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  1. Kohmeini's alleged pedophile qoute.

    Excuse me, but putting down the wrong number on a sura doesn't mean it doesn't exist, does it?
  2. Kohmeini's alleged pedophile qoute.

    " So what are you saying, Kohmeini did write this stuff!
  3. Kohmeini's alleged pedophile qoute.

    Whats even more interesting is the spellling version of the book as you give it, comes back zilch on a web search.
  4. Kohmeini's alleged pedophile qoute.

    naziri, as usual, lots of mumbling, bumbling, sputtering and spittng, and not one shred of evidence of refutation. If this stuff is bogus, why is there nothing from the shia on the web to refute it?
  5. Kohmeini's alleged pedophile qoute.

    Excuse me, but all of the websites that post this, maybe anti-islamic, that's not the point, the point is there is ZERO refutation from any Islamic sites, NONE! As I said before, the silence is deafening, and all one has to do is allow the book to be perused, if the qoutes are false. BTW, on one chat board discussing this topic, an Iranian stated that if read in Farsi, is states the same as in the qoute, so whats up there?
  6. Kohmeini's alleged pedophile qoute.

    Heres some more stuff.
  7. Samson & Delilah

    Excuse me, but this is on dozens of websites, and refers to a specific book, if this is not true, it would be very easy to refute, just show the book! So far the muslim silence is deafening.
  8. This is all over the internet, dozens of websites qouting it, yet the lack of refution by the muslims on their websites is a silence that is deafening. If someone can positively refute this, then please do so, but with some proof please. This is some pretty terrible stuff if true.
  9. What do Muslims have to say about this?

    No, today's america is built on the 1/2 million whitemen who died freeing the slaves in the civil war.
  10. What do Muslims have to say about this?

    Listen, I'm not purusing all that drivel to find evidence for you to defend your perposterous positions, that's up to you to provide. How many ships?
  11. Samson & Delilah

    Excuse me, but lets put this in the proper context, if George Bush allegedly said something like that, and it was supposedly in a titled book he wrote, you be sure it would found and outed by you muslims in a heart beat, and conversely, if it wasn't true, there would be countless websites refuting the allegation. Wheres the countless refutations on the web, I mean this is a specific book we are talking about, not some general statement he made with no reference.
  12. if there is no compulsion in religion

    If it is false, then why isn't it refuted? This isn't something that just poped up on the net, it's been out there for a while now, you muslims are pretty good at refuting other negative stuff about Islam, why not this??
  13. Samson & Delilah

    Proof please?
  14. if there is no compulsion in religion

    Excuse me, but they aren't just giving a random qoute of Kohmeni's, they are listing the reference, a specific book, all one needs to do to refute it is put the book up for scrutiny. Since the silence (no refuting websites or references) on the side of the shias on this issue is deafening, I will have to assume the qoutes are legit.
  15. What do Muslims have to say about this?

    Once again, please provide me with the amount of ships your award winning research team said the slave traders used, because if it isn't 402,000, the mathmatics of the transportation of 300 million slaves, just doesn't add up, you can't put 50 gallons in a one pint bottle.