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      OH, don't worry, she is an infant!

    3. Khadim uz Zahra

      Khadim uz Zahra

      OH, don't worry, she is an infant!

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  2. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  3. salaam all finally a website were people actually learn from each other and respect each others views.more understanding we will have of one another the more closer we ill become inshallah great job admin people all credit to u guys keep up the good work im addicted to this site already :)

  4. Shiachat.com Year Book 06-07

    Any comments or questions about this yearbook can be posted at our Blog here: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?au...amp;showentry=9
  5. Photography, Graphics, Art - Year Book

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  6. Poetry - Year Book

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  7. YAAAAR...Where's your interview?

  8. Poetry - Year Book

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  9. Shiachat.com Year Book 06-07

    Your Comments Sakz: Shiachat is an amazing forum. One of the best i have come across. All the members are nice and friendly and you get too learn alot about many different aspects. It's a place to come when you want to enjoy yourself but gain more knowledge about Shiaism, Islam and Other religions aswell as things that are happening around the world. It also gives you a chance to meet people from all over the world. Syko-Mod: Quite satisfied with the mechanism of the site. The work of the mods (all of them), admins are greatly appreciated. No complaints whatsoever. Mahreen: Shiachat is one of the largest sites you will ever discover on our shi'ite faith. It is well structured, developed, handy and useful. I have experienced phenomenal discussions with all of the members. without these discussions I would be no where . This site consists of intellectual information, co-ordination and a friendly atmosphere which has been made possible by the members, staff and others who contribute to this site. shukranlillah: Allah says in the Holy Quran: [surah Zumar # 18]: "Those who listen to the word, then follow the best of it; those are they whom Allah has guided, and those it is who are the men of understanding." Welcome to shiachat and please listen carefully the facts and proofs of true Islam and then decide for yourself the best course of life... then Allah will guide you and consider you among the men of understanding! Hope to see you in shiachat! Nice and friendly environment here to help you out in your way of life. ' Hasnain: Zuljenah should be fired and burnt alive on the stake, with her repelling cat Dobby nailed to her chest. Hazrat Hasnain Kulsoom: For me Shiachat is a very cool website, It has increased my knowledge plus i like the forums in here, Shiachat also provides the fastest finger first answers! mohammad16: I like the site, I'd prefer it wasnt down so much, it gets quiet frustrating. I havent really got a chance to know any of the mods and admins, i think they are overall doing a good job. Also the chat should work properly, and it should have more rooms cuz' sometimes its just too many chatters and sometimes its dull, theres not much in between. Wise Muslim: ShiaChat.com is like my home and the members are like my family. The older and wiser brothers/sisters are like my aunts and uncles. As a younger brother, it is my job to learn, fight and play, and that's what Shiachat is all about! Anonmoyous: On -ZeinaB-, Kind, warm-hearted and absolutely brilliant. The sister is very polite and sincere in her actions toward all members. Never does she show anger or irritation, rather she deals with the situation quite professionally and admirably . Her posts are very much valued and eloquently put. Also, sis ZeinaB�s role as a moderator is certainly performed in its utmost earnest and sincerest form. Glad to have her as our moderator...a precious flower. On Jlainqatar: A gem...one of the most sweetest khalas ever. Very playful, humorous, and quite fun to be around with. Although her posts may be short in length, but deep to the core nevertheless. Sister Jlainqatar�s posts always flavour up the topic/thread, and now that she's not as active as before, they�re greatly missed. Khala J, if you're reading this, come back to the forum!! On Aliya- A bright intelligent sister Mash'Allah. Very charming, sweet, and respectful toward all members. She's a hard-working mod, yet sometimes unnoticed. Her role in the Shia/Sunni forum is far beyond stressful and at times unbearable, however, she shows utmost diligence, efficiency and dedicates her time to sort out all the mushy material posted. I honestly have no idea how she copes with all the bashing and the pain in the neck coming from a number of despicable members, for indeed she possesses a distinct forbearing individuality and is certainly patient in most difficult times. She's also very competitive and highly motivated which adds up to the great contributions she's made to the forum. A great character I must say. : ) On Waiting- Knowledgeable, perceptive and straightforward. The brother's opinions are expressed articulately and quite intelligently. Some of his views might oppose many members� opinions on the forum, but if viewed from the right angle, they are most certainly fair and reasonable. He may be a little bit harsh with some of his posts that might upset some members but this doesn�t change the overall perspective. His moderating role is well performed and much appreciated. As for ShiaChat, it is without a doubt, the most resourceful, up to date and �alive� forum on the face of the net world. It is a place for all people coming from all different cultures and religions who seek to find the truth and wish to be enlightened. It is on ShiaChat that I gained most of my needed religious information from, and it helped me quite a lot with my day to day life. To be honest, SC guided me a lot with my faith, and strengthened my Imaan in many different areas around. Some of