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  1. If everything is done in a halal manner then sure... Seems kinda backward to me, it's not 1817 anymore but that's just my opinion. Who wants to marry someone simply by being told to marry them? I think this would tie back to Option 1 eventually anyway. Single Community? Do you mean never marrying?
  2. What do I get from God?

    You won't have a sin added to your record. Repent sincerely and you could have that removed as well. Also, Masturbation has been known to trigger Depression as well as other hormonal imbalances in the mind. It wasn't deemed Haram for nothing. Imam Ali (AS) would refuse to shake the hand of the man that was "married to his hand" so you can figure out just how filthy the act is.
  3. Western World

    Even so...supports my claim that to apply Islamic principles to a Non-Islamic people is the same as comparing Apples to Oranges.
  4. Western World

    From an Islamic perspective...yes, it is an unislamic enviornment. However, you also have to understand that you are not in an Islamic country. The West is a Christian region and as such their customs and way of life are based on the morals and beliefs of that religion. You can't apply Islamic standards to a Non-Islamic part of the world. That's like applying the laws and customs of Hinduism or Buddhism to the Middle East.
  5. To despair about the Mercy of Allah is a sin itself. Just think about the most basic and common saying we have in Islam. "In the name of Allah the Most Beneficient, the Most Merciful". I think that pretty much explains it. He knows you better than you know yourself.
  6. awan are sons of hazrat abbas

    Please provide a link to support you statement.
  7. Are you from India?

    Both parents from Hyderabad, became Indian after 1947 when India invaded the Sovereign Kingdom of Hyderabad !!!
  8. Its pretty common in the SubContinent to live with his parents/family. It does nothing but create problems in every shape and size. I'm kinda surprised that after all this turmoil that the Indo/Pak culture hasn't changed to moving out after marriage but it still lingers.
  9. Because men don't want to. Plain and simple.
  10. Well, where else will she live ?
  11. husband hitting wife

    Where do you live?
  12. For the same reason that the Prophet (PBUH) cried at the death of his son Ibrahim. Just because one has knowledge of the upcoming does not mean that one can overcome the sadness of that situation. The Prophet (PBUH) even knew about the pain and struggles that his grandsons would have to face regarding their martyrdoms. He would weep about that because he knew what was coming for Imam Hasan (AS) & Imam Husain (AS). Imam Ali (AS) wept at the death of his beloved wife. Wept due to the seperation from her, for the pain she endured, how young she died, etc...
  13. Eid al-Ghadeer an innovation?

    That bit of info right there deems the website invalid for us. Note to Mods: Can we have that link blocked out so that ill educated or under educated Shia don't go there and become as deviated as the authors of that website.
  14. Speaking to a Medical professional would serve you best.
  15. Is Fart Najis?

    It breaks your Wudu. Wouldn't something that breaks your wudu be najis on some level ?