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  1. aslam alaikum!!! would anyone be able to share the verses if mentioned in the holy quran, or authentic ahadeeth that talks about the return of Prophet iesa (a.s) along with our beloved Imam e Zamaana (ajfj). I would really appreciate the help.
  2. Farsi Books

    Salam Alaikum! Thank you very much, much appreciated and they are awesome sites. May Allah (swat) bliss you.
  3. Farsi Books

    Salam alaikum everyone! Does anyone familiar with any website where you can read farsi books, religions, non religions (novel), historical books. something that one can open and read via tablet, please let me know, Thanks, Eltemas e duah
  4. Shia iPhone Apps

    I have a few, but I don't have Iphone so i am not sure if they would work on iphone. I have droid but i am sure they would work for apple products too. like everyone else, iquran is really nice. u should search for one called muslim pro. it has quran, azan timing, it uses your phone's gps, locates you and depending on ur location gives the timing for the prayers. and if you in the setting you can change the times and azaans from sunnie to shia version. then it will give shia azaan when its time to pray, and mostly the prayer times differ in the fajir time and maghrib time, but then they are important times during ramadaan. u can search for duas. it connects you to (dua.org). A really good dua site, filled with various types of duas and also some other beneficial informations. I also have hjiri date conversion, which would help me to know what is the date according to the hijri months. and there is one app called quran in english, it reads out quran sharif with english translation.
  5. Aug 1st Or 2nd?

    salam! I just visited Sistani's site and according to him today ( sunday, july 31st ) is the 29th of shaban. where did i see it? If you look down left side where they have the option for language, next to them u see the date for it. so if sunday is 29th for him, then ramadhan should be on monday or tuesday. depending on shaban for having 29 or 30 days.
  6. salam alaikum bro! ur name reminds me of this dua which my parents thought me when i was a kid. La fatah ilah ali la seif ila zulfiqaar, har balai har qazai paesh aayad dafa kon parwardegaar..

  7. Asalam alaikum brothers and sisters!! I was asked by a friend recently regarding the smoking of sheesha aka hookah, if it is haram or halaal. In my opinion as long as it doesn't makes some one high after smoking it, and makes them any less than who they are normally then it should be okay to smoke it. since the smoke is being filtered by the water in it, and now a days they add flavors to it, then it can only be makroh but not haram. what is your take on this, what do you think??? please give your feedbacks and give a reason for it. thanks wasalam,
  8. i was 23 when we got our nikah done, and so far it lasted 3 years, and as of right now we are working on our divorce. so yeah dont know if i should count these days to, or only until we intended the separation. But i am happy for you guys, mashllah, and inshallah may you all be happy and may it last for ever. :)
  9. Khulah Talaaq

    Salam sis!! If I wanted this talaaq then it would have been the regular talaaq, the reason why i said Khulah talaaq is because she says she cant be with me or have a life with me and wants me to leave her. for further information if you were curious to know, here is a link of my previous post regarding the issue and asked for advice in solving it. waslaam, Eltimaas e dua komail,
  10. Khulah Talaaq

    aslam alaikum! few simple question regarding the khulah talaaq. 1. can it be done over the phone? 2. do you need witness for it on each side, or one side is enough? 3. if the husband never gave the wife her mehr during marriage, so that means he can ask for other stuff he had given like jewelry and such? 4. how can one say that such and such jewelry shall be taken from her after divorce? 5. is there any waiting time after Khulah. or once they are divorced then thats it? thanks brothers and sisters. much appreciated and please dont have me wait any more. i need to get done with this and move on. so I need your immediate attention. wasalam, eltemaas dua, komail,
  11. regarding love before marriage vs love after marriage imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s) says: dont marry the one that u love, but love the one that you marry.
  12. [Split Topic]

    where did Hajj and locking up my wife come from??? i didnt say anything about locking her up or anything like that.
  13. Forced Khula

    I read the Khulah ruling in Ayatullah Sistani's site. It says if the wife seeks for divorce due to hatred that she has toward her husband then the husband can chose not to give her mehr and still ask for something in return, as in property and she should accept it since she is the one seeking for the divorce. and I think this is a much more fair way of doing so. waslam,
  14. create a profile in www.shiamatch.com ;) good luck, i am sure u will find many ladies in London area. :)
  15. Non-mahrams Speaking

    sometimes all you need is that one source.