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  1. Looking For A Quote/hadith... Please Help!

    Salaam Anything? :)
  2. Looking For A Quote/hadith... Please Help!

    Sorry I forgot to add - it has to be an Islamic source! It is for a friends wedding card
  3. Salaam all Hope you are all well inshAllah I am looking for a quote or hadith or anything that talks about marriage being a journey... or similar. Basically the quote HAS to have journey/destination.. something along those lines in it. Hope you can help :) Many thanks
  4. Nasheed/qasida/manqabat Recommendations

    Thanks - need lyrics though :P Anymore suggestions??
  5. Salaam all Hope you are all well inshaAllah. I need some recommendations for anasheed/qasida/manqabats to recite at a wedding function. These can be in either urdu or arabic. Please share :) Many thanks
  6. Salaam girls! Need some ideas on what kind of favours/gifts to give to people who come to the wedding. Something that they can keep, that is also useful and acts as a daily reminder. Things like those keyrings with the name of Allah swt on or a flip chart thingy. Any ideas? Thank you all :)
  7. Can Anyone Do Arabic Calligraphy?

    Salaam all you talented artists out there I need two names written in Arabic calligraphy for a card I am designing. Please let me know if you are able to, I will be so grateful. Thanks
  8. Shias In Doha ?

    Salaamun Alaykum I am planning on visiting Doha soon and would like to know if there is anyone here who lives there or has visited Doha? Are there any shia mosques/communities there? Hope you guys can help! Jazakallah Khayr
  9. Nasheeds/naats/qasidas On Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

    Please keep them coming :)
  10. Nasheeds/naats/qasidas On Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

    Great guys, please keep them coming!! :)
  11. Nasheeds/naats/qasidas On Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

    Thanks MK love it! Any more? :)
  12. Salaams all As the wilada of our beloved Prophet is approaching this Rabi al Awaal, please could you post your favourite songs/nasheeds/qasidas in any language on Prophet Muhammad. Please share and let us celebrate this day together. Thank you
  13. English Lecture/events In London

    I'm thinking of going iA, looks great!
  14. Islamic Children's Rhymes Needed - Urgent

    Thank you! Just what I was looking for :)
  15. Salaam I am looking for some Islamic children's rhymes for young children that would help them remember names of imams, events etc. Does anyone know where I can find these? Thank you for your help