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    A Global Campaign For Zahoor e Imam-e-zaman (ajf), Trying to make an effort for the quick return of our beloved Imam.

    and post ur comments. thanks.


    if we love IMAM E ZAMAN ajtfs then we have to do some thing that shows our love for him.

  2. (bismillah) "Letter by prominent British Jews on Israel's war on Gaza" "We the undersigned are all of Jewish origin. When we see the dead and bloodied bodies of young children, the cutting off of water, electricity and food, we are reminded of the siege of the Warsaw Ghetto. When Dov Weisglass, an adviser to the Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, talked of putting Gazans "on a diet" and the deputy defence minister, Matan Vilnai, talked about the Palestinians experiencing "a bigger shoah" (holocaust), this reminds us of Governor General Hans Frank in Nazi-occupied Poland, who spoke of "death by hunger". The real reason for the attack on Gaza is that Israel is only willing to deal with Palestinian quislings. The main crime of Hamas is not terrorism but its refusal to accept becoming a pawn in the hands of the Israeli occupation regime in Palestine. The decision last month by the EU council to upgrade relations with Israel, without any specific conditions on human rights, has encouraged further Israeli aggression. The time for appeasing Israel is long past. As a first step, Britain must withdraw the British ambassador to Israel and, as with apartheid South Africa, embark on a programme of boycott, divestment and sanctions." Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/jan/10/letters-gaza-uk
  3. In the name of Allah Allahuma sale ala Muhammad wa ale Muhammad. Assalamu alaika ya maula ya saheba zaman. Yaa arhama rahemin, ajjel lewaleyeka faraj. Salamun aleikum dear sisters and brothers! With the grace of Allah, I have written three articles about the corrupted and misleading faith of Bahaism and since the zakat of knowledge is to spread it, I will now post the second part here for your consideration. All three articles have been published and can also be found at bahaiawareness.com All prasie is of course due to Allah, only the mistakes are mine. Human Equality in Baha'ism According to Baha'i proponents "the unity of humanity transcending all divisions of race, nation, gender, caste and social class, while celebrating human diversity" [1] is one the most important and central teachings of the Baha'i Faith. Busy presenting sweet words as such, Baha'i advocates neglect the fact that their ideal propaganda is totally incompatible with and even opposite to the sayings of the founders of Baha'ism, and that they are merely spreading their own illusions about the "the superior and divine message of Baha'ism". To prove my claims, let us look into some of these sayings and you may judge for yourselves. Blacks of Africa- Cows in the Shape of Human Beings! Did you know that some of your friends are in fact cows walking around in the shape of human beings?! If you would meet someone who would claim this and at the same time claim that he is an infallible prophet of God and that: "In origin and intention of creation, mankind is one." [2], how would you consider his credibility and character? That person is the infallible Abdul-Baha saying: "For instance, you see the blacks in Africa who are in fact cows that God has created in the shape of human beings, and then you see the blacks of America, who are smart, civilized and cultured. Visiting schools and assemblies of blacks in Washington, during this trip, and having extensive discussions, they could understand my points like the smart Europeans…" [3] Reading this, I wonder what the blacks of Africa think about the reality of their creation and the fact that according to Abdul-Baha's divine teachings, blacks of Africa are not to be considered human beings but "cows that God has created in the shape of human beings". I must mention though that Abdul-Baha in the same passage refutes and contradicts himself by stating: "Human kinds without training and education is spoiled…and what else causes their (Blacks of America and blacks of Africa) differences- one being deeply ignorant and the other one being civilized- except for training…"[4] Correct me if I am mistaken, but is the infallible Abdul-Baha implying here that cows through "training and education" will turn into human beings?! Abdul-Baha Treats Turks with Ridicule; Turks Are Not Worth Serious Replies! Now that we have learned what Africans in essence are, let us, through Abdul-Baha's unifying and unprejudiced teachings, learn how Turks should be treated in order to achieve understanding, respect and unity for all mankind. Fazil Mazandarani quotes Abdul-Baha in "A glossary of Baha'i terms": When King Jamal reached Akka he asked to see me. Riding on a donkey I headed for his house. As soon as he saw me, he warmly greeted me and offered me a seat beside himself. Without any introduction he said: 'You are a corrupter of religion, that's why the Iranian government exiled you here.'