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  1. Tesco's christmas ad

    Its a reflection of the opinion Christian conservatives have towards Muslims. We are considered Heathen pagans who worship Al-Lah. A pagan god that was kept in the Kaaba. Muslims should never have been in that ad in the first place. It has nothing to do with us.
  2. In recognition of the shahadath of our 2nd Imam. Imam Hasan al Mujtaba (AS). Here's a detailed bio of his life... The Life of Imam Hasan Al Mujtaba an interesting read is what happened when he was finally buried after being denied burial next to his Grandfather the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Especially, how Imam Husain (AS) wept at the funeral of his older brother...
  3. That's because he's flirting with you. He's using the same approach for a potential spouse as he would for a potential girlfriend. Clearly, he's been in this situation before and he's been successful in those endeavors. How many relationships are we talking about exactly? Nope, from the sound of it he knows how to talk to girls just fine.
  4. The path I’m following with my son is to educate him as to what Islam allows and what Islam forbids. I’ve also explained to him that Allah in his wisdom has not just randomly chosen to make things Halal or Haram. When Allah made something Haram it was because it causes harm to the person or persons on some level. I’ve also explained the negative consequences of not only Porn but also Alcohol, Gambling and the other vices which are Haram. How they harm a person’s life in complex and deceptive yet real ways. How Porn affects one’s opinion towards the opposite sex as well as how it corrupts one’s mind and soul. How gambling destroys one financially, Alcohol destroying the proportionate amount of liver cells, etc... Personally, I’m of the mindset that instead of taking a child’s access away that educating him on why we should be avoiding those things will be more successful. As we all know the more you tell a child not to do something the more they will do it. Granted my son is only 11 right now and not really at the age when his hormones go crazy but at the same time having an open line of communication as well as educating him on the Halal and Haram should hopefully play a role in him stopping to think for a minute before he engages in any such act. This all goes hand in hand with educating him on Islam.
  5. His Ex-GF ? Why would a guy still have a long convo with an ex-gf unless he was still interested in her? So not only is he treating you poorly but he’s also interested in other girls ? This guy has no redeeming qualities based on what I’ve read so far.
  6. Well, you’ve baked your cake but you don’t have to eat it. You don’t have to compound your mistake by marrying an idiot. The City you live in is not the entire world. Reputations can be rebuilt. However, lives can not be re-lived. I feel comfortable in saying to you that this guy and the behavior he is already showing will not bring you happiness if you marry him. Your Mother is willing to sacrifice your happiness simply for the basis of public reputation? Where’s the logic in that? Listen to your Father in this scenario and not your Mother is my advice. Leave that guy behind and if people ask then just tell them the truth about the situation. In the end the truth always wins out.
  7. what is wrong with this Trump's decision?

