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  1. Didnt know where to post this but Im looking to buy childrens islamic books from ages 6-10 but cant find any, i live in Australia if anyone can link me really appreciate it .
  2. Al-Gazali


    Salam alakum. Is it wajib to do jihad if your alim stats so? For example Sayid Ali sistani declears jihad would you go or not? Please backup your answer with evidence
  3. Al-Gazali

    Is Iraq In Hell Right Now ?

    Salam Alakum Type in "Islamic state of iraq and sham" on youtube, and see for yourself sunni wahabi dogs killing innocent iraqi people that guard the boarders. They are making an army. Wasalam.
  4. Stop please! Where are you getting this BS from!
  5. Al-Gazali

    Another One?

    Salam alakum Yeahh they have a lot of websites about this guy, he is only misguiding people. This guy is from Basra/Iraq he relatives that live were i live and they say hes a lunatic lol.
  6. Al-Gazali

    Why Fsa Are Hypocrite And Evil?

    Its becoming more and more secreterian. Just then 4 Shia muslims got brutally murdered in Egypt for being Shia.
  7. Al-Gazali

    15Th Of Shaban

    Salam Alakum May Allah hasten his reappearance and make it safe and bless us with the shahada among hes army.
  8. Al-Gazali

    Whats Going On Here?

    its all in farsi
  9. Can you please show me hezbollah or any Shia beheading anyone? Or eating their enemies organs?
  10. Thank you , may Allah protect you
  11. Al-Gazali

    25 Of Dhu Al Qaeda1434

    So all this happens in November 2013? Please Please if nothing happens in November (Doubt anything will happen Allah knows best), Stop it with these things! they are stupid and prove nothing. Its like saying i was born 12/10/1978 therefore 12+10+1978 = 2000!!!
  12. Salam alakum Can you please link me with these lessons Ahsant!