… I thought to myself: 'This is a Turk so the reply for him should be ridicules and silencing...(!)' [5] In the same book we are advised us to: "Keep away from Turks and leave them alone even if he is your father! Because if he loves you he will eat you and if he hates you, he will kill you." [6] City-dwellers Worth Gold, Village-dwellers Worth Silver! Yet another holy teaching that directs humanity towards equality is the one about dowry. According to Baha'i teachings no marriage may be contracted without payment of a dowry; however the dowry fixed for a city-dweller differs from that of a village-dweller. The dowry for city-dwellers has been fixed at nineteen mithghals (2.22 troy ounces) of pure gold, and for village-dwellers at the same amount though in silver. [7] Now, why is there such a huge difference in the fixed dowry? One might argue that city-dwellers are wealthier than village-dwellers thus the huge difference in the fixed dowry. However this is a huge generalization and an ignorant stereotype of village dwellers. If the objective of such a directive is to consider the bridegroom's financial capabilities, the location of his permanent residence should be insignificant, since there are village-dwellers wealthier than city dwellers and poor city dwellers are really not uncommon. The important question thus is whether the Baha'i teachings regard city-dwellers as superior to village-dwellers? Or maybe village-dwellers are not worth gold? Are village-dwellers considered inferior? Why then the huge difference?! Those Opposing Bahaullah's Message Are Illegitimates and Animals The glorious founder of the Baha'i Faith, whose goal in life is to unite humanity and encourage global respect and understanding says: "Who so ever doesn’t regard the Baha'i teachings and regulations as the ultimate truth, should ask his mother about the truth of his origin* and cannot be considered as his father's right and legal son." [8] "Those souls who oppose Kitab-i-Badi's orders are deprived of names and characters, and God regards them as animals and with such (animals) will they be joined and assembled." [9] "Today who so ever merely addresses my rejecters as "human beings" will be totally deprived of God's mercy, let alone those who try to prove such souls' value or grant them status." [10] Dear readers! Allow me to summarize the Baha'i concept of human equality: 'Keep away from Turks and leave them alone even if he is your father', however if you can't get rid of them, keep in mind that 'the reply for Turks should be ridicules and silencing'. Further, know that Blacks of Africa are 'cows that God has created in the shape of human beings' but the blacks of America are trained and can actually 'understand your points like the smart Europeans', isn’t that just amazing?! Blacks of America are able to understand matters just like the "smart Europeans"?! Concerning those who 'don't regard the Baha'i teachings and regulations as the ultimate truth' - know that they are illegitimately born and thus 'should ask their mothers about the truth of their origin and cannot be considered as their fathers' right and legal sons.' And do not even call them "human beings" because if you do so, you will 'be totally deprived of God's mercy' since 'God regards them as animals and with such (animals) will they be joined and assembled' This is the human equality and respect taught by the glorious teachings of the Baha'i Faith! Although Baha'i proponents try to present Bahaism as a pacifist and peaceful religion that emphasizes on "the unity of humanity", a glance at Bahaism's original teachings reveals the opposite. The enormous amounts of inconsistencies and contradictions found in the writings and speeches of its founders reveals their evil and corrupt mindset, and exposes Baha'ism's sole objective; to deceive and misguide the Muslim community and destroy the pure and perfect message of Islam. "O Mankind! Behold, We have created you all out of a male and a female, and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another. Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him. Behold, God is all-knowing, all-aware." (The holy Quran 49:13) * The phrase 'should ask his mother about the truth of his origin' is the very worst of insults in the Arabic language. It implies that the mother has been unfaithful and lied about the real father of the child, which of course makes the offspring illegitimate. References: 1. Baha'i Faith and the unity of humanity from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bah%C3%A1'...ity_of_humanity 2. The Advent of Divine Justice Shoghi Effendi, US Baha'i Publishing Trust, 1990 first pocket-size edition http://reference.bahai.org/en/t/se/ADJ/adj-2.html#pg38 3. "Talks of Abdul-Baha in Europe and America", Abdul-Baha, p. 203 http://reference.bahai.org/fa/t/ab/MMAB/mmab-201.html#pg203 4. "Talks of Abdul-Baha in Europe and America", Abdul-Baha, page 203-204 http://reference.bahai.org/fa/t/ab/MMAB/mmab-201.html#pg203 http://reference.bahai.org/fa/t/ab/MMAB/mmab-202.html 5. "A glossary of Baha'i terms", Fazil Mazandarani, Volume 3, page 42 http://www.h-net.org/~bahai/areprint/autho...v3_part1of3.pdf 6. "A glossary of Baha'i terms", Fazil mazandarani, Volume 2, page 154 http://www.h-net.org/~bahai/areprint/autho...v2_part2of2.pdf 7. Kitab-i-Aqdas, Bahaullah, Paragraph nr 66 http://www.ishwar.com/bahai/holy_kitab_i_aqdas/texts04.html 8. Ma'idih-'i Asmani, (Heavenly Repast), Bahaullah, Volume 4, page 355 http://reference.bahai.org/fa/t/b/MAS4/mas4-355.html#pg355 9. Kitab-i-Badi, Bahaullah, page 213 http://www.h-net.org/~bahai/areprint/baha/...adi/badi213.jpg 10. Kitab-i-Badi, Bahaullah, page 140 http://www.h-net.org/~bahai/areprint/baha/...adi/badi140.jpg
  4. In the name of Allah Allahuma sale ala Muhammad wa ale Muhammad, wa yaa arhama rahemin, ajjel lewaleyeka faraj. Salamun aleikum dear sisters and brothers With the grace of Allah, I have been able to do a small research and have written three articles about the corrupted and misleading faith of Bahaism and since the zakat of knowledge is to spread it, I will post the first one here for your consideration. All three articles have been published and can also be found at bahaiawareness.com All prasie is due to Allah, only the mistakes are mine. The unreasonableness of the Baha’i Faith Listening to Baha’i proponents, one is constantly led to believe that the Baha’i Faith is the latest Universal religion with superior omnipresent laws that replace all other teachings in order to establish a universal religion with universally applicable regulations and guidelines suitable for our time and place. The Baha’i Faith is also claimed to be just, rational and consistent -the only faith in perfect harmony with other Divine faiths like Islam, Judaism and Christianity- able to unite all religions and people.[1] Before looking into some of these highly rational and truly universal regulations, it might be interesting to know that The Universal House of Justice (UHJ), the supreme governing institution of the Baha’i Faith, has forbidden Baha’is to share the holy message of Baha’ism with Israelis. [2] According to an edict issued by UHJ it is not permissible to teach the Baha’i Faith to Israelites, and if an Israeli insists on asking questions about the Baha’i Faith, the answer provided by the Baha’i must be delivered in a manner that does not “stimulate further interest”. Let me quote part of this edict: “For your information, the people in Israel have access to factual information about the Faith, its history and general principles. Books concerning the Faith are available in libraries throughout Israel, and Israelis are welcome to visit the Shrines and the surrounding gardens. However, in keeping with a policy that has been strictly followed since the days of Bahaullah, Baha’is do not teach the Faith in Israel. Likewise, the Faith is not taught to Israelis abroad if they intend to return to Israel. When Israelis ask about the Faith, their questions are answered, but this is done in a manner which provides factual information without stimulating further interest.” [3] "Whenever an Israeli citizen living in the West, irrespective of his background and religious affiliation, declares his belief and interest in becoming a member of the Baha’i community, he should be informed that the Faith is not taught in Israel and that there is no Baha’i community there apart from those who are associated with the Baha’i World Center. He cannot be accepted into the Baha’i community if he is planning to return to Israel to reside there. If he plans to continue to reside outside Israel, his enrollment can be accepted, but he will then be subject to the same restrictions about travel to Israel as any other Baha’i, in that he could do so only with the express permission of the Universal House of Justice. In any event, the Universal House of Justice should be informed of any such declaration.” [4] The natural question that arises after taking part of this edict, that still exists today, is why the Jews of Israel are rejected from taking part of this “universal” faith? Wasn’t Baha’ism supposed to abrogate all other religions and unite all humanity, including the Jews of Israel? Then why discriminate and exclude Jews from the eternal happiness and peace that converting to the Baha’i Faith brings? Or perhaps Jews, according to the Baha’is are not worth being saved? Now, before looking into some of these rational and universal directives, let us read some of Bahaullah’s words of wisdom. Bahaullah’s lessons in Astronomy "Thou hast, moreover, asked Me concerning the nature of the celestial spheres...Know thou that every fixed star hath its own planets, and every planet its own creatures, whose number no man can compute."