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  1. #JusticeforZainab

    I meant to say that once he's found guilty after a fair and public trial.
  2. #JusticeforZainab

    They have a suspect in custody but who knows if he's the actual kidnapper/rapist/murderer or not. In situations like this someone is brought in just to make it appear that the investigation is progressing. Only Allah knows if he's the actual culprit or not. Personally, I'm in favor of a public execution. It won't bring the little girl (or any of the other children) back or even offer a fraction of justice for her death but it'll scare any other potential crimes from happening. On top of it I'm of the mindset that he should be punished accordingly for each and every crime he committed in order... Kidnapping Rape Murder Let the execution happen last after he has suffered for the kidnapping and rape first. An execution only isn't enough. Let him suffer first.
  3. Christians and Shias

    @Zulfiqar Christian Just curious but...how did this come about ?
  4. Nope...violation of privacy.
  5. Muhammad: The Messenger Of God (Film 2015)

    YouTube link isn’t working anymore for the English version
  6. #JusticeforZainab

    This incident really shook me up I have to admit. In today’s day and age we are so desensitized to hearing about crimes and atrocities that we just gloss over it. But this one really hurts. Every time I see that picture of that little girl standing there with a smile on her face just makes me want to cry. She’s probably happy and excited because she got to wear colorful clothes with a nice pink jacket and a pink hair clip. What little girl doesn’t like dressing up and doesn’t like the color pink. If you have the heart to see it then Google the video where she’s being taken away. It’s horrible, just horrible how she’s being taken by the hand by this monster. I won’t post it here. It’s too traumatizing. Her full name was Zainab Ansari.
  7. #JusticeforZainab

    Her funeral...
  8. #JusticeforZainab

    [MOD NOTE: WARNING! The video in the link is disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. In addition, this topic has descriptions of violence that you might not want to read.] Has anyone been following this? Its trending on Social Media. A 7 year old girl named Zainab in Kasur, Pakistan was kidnapped, raped, then strangled after being raped multiple times and her body was tossed in a garbage heap. Her parents had left her with family while they went for Umrah. Apparently, she was on her way to a Quran recititation when she was kidnapped. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-42637027 Brought tears to my eyes when I saw the picture of this little girl. To add to the mess there have been mass riots in Pakistan over the Police's handling of the case. There's even a video showing the kidnapper taking her away and yet the Police haven't made an arrest yet. What type of animal can do that to a 7 year old child ???
  9. Halal fish

    Any fish that eats the garbage at the bottom of the water is not halal for us...i.e. a Catfish.
  10. Help, serious abusive language

    Hire a Lawyer and work out a legal agreement.
  11. Why India is not Muslim

    Because the Muslims in India never went over 10-15% of the population. Also, the British showed up and began their divide and rule concept of putting the Muslims vs the Hindus to secure their rule. As such whatever conversion rate was happening dropped considerably because the British fostered and promoted a communal split. Hence, Hindus started hating Muslims. India still hasn’t recovered from the cancer which was the British Empire.
  12. Depends on what they need it for. If she will be coming home from school by herself or some other situation in which communication would be needed then she should have one. However, if she just wants one for the sake of having one without any practical need then you might want to think about saying No.
  13. Is it right to avoid my mom

    Is she trying to contact you afer 14 years ? or have you been in contact with her the whole time? I'm assuming you're not a fan of your Mom. Why is that ? Again...why the animosity towards your Mom ? Best approach will be for you to realize and handle the emotions that you are consciously or even sub-consciously feeling towards your Mom. Once you get that cleared up as well as understand why you feel the way you feel towards her then you will better be able to handle and deal with your feelings. After that you can begin to have a stronger and more clearly defined relationship with her. Gotta identify the issues before you can work on them. That'll allow for a more reasonable relationship. On a side note, regardless of how you feel about her, she is still the one that brought you into this world after 9 months in her womb. You owe your existence to her.
  14. Marrying First Cousin

    What is he currently ? Sunni ?
  15. Is Imam Ali a.s. a blood relation...

    Both of their Fathers were brothers from the same Mother. Paternal First Cousin In the case of Imam Ali (AS) and his relation to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) the best defintion would probably be "Family".