    The only people that are criticizing him for this are the Liberals and Minorities. They are not the majority of Americans. The Conservatives as well as Moderates don't have a problem with this. Conservatives love it and the Moderates are just shrugging their shoulders on it. They are the Majority of Americans.
  8. This is abnormal behavior. No mature and confident man does this. He's insecure and immature. He's a disaster waiting to happen as he grows older. More of the same...see above. You aren't seeing the dominating pattern here? If he's like this before you're married then just imagine this 10x more after you marry him. He's already controlling you in every way. What will you do if at a later time he tells you to stop seeing your parents? Because, eventually that's what he's going to do. Again, immaturity. As a Father of a daughter I would do the exact same thing. The exact same thing. I would've done worse but I can totally understand your Father doing this. Clearly, he is the mature one in this scenario. Way more than you I would say. So even after all of the dominating and controlling you that he has done, you still are naive enough to consider him for marriage? Did you totally forget how unhappy he made? After reading this I'm starting to wonder if you are even mature enough to be considering marriage. You're lacking maturity is what I'm reading from this post so far. You already know the answer to that question. Don't you ? I can already tell you the answer to that question. They're gonna be Sunni. You're gonna really regret marrying. He's not going to make you happy. I can't understand why you can't see this already. Dump him. Plain and simple. Your Father has been the only voice of reason throughout your entire post. Listen to him or suffer for the rest of your life. My advice to you is to drop this guy. He's not the only guy in the world. Your Father is spot on correct in everything. You also seem to lack maturity and are quite naive when it comes to marriage. I pray that you wise up and realize the disaster that is staring you in the face. This has really nothing to do with Shia/Sunni and moreso with just being with the wrong guy. He's dominating and controlling. Those are horrible qualities to have in a spouse, leave alone a husband. He's also immature. What qualities does he really have that makes you want to marry him? As a Father of a daughter myself this would be a worst case scenario for me. To know not only that my daughter wants to marry a Sunni, but also a loser like that would probably drive me to an early grave. I would never accept a Sunni as Son in Law fully but to compound it with someone with such bad qualities in him would be a fate worse that death. Leave him and inshallah you will find your soulmate. Its not this guy, that's for certain.
  9. This is partially due to the fact that economic advancement goes hand in hand with scientific advancement. The more money available results in more money going to research either with a company or in a University. All that adds up to scientific advancement. Now, who’s had the most economic advancement over the last century or so?Europe and America. Pre WWII Germany was the top tech and engineering country and after the war the US took over by bringing all of those German scientists to the US. What have Muslim countries done in that time? What is the quality of a college education in a Muslim country over the last century or so? Regardless, of whatever scientific data the Imams(AS) left behind.

    Well, if anyone wants to do any serious Islamic research (or any other research for that matter) they don't visit a site like Wikipedia. No scholarly work quotes it, nor will you ever find a scholar of any repute using it. They don't use it for the exact reason you are quoting above. It can be written and edited by anyone with a login. For that reason alone its of no real value. Let the Wahabbis edit it all they want. No Shia should gain their Islamic knowledge from Wikipedia of all places when there are legit sources available otherwise.
  11. marriage

    Aren't there enough Shia guys out there that you have to marry a Sunni? If Sistani is your Marja then you can't move ahead with it. respecting is one thing...loving the Ahle Bayt is another. He says that now...but wait til he and your children get older. His tack will be completely different. He'll want the Sunni way for your kids. Also, how does his family feel about him marrying a Shia? What about your family?
  12. marriage

    You're from India/Pakistan aren't you? This Syed marriage concept is so engrained in the mentality there that there's really nothing that can be done if your parents are set on it. Sadly, the best thing you can do is just pray that either you end up with a nice Syed or that your parents somehow see the light. Parents from India/Pakistan are beyond stubborn when it comes to this issue. Ask them who the daughters of the Imams (AS) married. If Syed girls are only supposed to marry Syed men then who did the Imams of the Ahle Bayt (AS) marry their daughters to?
  13. How long has man been on this planet? I don't know the exact amount but its def in excess of 3,000 years. In all that time Man had all the time in the world to become one race but it hasn't. In answer to your question, if it hasn't happened yet why would it happen in the future? That's a myth and arrogance pushed by European Imperialists to place the White race upon high. Its been such a successful tactic that its pervaded the mentalities of almost every culture on the planet. That's a Sociological process that goes in cycles. Over the last century or so its become "cool" to appear Western. In time that cycle will change and the trend will change to something else. Also, its inevitable that people once they migrate to another land will lose the old identity and evolve into that of the land in which they reside. For example, my ancestors migrated to India from Iran many generations ago. As of today no one in my family speaks Farsi or engages in anything of an Irani nature. Its unaviodable over time.
  14. Depression

    In my opinion the old prejudices and labeling of Mental Illness as well as the stigma towards people who suffer from them is an indicator of regardless of how far the Muslim Ummah thinks its advanced there are still levels of Jahilya still pervading it. The attitude towards Mental Health issues is one example of that.
  15. Depression

    I posted this link before on here in another thread but I thought I'd post it again... Mental Health Stigma in the Muslim Community