[5] The SETI Institute (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), whose mission is to explore the nature and prevalence of life in the universe, and spends billions of dollars on research for extraterrestrial life, is yet to find any trace of extra-terrestrial intelligence.[6] Further he uses the phrase ‘fixed star’, which is also erroneous as we today know that all stars are rotating as well as revolving around some point in their respective galaxies. The phrase “fixed star” was invented by ancient astronomers and natural philosophers who lacked access to precise astronomical instruments and measurements over long periods of time [7], however Bahaullah being God himself should have known this simple fact about his own creation? I say ‘God’ because that’s what Bahaullah himself claimed to be when he wrote: "Were any of the all-embracing Manifestations of God to declare: "I am God”, He verily, speaks the truth, and no doubt attached thereto. For ... through their Revelation, their attributes and names, the Revelation of God, His names and His attributes, are made manifest in the world. ....”[8] And in the words of Abdul-Baha: “Further than this (Bahaullah), man has no other point for concentration. He is god."[9] Yet another confirmation for Bahaullah being God is found in Shoghi Effendi’s works. In his book “God passes by”, Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Baha’i Faith- from 1921 until his death in 1957 and the successor of Abdulbaha- claims that: “To Israel He (Bahaullah) was neither more nor less than the incarnation of the "Everlasting Father”, the "Lord of Hosts" come down "with ten thousands of saints"; to Christendom Christ returned "in the glory of the Father," to Shiah Islam the return of the Imam Husayn; to Sunni Islám the descent of the "Spirit of God" (Jesus Christ); to the Zoroastrians the promised Shah-Bahram; to the Hindus the reincarnation of Krishna; to the Buddhists the fifth Buddha.”.[10] Actually, if I may correct the ‘infallible’ Mr. Effendi [11], the phrase ‘no more’ serves no purpose here as none still knows a position higher than God! The words 'no less' here though means that Bahaullah was not less than God! Not less than God, means Bahaullah was at least God! Very interesting claims indeed! Now let’s read another scientific wisdom: Copper converted to gold In Kitab-i-Iqan or the Book of Certitude, Bahaullah claims that copper, in a span of 70 years would be converted to gold. “For instance, consider the substance of copper. Were it to be protected in its own mine from becoming solidified, it would, within the space of seventy years, attain to the state of gold. There are some, however, who maintain that copper itself is gold, which by becoming solidified is in a diseased condition, and hath not therefore reached its own state. Be that as it may, the real elixir will, in one instant, cause the substance of copper to attain the state of gold, and will traverse the seventy-year stages in a single moment. Could this gold be called copper? Could it be claimed that it hath not attained the state of gold, whilst the touch-stone is at hand to assay it and distinguish it from copper?” [12] Certainly interesting for Alchemists who have turned into Biochemists! Regarding Bahaullah’s scientific wisdom, I can only add that such ignorant and incorrect statements, presented by Bahaullah as solid and clear facts, naturally questions his credibility and mental sanity. Now let’s look into some of Bahaullah’s and Baha’ism’s universal and superior directives. The punishment of theft In the Kitab-i-Aqdas, Bahaullah instructs his followers to punish thieves [13]. On the first offence the thief is exiled, on the second, imprisonment is prescribed and on the third offence a mark is placed on the thief’s forehead. This means that if a thief is caught for the first time, he is to be exiled. In the new city he continues to steal and when caught people will not know of his past, so he will be exiled to another city and will keep on stealing. Let’s though assume that a thief is recognized and caught on the third offence, will the mark on his forehead now prevent him from stealing if exile and imprisonment did not? Is the mark on the thief’s forehead a license to continue his crimes? What about those caught for the fourth time? How will they be punished? The punishment for adultery Adultery and fornication according to Bahaullah is punishable by a fine paid to the Universal House of Justice, (UHJ). On page 15 of Kitab-i-Aqdas (The Most Holy Book), he writes, "It is a must for every adulterer and adulteress that they must pay to the Universal House of Justice and give 9 mithqals of gold. And should they repeat the act, the atonement will be doubled.”