the members here are unimaginably wonderful and quite on the contrary, there are those who completely disgust you of the place. As mentioned quite often, one has to develop a thick skin to avoid being let down by those people. All in all, ShiaChat is a fascinating community to be in, yet one has to minimize this fascination-obsession and become informed moderately. Go ShiaChat! Rawshni: On Wilayah- My association and interaction with her has been ONLY through the internet, and ONLY through the SC boards, chatroom, and to a every limited extent email and messenger. As I have always stated, I was asked to join ShiaChat by my Aapa, who specifically asked me to"benefit" from Wilayah. Aapa, in those days was very sick, and due for major and rather complicated heart surgery, after which she has been leading a semi-retired life. I followed her advice, joined SC. I can just say, in thakfulness, that I have benefitted from Wilayah in ways that none can measure. On the site- The site styles itself as a Shia site. In view it is, and becoming more and more a mouthpiece of Iran. This is something that I have said repeatedly, in private conversations with Admins and Moderators, as well is public pronouncements on the boards. Many Shia in the world, perhaps the majority of the Shia in the world, have major issues with the regime in Iran and how it is putting across the Shia faith to the world. ShiaChat is an independent site. It should maintain an independent persepecrive on issues. It does not. The site rules are skewed. The pro-Iranis ,almost to a man aggressive and abusive, say whatever they want. Our responses, even if they are polite, dispassionate and reasoned out, they get edited out. Particularly the rule about "respect" for 'Ulama. Since the Irani regime is mostly composed of those who style themselves or are known as 'Ulama, it becomes almost impossoble to say what what feels is the truth about them. Mahdiyah: It would also be polite if moderators would bother to reply to us humble members. Also helpful by warning the breakers (people who habitually spoil genuine members topics) before sincere members ie the makers are all gone. So many good members have left because certain long-term individuals make unkind remarks and spoil their topics. Which is a shame because that beats the point behind this website. Also surprisingly the breakers live in a Shiah community and maybe not fully appreciate the good qualities of this website, whereas those sincere members mostly lived in a non-Shiah environment and were isolated thus relied on Shiahchat to build friends and help increase their faith. It is really a pity that the most deserving has to miss out. Anyway thanks for your time. karbala110: Shiachat is a great source for learning and discussing different aspects of Islam as well as social and political issues. I find that on this forum there is great diversity in terms of opinions and views amongst the members which is a great thing in itself as it allows members to think out of the norm. Not all opinions are in line with Islamic principles and this represents the thinking of non muslims towards the muslim, knowing their opinion and view is also a great way to learn about how the society and the community preceives us. The only thing which surprises me is that the amount of members on this site with a critical and negative view about Iran and its government. The people constantly try to down play the importance of Iran in this age and time. The Shias of Iran are our brothers in faith as well as in humanity and having this personal grudge and vendetta against them is not going to unite us in any way. After all we are the Ummah of Mohammad (pbuh) and followers of Ahlul Bayt (as), unity should be our key but its sad to see that people hold personal grudges against the Iranian brothers. Having said that I would like to thank the Admins of this site for maintaining an independent identity ie they have never leaned towards the Iranian identity or any other, they have always maintained a Shia identity. They have always showed importance to the Shias everywhere be it in Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Sub continent or the West. For me that is the greatest feat for Shiachat. Cyan Garamond: Shiachat, in spite of the recent and not-so-recent disillusionment among, many remain's the internet's #1 shiite site. It is an excellent all-purpose, broad and diverse forum, with nearly universal appeal, which facilitates both non-muslim and Sunni education about Shia'ism and Shia beliefs. It also gives Shias opportunities to learn their own religion, from theology to politics. It is to the credit of the Shiachat leadership that they remained accepting of differences in points of view, in all areas, and tried hard to remain impartial in enforcement of their rules. This is created a great forum for exchange of views and entertainment. ~RuQaYaH~: I love Shiachat, it's good for both when I wanna learn stuff and when I wanna bludge. Shiachat is a good site for those who want it to be a good site....whether it's useful essentially depends on the forums you visit and the discussions you take part in. Either way though, even if your in the off-topics 24/7, atleast it's a form of halal entertainment as opposed to the junk our youth are bombarded with. Ali_Imran: Thank You ShiaChat, for making me the greatest ever evil, stubborn and annoying spammer in history. SayedM'sSister: After first deciding to find out what my religion really preached, Shiachat was the first forum I joined with people who could help me on it. I started out as an immature child "queen spammer", however soon left that to actually learn and benefit from my stay here. Now, as I have been growing on the site I have broadened my knowledge in areas I would have never thought of before, and met friends I will never forget. Although at the moment Shiachat isn't as much benefit to me as it was before, I continue to love it none the less, and Insha'Allah will continue to be a member as I continue to grow. Back to Table of Contents
  10. Shiachat.com Year Book 06-07

