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  1. Not allowed to eat

    It’s great that you’re moving out to go to University. Your Mother doesn’t understand how OCD works and how it affects a person in ways that others can not understand. In fact, I’m going to go out on a ledge and say she is in fact part of the reason you have it. How a Mother can treat their own child like that is beyond my comprehension. It’s one thing to try to discipline someone and it’s something else to be unnecessarily hurtful. Either way she’s your Mother so try to manage your OCD as best you can when she is around. Have you had any treatment for it? OCD is how the mind copes when it searches for order in a world it has deemed chaotic. Prayers and Medication do help OCD calm down but when coupled with Therapy it really has a meaningful impact. As I mentioned above your homelife and family are probably triggers for it. Hang in there. As time and age pass your mind will calm down. It’s a safe bet that your Mother and your homelife are a key factor in why you’ve developed your condition.
  2. What's the actual definition of the term "Muslim"? Last I read the term translates as "one who submits to the will of God". Based on that definition then every Prophet that came before the Holy Prophet (AS) was already a "Muslim", right? As far as Imam Ali (AS) already knowing the Quran from childhood...is it possible that he already knew the fundamental concepts which the Quran teaches us? I'm not talking about being a Hafiz in the sense that you know the Quran verbatim but more importantly to have an innate understanding of the message on an intellectual basis which the Quran is conveying. If that is the case then yes, Imam Ali (AS) would have been born "knowing" the Quran on a conceptual and fundamental basis even before they were revealed to the Holy Prophet (AS).
  3. Explain the concept of Azadari to them. Theyre talking about Zanjeer. Tell them that not everyone does this. A common Sunni belief is that it was Shia that invited Imam Husain (AS) to Kufa only to betray him. That's why we cry in Azadari. Out of guilt for letting him down. That belief is so stupid that just to answer it means you have to lower yourself to the level of that stupidity. If you hide the truth then it can't come back to bite you. Talking to a Shia exposes all of the lies regarding Muawiya and his son. If you don't talk, befriend,marry, etc...with a SHia then the truth remains hidden. Its a malicious tactic but effective. See above. MY advice to you is to load up on Shia knowledge and then slowly explain things to them one by one. I'm not going to say its going to change their mindset but at least you are planting the seeds of truth in them in the hopes that it will grow slowly. If that doesn't happen then keep quiet. All it will do is create strife and tension within your family.
  4. istikhara and divorce

    Where are you from? How long did you know him before you married him? While something like this may seem petty to you, you have to understand that your husband is not comfortable with the fact that you were married previously. Call it insecurity or immaturity or cultural but the bottom line is that he is not comfortable with you having been married previously. He's got underlying psychological issues. His parents probably had a bad marriage is my guess. However, that being said his behavior is inexcusable. To climb on top of you and attempt to choke you means he enters a state of anger in which he can not control himself. Google "Intermittent Explosive Disorder" and you'll know what I'm talking about. This doesn't go away. He'll act like this with you and he'll act like this with your children eventually also. what did the Istikhara come as ? YOur dreams are just manifestations of your inner emotions. Its just a release of what your mind is feeling. Means nothing else. Clearly, since you were wanting to leave him because of what he did this presented itself in a dream (that probable just made you more emotional) You would have been better off not telling him this. All you did was add more fuel to the fire. He's already insecure and upset. No need to make it worse. Like I said above the dreams are just your mind releasing suppressed emotions. What it means is that you think of your marriage as a prison and you want to escape away from it. Not a good sign. Sounds like he's going to give you an extremely hard time if you try to divorce him. Not sure where you live but you might want to consider what legal options your country allows as well as talking to a Maulana and explain the situation. My advice to you is to understand the type of person that you married. Analyze and study him to understand what makes him emotional and what calms him down. After that you need to actively watch what you say and do around him to avoid him from getting into that state. He's tried to try to strangle you already and he will do it again. These types of men always do. He will give you hell if and when you to try to divorce him so be prepared for that also. Best of luck to you.
  5. Advice needed please

    You're still young. That's a little too young in my opinion to be engaged. There's absolutely nothing wrong with you. You're just adding undue pressure upon yourself as a result of your sisters getting engaged at a very young age. That's a natural overreaction to this type of situation that any normal person would do. However, take comfort that Allah, in his endless love and mercy for all of us, has created a partner for all of us and in time you will find yours. Its not a matter of "if" its a matter of "when". He has heard your prayers and in time you will meet your soulmate. All good things come to those who wait. Be patient and draw comfort from the fact that your spouse is out there waiting to pop up at the right time. Like I said be patient and in time it will happen. You can doubt many things in the world but Allah's boundless love for you is not one of them. He knows you better than you know yourself. Hang in there. Nothing worth having comes easy and the longer you wait patiently the greater the happiness that comes of it will be in the long run.
  6. Is the extravegance on the shrines necessary?

    I actually feel the Shrines aren’t opulent and stunning enough. The Shrines are and should always be a majestic reflection of the exalted souls buried there. Every gemstone on the planet as well as every ounce of gold should be used to make the Shrines the most beautiful places the Earth has ever seen. Not only as a reflection of the souls buried there but also as a catalyst to draw attention from Non Shia to wonder what these places are all about and thus in the process learning about the pious souls that buried in them. Inshallah, one day when Jannat Ul Baqi is taken away from the Wahabbis we will rebuild the Shrines there in opulant beauty the likes of which the world has never seen before !!! As far as the poverty on the streets goes...it’ll always be there regardless of however many social and welfare plans and programs you have. All of visitors to the Shrines that come there donate tons of cash to the poor there anyway.
  7. A Deeper Look into the Thighing Fatwa

    what exactly is "Thighing" ?
  8. #7 Imam Kadhim (as) [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Bio of Imam Musa Kazim (AS)
  9. How long did you know each other before you contracted the Mutah ? Per chance did you convert because of him? Please see above as to how long and how well you knew each other before contracting the Mutah. Does he know that you are pregnant? Depends on where you live from a legal perspective. Where are you from? The Courts would be involved in this from a Child Custody standpoint. Again, depends on what the Courts of the country that you live in decide.
  10. More powerful: Iblees or Imams

    I think a more apt question should be "Which one has more people following their guidance?" We all know about what the Ahle Bayt (AS) have taught as to what to avoid and what to engage in. We also know about what the Shaytan tries to decieve us with regarding what to do and what to avoid. Which one has a greater proportionate following? Do we follow in the footsteps of the Ahle Bayt (AS) or do we give in to the temptations of the Shaitan?
  11. Nikah

    An area or land that is currently a warzone. Currently, Syria is considered a Dar ul Harb.
  12. I'm failing

    Have you ever heard of ADHD or Dyslexia ?
  13. [POLL] Your Favourite Mobile OS

    Apple iOS simply because I use an iPhone & iPad. On a side note...someone voted for "Bidah" ?...
  14. Why do shias regard Hussain as a martyr?

    You're just a Troll. No Sunni with a modicum of valid knowledge would ask such an ignorant question. You don't have to give a care about Shia or our beliefs but don't lower yourself to asking such a pathetic question in the hopes of illiciting responses from Shia. Learn some respect for Husain ibn Ali (AS) before you do anything else.
  15. Do you support any soccer team?

    EPL = Arsenal La Liga = Real Madrid Serie A = AC Milan