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  1. Test or punishment?

    Salam, you do not need to be able to distinguish a test from a punishment because, in this world, everything is a test. Even if it is a punishment, it is still a test. The test is how grateful you can be at that very moment for the state (of punishment) God has put you in. The successful person is the person who sees everything as God's mercy and blessing. Either she sees it as an apparent mercy from God or as a hidden mercy from God (but always as mercy, no matter what). This is because God is pure Mercy (He cannot be anything but Merciful), He is nothing but Mercy (He is not wrathful at all). If we imagine God as wrathful, it is only because of a limit that we have superimposed onto God's essentially Unlimited or Unbounded Mercy. This superimposition is another name for what we typically would call "despairing of God's Mercy". if we can simply be grateful (even for the thought or the feeling of being misguided and worthless), then you will see what will happen. These thoughts or feelings of being worthless and misguided are themselves misguided because they are not bearing witness to God's Unconpromising Mercy. All one has to do is simply replace these very thoughts with gratitude to Allah by recognizing that He has put these very thoughts in you as a way in which you can recognize His Mercy. In this way you can see a negative as positive, you can see a glass which is half empty as half full, you will see with optimism what you were seeing with pessimism. Wallahu Alam ethereal
  2. I am making a very subtle point. It is that the Miracle itself can only be accepted by those who have iman. In other words, the "outcomes" or "effects" of the Miracle are not really there to "prove" a Miracle. In fact, even if you try to prove the Miracle through those "effects" it would be impossible. Only those who have iman will see the Quran as a Miracle. Those who don't have iman will see the outcomes or effects as a Miracle. Also, to impose a meaning onto the Quran (in the case of the so called "Scientific Miracles") is a sign that one doesn't have true iman in the Miracle of the Quran. Because, in a very subtle way, they are taking Modern Science over and above the Divine Self-Expression.
  3. They wouldn't by any stretch of the imagination be called "scientific miracles". This is my belief. The Holy Quran is indeed a miracle. But not for the reasons most people think it is so. The Holy Quran is a miracle for the simple fact that it is God expressing Himself through a human language (Arabic). The Quran is a Divine Self-Expression. It is the Absolute expressing Itself in a relatively comprehensible form. The literary style of the Quran, it's impeccable Arabic, its knowledge of certain things that would occur, are simply secondary because they are simply the "effects" of the Miracle (i.e. Absolute expressing Itself in human language). These secondary "effects" are not the miracle itself but are the outcomes of the actual miracle.
  4. That's alright. If it makes you feel any better, also my English sentences are sometimes not entirely grammatical. I can get past improper grammar, but what I cannot get past is when you fail to comprehend what I am saying or mistake me for saying something else. At this point, it becomes futile to engage in a conversation. This is one of the reasons I ended the previous thread I made on Hinduism (it is because you have very long posts that didn't really seem to be addressing the issues I was raising). By the way, how old are you, if you don't mind me asking? 16-19?
  5. I don't mean to show disrespect, but I think you may be having trouble understanding my English. I suspect, English is not your first language, which explains why your longer posts are not entirely comprehensible (grammatically).
  6. I was just asking you nicely if this is what you believe in brother, and to correct me if I am wrong about what you believe in. I am sorry for not inserting "please correct me if I am wrong" before every single sentence.
  7. Sufi

    Perhaps the OP meant, by "mystical", attaining the proximity of God through knowledge of Him and in the process undergoing states of awe, wonder and fascination? if so, the OP believes Sufism is very into that. The OP said: "why is Sufism so mystical"? In other words: "Why is Sufism so into attaining proximity to God through awareness of Him and in the process undergoing states of awe, fascination and wonder?" Because that is the essence of Sufism just as "having three sides" is the essence of a triangle. We cannot ask "why a triangle has three sides and not two or four" can we?
  8. It is impossible to speak against God.
  9. I am sorry brother.... but I do not believe in a world created by chance. But you seem seem to believe in a world created by chance, I shall explain why I think so. Please let me know if I am correct and if I wrong please let me know which parts you disagree with and WHY you disagree with it: You believe in a god who was all by himself and all alone. Then, 13.7 billion years ago, all of a sudden, and as if by chance, or by randomness, your god arbitrarily found it wise to create the world. Can I ask what he was doing before 13.7 billion years ago? Isn't that a very random number? Or is that a special number that your god likes (even though numbers where probably not themselves created at that point). The scientific atheist believes in order and wisdom in the universe more than you do. You believe in a god who randomly decides to create. An Atheist makes more sense.
  10. Sufi

    What do you understand by "mystical"?
  11. The people here select from Modern science only those parts that fit into their puny little imaginations of some god who randomly decided to magically create this world out of nothing. It is the same way they force their own deluded interpretations onto to the Quran in order to make it seem that the Quran has "Scientific Miracles".
  12. Sufi...

    There is no point in arguing with people here about Sufism. Those who are receptive to Sufism will find it and those who are not will not find it.
  13. What you are saying amounts to nothing. Anyway our our conversation is over. May god bless you dear brother. With love and duas. Masalama
  14. cyclic universe b/c time doesn't begin or can't begin at any time. Let me ask you a question. If God created the universe 20 billion years ago then why didn't He create it earlier? What was He doing all that time before, all by Himself.... all alone?
  15. You have defeated me. I cannot answer you due to your brilliance.