[14] However if the adulterer/adulteress cannot afford it, then “the poor are the trust of God in your midst”[15] This means that the rich will easily commit adultery and the poor who can't afford the adultery penalty, will still very easily commit adultery as they are “in the protection of God”! Further, I am very curious to know why adultery and fornication have the same punishment- are both crimes considered equally destructive and injurious to the society and the individuals involved? Also what an honorable way for the men of Universal House of Justice to fill their coffers and ‘fulfill their responsibilities'! (The UHJ consists only of Baha’i men since Baha’i women are not allowed to participate in the law making process in their faith’s supreme governing institution…Now, that’s called gender equality!) Although Baha’i proponents seem to preach ‘unity, peace and equality among mankind’ their history, marred by violence, and their teachings, which are in fact twisted and changed Islamic laws, contradict their averred concept of world peace and gender equality. Looking into Baha’i laws, one will very soon realize that they originate from Islamic values and principles, though altered so as to completely lose their meaning, function and spirit; reflecting the corrupt mindset of the Baha’is whose sole objective is to deceive and misguide the Muslim community and destroy the pure and perfect message and teachings of Islam. “They wish to put out Allah’s light with their mouths. But Allah will continue with His light, even if the rejecters dislike it. He it is Who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the Religion of truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religions, however much those who associate partners with Allah may dislike it.” The holy Quran (61:8-9) Azadeh References: [1] Baha’i propaganda sites http://www.bahai.us/ http://www.bahai.com/Bahaullah/principles....%20OF%20MANKIND [2] Teaching the Faith in Israel By Universal House of Justice 1995-06-23 http://bahai-library.com/index.php5?file=u...ching_in_israel [3] Teaching the Faith in Israel By Universal House of Justice 1995-06-23 http://bahai-library.com/index.php5?file=u...ching_in_israel [4] Letter from the Universal House of Justice, dated October 20, 1994, to several National Spiritual Assemblies. [5] ‘Gleanings From the Writings of Bahaullah’ page 161 http://www.ibiblio.org/Bahai/Texts/EN/GWB/...-printable.html, see point nr.11 . [6] Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI), Please see FAQ nr. 1 http://www.seti.org/about-us/faq.php#a1 [7a] Wikipedia, Proper motion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proper_motion [7b] Wikipedia, Fixed Star http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fixed_star [8] Gleanings From the Writings of Bahaullah, p. 54. http://reference.bahai.org/en/t/b/GWB/gwb-22.html [9] Star of the West Feb.7,1914 [10] ‘God Passes By’, Shoghi Effendi, p. 90 http://www.ibiblio.org/Bahai/Texts/EN/GPB/GPB-7.html [11] PROCLAMATION TO THE BAHÁ’ÍS OF THE WORLD THROUGH THE ANNUAL CONVENTION OF THE BAHÁ’ÍS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ASSEMBLED AT WILMETTE, ILLINOIS, RIDVÁN 117 BAHÁ’Í ERA http://bahai-guardian.com/Mason.proc.html [12] Kitab-i-Iqan, ‘The Book of Certitude’, Bahaullah, page 43 http://www.bahai-library.org/compilations/...riptures/1.html [13] Kitab-i-Aqdas, text nr. 45 http://www.ishwar.com/bahai/holy_kitab_i_aqdas/texts03.html, [14] Kitab-i-Aqdas, text nr 49 http://www.ishwar.com/bahai/holy_kitab_i_aqdas/texts03.html, [15] Kitab-i-Aqdas: its place in Baha'i literature Published in The Baha'i World 1992-93 pages 105-117 Baha'i World Centre, 1993, ISBN 0-85398-996-6 Original written in English. Haifa: 1993 http://bahai-library.com/file.php5?file=aq...e&language= See the part on ‘Government’
  5. In The Name of Allah Salaam dear sisters! To make a long story short, I got my Swedish Medical License a few years back and I am planning to inshaAllah take the United States Medical Licensing Exams (after constant persuasion from my sweet sister who lives in Dallas) :) So what I am looking for is a sister living in the Dallas area who is also planning to take the USMLE, so that we may study together inshaAllah. I will be visiting my sister after the holy month of Ramadan and will probably stay in Dallas for at least two month, inshaAllah. Thank you God bless
  6. Salam Kelly... Thank you for the thread dear… Even though I have accepted Shia Islam, the more I investigate the issue of muta the more I discover that it is not compatible with a pious lifestyle where the slave of God does not concentrate on her/his stomach and … I am hence now convinced after extensive reading about mutah that "temporary marriage" is not for those with self control and interpersonal skills but for those who wish to indulge their animal passion with multiple partners and not take the responsibility and/or endure the "dullness" of a permanent marriage.