    The Year Book Team Nestled in the shadows of a dark wood that lies far, far from the pleasant forestry inhabited by sane creatures who actually have bedtimes, can recall what ‘sleep’ is, and enjoy occupations of greater seriousness than spamming, cricketing, philosophizing, studying, and indulging forum addictions, there sits a solitary little cottage from which the sounds of clattering keyboards and clicking mice furiously resound. A simple wooden sign reading ‘Yearbook Staff’ hangs over the simple wooden doorway. Sheepishly, a curious young adventurer by the name of Guest ambles to the cottage door, heeding his friend Google’s suggestion to check the place out. As he raises his hand to knock, Guest almost faints with surprise when he finds that the door has already been opened. Behind it stand two lovely girls who happen to be chattering too incessantly ((about very important topics, mind)) to notice Guest’s bewildered expression. Turning toward him suddenly, one of them cries out: “Peace upon you, dear stranger, won’t you come in?” Resisting the instinctive urge to say “no, I won’t,” Guest reluctantly steps inside and gazes around the funny-looking little house; taken aback by the beautiful photographs of felines that adorn the entrance room walls. “Like the pictures? They’re of mine and Lola’s cats… Wali Imran takes them down every day because of his silly hatred of the little darlings, but Lola and I always put them back up, because how can you not love those adorable little faces? They’re just so ador…” Zoning out sometime between the third word and the first ‘little’, Guest feels the ground falling from beneath him as he wonders how one person can talk SO much ((about very important topics, of course)). Smiling nervously, he takes a few steps back and looks around for an escape, just as the other girl starts talking: “You look mighty tired! Wouldn’t you like something to eat? Please sit down, and don’t look so worried! Boy, your exhaustion reminds me of the time Ruba and I hiked all the way to Canada and…” Zoning out again and smiling even more nervously, Guest sinks into the chair toward which he is directed and waits for the chatty ((with reason!)) girls to leave. They were some of the kindest, friendly, and most nurturing people he had ever met, undoubtedly, but boy could they talk! ((Or MAYBE he was just too SMALL-MINDED to appreciate the meaningful things they liked to rant on and on about… Yeah, that was it… Stupid hard-of-hearing, out-zoning, good-for-nothing… Okay, okay. Back to the story.)) “Phew…” he mutters aloud. Suddenly stricken by the strangeness of the strange house’s strange inhabitants, he wonders what his normally helpful pal had found so worth seeing at this- you guessed it- strange place. ‘Maybe there are normal people here too… Yeah, there must be…And I’m going to find them, and ask them questions to prove their normalness!’ he resolves ambitiously. Jumping up from his seat as he realizes his hostesses have probably gotten lost in one of their yapping sessions and forgotten all about him, Guest bravely walks toward the adjacent corridor and approaches the first room on the right… The door of which emits a bright green glow that flashes mysteriously before his eyes… “Aha! I’ve discovered the cure for acute viral nasopharyngitis!!” A voice before him screams as he walks in. Squinting fearfully, Guest opens his eyes and spots a relatively normal-looking teenage Iraqi boy, albeit with a quirky mad-scientist hair cut, standing before him; showarma in one hand and 300-pound medical journal in the other. “Wha… Wha?” Guest stares dumbly, feeling rather foolish at having no clue what a cute viral nose pharynx looks like. “Ohh, don’t sweat it…” the boy says sympathetically. “I meant to say I’ve discovered the cure for the common cold. I’d been working on it nonstop for the past few months, and my constant studying has finally paid off!” Suddenly, he stops his excited ranting, drops his medical journal on a nearby table with a ‘thud’, and extends his hand with a grin. “I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Sahil, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Sighing inwardly with relief at the apparent normalness of this new acquaintance ((well, incessant studying and 300-pound book aside)), Guest shakes Sahil’s hand with only a brief tug of hesitation. The handshake is firm and decent… ‘Normal sweet normal,’ Guest thinks. Besides, a guy who likes showarma can’t be THAT strange. Before he can gain comfort in this newfound normalcy, however, Guest is rattled yet again as a speeding missile flies suddenly toward him and narrowly misses puncturing his skull..!! Once he recovers from the momentary shock of