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  1. So after reading her post you didn't see any abnormal mental behavior in it ? i read it and I see a person suffering from Depression. I never said I was perfect. I just have the common sense to see a person's symptoms and offer them my advice. She asked for a solution and I gave it to her. Has anyone in here that questioning my post even bothered to click on the link I provided ?
  2. She's suffering from Depression. It's obvious by her post. and yes...it almost always has to do with Mental Health.
  3. Go see a Mental Health Professional. Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  4. He's actually a decendant of both Imam Hasan (AS) and Imam Husain (AS). The parents of Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS) were Imam Zain ul Abideen (AS) and Fatima Umm Abd Allah Bint Al Hasan, the daughter of Imam Hasan (AS). Therefore all of the Imams (AS) after the 5th Imam (AS) are decendants of Imam Hasan (AS) and Imam Husain (AS).
  5. "Reasonable reason"? Please explain. How old are you ?
  6. There's a lot of things that our Institutions need to be doing but are failing to do so. what is your suggestion as to how to "parent" then? A parent isn't there 24/7 watching to see what their child is doing. As much as a Parent can do as far as educating a child as to what is Haram/Halal, its ultimately the child (or adult for that matter...because its not just kids looking at Porn) who decides whether he is going to do it or not. All a parent can really do is educate at an appropriate level based on the maturity of the child. Also, this is in regard to a child looking at Porn. How does parenting apply to an adult looking at Porn? Again, see above. All a Parent can do is educate. Ultimately, they can't be sitting over a child like a tyrant watching what they're doing 24/7. How does this apply to an adult watching Porn? Well said . You can't pin this exclusively on parenting. There are a ton of other factors involved in this. At its base an addiction to Pornography is no different than any other addiction in that it becomes a manner of finding pleasure when their life is lacking pleasure (according to their mental health). Again, this goes back to my original point about the availability of Porn on the Internet. That's the cause. If you reduce the accessibility of something addicitve, whether its Porn, Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling. etc...then you are taking steps to reducing the addiction to a degree itself. However, that being said all of the addictive items are all major $$$ items. Porn is a multmillion dollar industry. That's why its so readily available.
  7. As valuable and useful as the Internet is there is also a downside to it and Pornography is one of the biggest downsides it offers. Any 15 year old can sit in front of a computer or smartphone and just view an unlimited amount of Porn. Its available at the click of a mouse and this is the problem that it's unleashed. Naturally, this leads to a bigger problem.
  8. Very smart move. At times like these its best to let your logic and intellect guide you and not your emotions. I'm sure it must be very difficult for you since you've known him for some time but take comfort in the fact that you did an Istikhara and this was the result given to you. Istikhara on a marriage is a result which comes due to the long term bigger picture. The Istikhara protects you from harm and problems. I'm sure that in time you will meet the right match, its just that this one was not him.
  9. Allah in his omniscience and endless mercy is already aware of your situation. He knows more about you then you yourself do. He knows why you are feeling the way you are feeling. We all take different paths to arriving at the same destination. He is closer to you than even you know or realize. Don't fret. Just because you may be feeling a level of disconnection due to your mental health but he is there with you at every step regardless. Sounds to me as if your success in overcoming and dealing with the issues is an ongoing thing. Just the fact that you are aware and are getting treated to some degree means you are already on the path to successfully overcoming them. You're not the first to deal with this, many more than you may realize are there with you in dealing with these issues. Strength comes from speaking on them and finding comfort through those that have overcome themselves. He was with you at every step. It was Allah in his infinite mercy that got you this far, and he'll be with you in every stup moving forward helping and guiding you without you even knowing what's happening. There's a reason that happens. Allah's trials are different for each person. He tries people in different ways to measure their faith in him. For some its through their health, others their children, while even others face financial struggles. Everyone faces a struggle, its how that struggle is overcome is how our faith in Allah is measured. How do you know that you haven't already been forgiven and that he is placing even more stuggles in front of you so that you may pray even more thus moving even closer to him? You will find your reward(s) in the hereafter. Be patient. No good deed goes unrewarded. Your solace lies with Allah. Do not go looking for it through your fellow man. You won't find it there. Be patient. Allah knows all and he knows all about your situation. Your rewards are being accumulated to be given at the appropriate time and place. Just the fact that you are not satisfied with the amount of love you want to feel for Allah is a sign that the amount of love you have for him is already greater than you may even realize yourself. If you truly had no love for him then it wouldn't bother you that you are unable to show and feel a level of love for him. You already love him more than you even know yourself.
  10. One of the penalties of eating Haram food is you do not have your prayer acknowledged for 40 days. Not sure, what else is involved along with this as far as a penalty goes. Probably something more since this is a sin which involves the creation of bodily cells from the consumption of that haram food. Anything more involved ?
  11. It's a sign you need to go to a Dr. and get your BP checked out...if that's not it then check to see if you're Anemic.
  12. Its highly discouraged by all our Ayatullahs to have a Shia girl marry a Sunni guy. Don't have to be a genius to figure out why.
  13. http://www.duas.org/magic.htm
  14. What's a Subliminal ? you woke up an inch taller? You need to see a Mental Health professional for your depression because being sad and crying everyday about anything is not normal.
  15. Just research who the Imams (AS) married their daughters off to and you will have your own answer.