the effect. He is “Al-Samad” (and therefore He is completely independent and free from the whole chain of cause and effect). In other words He is Self-Sufficient, His Being is Absolute. Therefore His Being is not seen in relation (relative to) to an effect. Cause is seen in relation to effect and effect is seen in relation to cause. But the Absolute is not in relation to anything. What all this means is that God’s act is not something which begins to exist. It is not something ends either. A cause ends where (or at the points where) the effect begins. God’s act is One. Because His act is absolutely perfect. And there can be only one absolute perfect act. And His one act is eternal. And by eternal I don’t mean everlasting, but unchanging (having no duration at all) like the Present which never turns into the past or never goes into the future (but always is). His act is not seperate from his Being.
  3. What if God was fictitious?

    Good. Keep up the good post. I would like to read more.
  4. The problem of evil

    Why can’t God create another God? Because there is only One Absolute because to be Absolute means to be the only one there is. Since the Absolute is perfect only the Absolute is Perfect. Absolute perfection means that there is no one or nothing else’s that is perfect. The only way anything other than the Absolute can be perfect is if it is. A relative perfection.
  5. The problem of evil

    Only God is absolutely perfect. All else is relatively perfect and therefore relatively imperfect. So you are confusing two kinds of perfection, relative and absolute perfection.
  6. Thankfulness

    when the Quran says "much", for example, "those who remember God much", it means that it cannot be quantified. It means that there is no limit (hadd). For everything in Shariah there is a prescribed limit. Fasting, for example, is from dawn till dusk. Zakat is obligatory on certain people who have wealth. Hajj is during a specified time. Prayers is performed during certain times as well. It is only the remembrance of God which has no limits. So the more you are in dhikr, the better. In fact, it ought to be done at all times, at every moment. Thankfulness or Gratefulness (shukr) is a form of remembrance. When one is not remembering God in any given moment they are not acknowledging (or being grateful to) their creator for that moment. This is why the opposite of shukr is kufr. And this is why having iman is intimately connected to having shukr. Just as one should never be in kufr, so also one should never be ungrateful. When one is not grateful they are ungrateful. But more importantly, your question seems to wrongly presume that shukr / or dhikr is a kind of act. The dhikr which is to be performed at every moment is not really an act at all. It has to do with the state of your being. Your being is in dhikr, so you don't have "to do" anything.
  7. Prayer

    It makes sense. the Salat / Prayer involves your heart (i.e. your center, your entire being, all that you are). It is about being aware, being conscious, being present. It is not about how well your think, or use your mind. If it was then it becomes hard. But in prayer no effort is required, because in prayer you should be using your mind much. Your mind is in fact a distraction. so use your heart. simple BE! no effort is required. simply be conscious of your own awareness of the divine presence that are in the words uttered on your tongue. Each word your utter, especially the names of God are in fact a doorway to Eternity. The eternal is present in each and every word of God. You don;t have to think about it, but simply feel it in your heart. feel the beauty, the bliss and the eternal peace in your salat.
  8. This is a very subjective approach. It is hardly objective. let us take a case in point. I wonder how "intertwined with nature" a non-muslim finds the following: Men beating their bare chests red in a dimly lit or dark hall with walls covered in black curtains.... hearing someone screaming... his voice blasting through speakers.
  9. question again

    Religion (whether it is ultimately from God or whether man created it) is believed in through social conditioning. There is just no way around it. For example, Democracy, Darwinism, Human Rights, Liberalism, America, Islam, Judaism, Living-to-Gamble, Living-to-Acquire-Wealth, Hedonistic-Lifestyle, are all religions. Every way of life is a religion (whether or not you want to call it that or not). Adopting a particular religion is all a matter of being socially conditioned. Even if one converts, it can possibly be mere social conditioning. There are no absolutes here; most of the time one isn't just a Muslim, or just a Jew or Just a Hedonist, or just an "American". Most of us are a blend of these religions, but we end up calling ourselves by whatever we fancy so that we can fit in with our particular surroundings. A person who calls himself a "Muslim" may be living as a Muslim for a fraction of his day (for example, when he sincerely prays, or when he sincerely fasts, or when he sincerely follows the Sunnah, or when he is sincerely kind to his neighbor etc..). but for the remainder of his day, he might be a hedonist and therefore a follower of the religion of hedonism. He might only be calling himself a Muslim because it just works out better for him in society or with the community or family he is affiliated with. He might have excellent reasons for why he calls himself a Muslim, but the motives for why he even uses excellent reasoning might ultimately be to preserve his identity as a Muslim. In any case, everyone seems to have more or less good reasons for their religion.
  10. Salamun Alaykum, Thank you for sharing this quote. Tawhid is asserting that God is at once, Transcendent and Immanent, the one and only absolute Object and the one and only absolute Subject. Tawhid is asserting, at once, the Tanzih (incomparability of God) and the Tashbih (the similarity of God), His remoteness and His nearness, His Majesty & His Beauty, His Wrath and His Mercy, His HIddeness & His Manifestness. "He is He and we are we" = Transcendence, Remoteness, the One and Only Divine Object, the Hidden, the Majestic. "He is us and we are He". = Immanence, Nearness, the One and Only Divine Subject, the Manifest, the Beautiful.
  11. Is the soul of man Godly?

    Yes. You are correct. But also very very wrong. Keep us in your prayers dear brothe ror sister. As for me you and everyone here will need to excuse me because I feel that I am officially done done with ShiaChat. Take care masalama ethereal
  12. Is the soul of man Godly?

    I think even a a child in Day Care should be knowing that God created us. Did you honestly think I don't know that? When I speak of reality I am speaking of reality plain and simple. Not this or that reality. Not our reality. Not his or her reality. Not even Some so called "God's reality". I simply mean, reality as such. Now God does not have a reality. This is because God IS reality. God IS what it means TO BE REAL. You can even say that the reality of each and every thing is God. God Is reality AS SUCH. Now, why is this? Because reality has no limit(s). Reality has no bounds. If there is anything at all which is absolute it is what we mean by reality. It gets more interesting. Whatever it is that you truly understand by reality or being or existence, that is the degree to which you understand God. If you feel that reality is limited in your existential and practical day to day life, that means you unconsciously but effectively limit God. The fact of the matter is that reality is not a thing. Reality is therefore unlimited or unbounded. There is nothing outside of reality and there is nothing inside reality. reality is not outside nor inside anything. Reality simply is. There is nothing other than reality, for if there is anything other than reality then that thing which is other than reality would have to be real and therefore a kind of reality. So there is nothing but reality, reality is all there is. And nothing can block the presence of reality. And this is why everything around you is nothing except that it is a reality. There is is only one reality because nothing other than reality can divide or distinguish one reality from another reality. All differences we experience are due to our illusory ignorance of the Oneness of Reality.
  13. Is the soul of man Godly?

    Yes. I see what you mean. I found it odd when he kept saying Jews are favored. So perhaps you have a point and that you are correct that these are different Jews. Wallahu alam.
  14. Is the soul of man Godly?

    So, by "reality" I mean "to be real" or "to exist", "to have being". Are you saying God is beyond being real, beyond existing, beyond being? I don't disagree with this statement.
  15. Is the soul of man Godly?

    maybe you are taking this too personally.