almost being killed, Guest chuckles and realizes it wasn’t an explosive after all- it was a cork ball. “Hey man, you were supposed to catch that!” says the peculiar Punjabi fellow presently running towards him. Short of replying with a sarcastic remark, Guest pauses and decides to start investigating. “What’s your name, chap?” he asks the bold bowler. “Wali Imran.” comes the efficient reply. “Where do you come from?” Guest inquires. “Here.” Wali replies even more efficiently. “Uhh… How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?!” asks Guest unoriginally; intimidated by the microscopic replies thus far received. “None. Wood tastes bad.” comes the experienced- yet still brief- response. Clenching his fist subconsciously although secretly wondering how Wali knows about the taste of wood, Guest stubbornly continues. “What do you like to do in life?” “Life?” Asks Wali, his eyes glazing over with curiosity. “Yeah, life. You know… living.” “Er… No.” Wali responds. “No?” Guest asks, dumbfounded. “No,” Wali repeats simply. “You don’t get out much, do you?!?” Guest yells, finally becoming short-tempered at the short replies. Suddenly, as though an ‘on’ switch has been hit within him, Wali begins chattering almost as incessantly as Lola and Ruba combined. "Out? Me? Ahahahaha what a joke! When I get up to bat, I hit so many sixes that people forget what 'outs' are..." A resounding 'thwack' to his head cuts his enthusiastic chatter off. "I think he was talking about THAT out, Wali Imran," a wise and practical figure, enclosed as of yet in shadows, mutters from behind him; pointing in the direction of the outdoors. "Yeah right Fayaz," replies the young man disbelievingly, shaking his (throbbing with pain) head. "What kind of weirdo doesn't talk about cricket 24/7?" Darting nervous glances, Guest daringly utters a sheepish, "me". Staring at him in awe for a moment, Wali Imran bursts out laughing. "You're jokes, man, jokes." He says. “Eheheheh... Yeahh... Jokes.” Replies Guest dryly. As he begins edging away, he takes note that the shadowy yet undeniably wise ‘Fayaz’ is wearing a Darth Vader-style robe that, although figure-flattering and quite fashionable, seems altogether eerie. “Well I… Think I’ll be going now!” Guest shouts just before darting off; not bothering to await even a one-word reply. Thoroughly distracted by his need to run, however, Guest forgets to watch to where he is running. He comes to a crashing halt as a massive rock obstructs his path and trips him. “Hey man, you alright? If you want to run through a guy’s laboratory, it’s generally a good idea not to trip over his best copy of One Million Ways to Study. You’re lucky that was only the abridged version; the real thing would’ve bounced you off like a ping pong ball.” Ignoring the slightly wacky safety warning and the stinging in his knee, Guest nearly jumps with joy at hearing the semi-normal Sahil’s voice and sighting his mad scientist-like hair. “Sahil! Sahil! Oh my goodness man, am I glad to see you! You’ve gotta get me out of here, everyone in this place is mad!” Guest screams, hardly stopping to breathe. “Get you out? No, no I’m afraid that’s not possible…” Says Sahil in an alarmingly raspy, serious voice, his eyes flickering with a hint of… Evil? Although a shiver begins creeping up his spine, Guest holds his ground. "But I don't want to go among mad people," Guest remarks. "Oh, you can't help that," says Sahil: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad." "How do you know I'm mad?" says Guest. "You must be," says Sahil, "or you wouldn't have come here."* *Dialogue ripped from Alice in Wonderland Back to Table of Contents
  11. Shiachat.com Year Book 06-07

    Continue Reading Volulme I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SC Hadith Book, Volume II Back to Table of Contents
  12. Shiachat.com Year Book 06-07

    ShiaChat Gaming Tourney Players ShiaChat University Back to Table of Contents
  13. Shiachat.com Year Book 06-07

    Videos from the ShiaChat.com YouTube Competition Back to Table of Contents
  14. Shiachat.com Year Book 06-07

    ShiaChat Babies ShiaChat Pets Back to Table of Contents
  15. Poetry - Year Book

    (bismillah) (salam) This part of the year book is dedicated to the poets of ShiaChat. We start this section with a tribute to Bro Ali Naqi which was penned by Sis Rawshni. You would find in this section poems which were voted to be the best from the year 2006 as well as the best of Muharram poetry. However the yearbook team apologises for not including many poems due to time constraints. You will find a link to the Poetry forum where the thread containing the best poems are posted. We hope you enjoy this section! Back to Main Thread