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  1. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  3. The Beautiful Pakistan

    (salam) How r all my friends of THE BEAUTIFUL PAKISTAN. Actually I was giving my matriculation papers and today they finally ended. So u all friends ready to give THE BEAUTIFUL PAK a new boost. THis time I am thinking to start with the northern area as its full of unknown and undiscovered beauty. So quikly send all the fotos u hav regarding my topic THE BEAUTIFUL PAKISTAN
  4. The Beautiful Pakistan

    salam Hey man u hav got the wrong info. Thats 100% false................ The people of Punjab are nt the like u hav come to know. I will give the true picture of the people of punjab within a few days.
  5. The Beautiful Pakistan

    (salam) Thanx for participating in this forum. I will like you and all the others who are reading this forum to send as much pictures as you can reating to PAKIISTAN. Again thanx a lot. :!!!:
  6. The Beautiful Pakistan

    (salam) Happy eid mubarak to all brothers and sisters of faith. I invite u all to celebrate EID UL AZHA(Bakra Eid) here in pakistan and enjoy the true smell of eid.
  7. The Beautiful Pakistan

    (salam) I need all of my viewers help regarding the other islands of pakistan.If u have any pics just see the list of islands i have sended before and help me out. THANX
  8. The Beautiful Pakistan

    (salam) This is the mail regarding MANORA ISLAND. MANORA ISLAND Manora or Manoro is a small island (2.5 km²) located just south of the Port of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The island is connected to the mainland by a 12 kilometre long causeway called the Sandspit. Manora and neighbouring islands form a protective barrier between Karachi harbour to the north and the Arabian Sea to the south. The western bay of the harbour contains endangered mangrove forests which border the Sandspit and Manora island. To the east is Karachi Bay and the beach towns of Kiamari and Clifton. The island is located at 24°48′00″N, 66°58′00″E (24.800000, 66.970000). According to the British historian Eliot, parts of city of Karachi and the island of Manora at port of Karachi constituted the city of Debal. The island was the site of a small fort constructed in the eighteenth century when the port of Karachi traded with Oman and Bahrain. The fort was stormed by the British in 1839 because of the strategic location of Karachi. Although the fort is now buried beneath the naval base, the lighthouse is a visible reminder of the British presence having been built in 1889 to assist vessels approaching Karachi harbour. The island of Manora has served for more than 50 years as the main base of the Pakistan Navy, with berths for naval vessels located along the eastern edge of the island. The island has been governed as a military cantonment despite being located so close to Karachi. The opening of the new Jinnah Naval Base at Ormara, 250 kilometres away, has mean't that approximately half of the naval vessels have moved away from Manora. Manora is also a popular picnic spot because of the long sandy beaches along the southern edge of the island, which merge into the beaches of the Sandspit and then extend several kilometres to the beaches at Hawkesbay. At the southeastern end of Manora island is the tallest lighthouse (28 m or 91 feet high) in Pakistan. The island lies approximately 15-20 minutes by boat ride from mainland Karachi but there are no good hotels available for an overnight stay. For this and other reasons, the Government of Pakistan has been considering developing the island into a tourist destination. The island has been envisioned as an exotic location with natural landscapes such as the beaches and the mangrove forests, and secluded beauty with an upgrade for the lighthouse to add to the quaint feel of the island. Pakistan's Ministry for Ports and Shipping has just signed Memorandum of Understanding in 2006 with Dubai World and M/s Limitless + Dubai Islamic Bank for the redevelopment of Manora Island. As part of the development plans, the KPT and all Military establishments will vacate the island and hand it over to the companies for development. The development, so to speak, will comprise of establishing high rise hotels and apartment buildings in the areas. Some Of the pics of MANORA ISLAND: Sea Birds in flight The Hindu Temple at Manora Island Have a ride on Camel The inside of biggest Light House This is incomplete and will be completing soon..........
  9. Madam Log And Mashter Log

    (salam) Owe yeh Tapoore kia hai apun ko bhi is ka chaska lag raha hai. bolay to koi apun ke upar wale dabbe me koi is ko daale. Have A Pakistani Heart Beatin In U The Beautiful PAKISTAN
  10. The Beautiful Pakistan

    (salam) The new mail which will b the renovated form of the previous mail "The Manora Island" is comin soon. Insha'Allah today or tomorrow..........
  11. The Beautiful Pakistan

    I do not believe in what u r saying. Can u prove it through logic,Quran or Hadith.
  12. The Beautiful Pakistan

    I didn't understand what u mean to say???????
  13. The Beautiful Pakistan

    Abhi uss se poch kar batata hoon.
  14. The Beautiful Pakistan

    (salam) I am back after almost a whole month but i was glad to see that atleast 5 replies came to my astola island plus 4 votes. I am really happy and thanx to all Pakistan's lovers 4 ur support. As my modem was not working properly, my papers were going on and due to ramadhan I could not complete my mission. Hope it will be complete in a few months if u all continue ur pics and posts. :!!!: