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  1. The Epitome of Piety & Generosity Imam Muhammad Taqi al Jawad (as)
  2. The Great Compassionate Imam Ali al Redha (as) his Personality & Sacrifices
  3. Highlight Video of Allahyari Evading the Debate

    I have watched all the videos your ignoring everything else Allayari said. Again based on one off the cuff remark it negate all else he said? not at all. It be very naive to think he will agree to anything. He said "note a sequence of debates" He said the sequence would be discussed pre debate. It is obvious even though he said he was willing to accommodate he had some conditions. No one here said he was one of the two who interrupted the hijab debate. On the video you posted he admits he attended and was told to leave. It was a condition of the debate he does not attend. Again why did he attend? Here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-CDb78r8Wg it is very strange two individuals happened to be there and felt the need to do what they did. What are the odds of that happening by chance. But will give the benefit of the doubt. None of my comments of him were baseless. Come on your his buddy let be honest. There a video of him encouraging violence to Shia. There are Facebook and twitter comments backing up his bad akhlaq even recent. It is not hard to get his filthy language going. I have already explained it is even recently. Watch the video you posted if you honestly think that or his pre debate video were good akhlaq? It says it all. You very selective at the best on what you comment on. You keep bring up Anwar mob and his poor excuse it is obvious to disassociate himself with group which has a bad press. He even claiming he not salafi when he is. I will give the benefit of doubt on the Anwar connection too. Mocking & ridiculing is not good akhlaq nor is the filthy lies of anti majos trash he is boasting about in the video this is all recent as I said before. He has child like manner poking fun no wonder he part of these anti- majos rubbish. I can quote verses of the Quran on mocking & ridicule if you want. Is this respect for Islam? More like hypocrisy. speaks volumes of those defending him. I think even Hijab is showing his true colours here with his association. Most the video was a ranting attack on Shia. Acting like he a tough man with his ego. Like he does twisting everything. Quite boring to watch it all. The claim Shia falsely slander was pretty pathetic portraying himself as a victim. The irony
  4. Sa, I rarely post but really surprised you like these anti majos. These video are in a such a childish, poor taste & bad manners in the way they mock & ridicule. If they were in the truth would they need to act in such a manner? I can honestly tell you we have far better motivational speakers without a doubt. Problem most are long lectures not short bite size like theirs There are video refuting these now coming out specifically. Even this video they clearly have limited in their knowledge of Quran & certainly ignore Hadith. They ignore verses of Quran which talk of intercession. Shows a contradiction with comments and pure ignorance. They don't even take the Sunni view but salafi. Shows their poor limited knowledge of Quran. Without a doubt the deeper knowledge of the Quran is with ahlul bayt. It takes some effort to learn but the answers are out there certainly better videos than anti majos filth. Even the name of channel is insulting. Would prophet (saws) do as they do? You know the answer to that. I have seen their arguments once you know our side there no comparison. My wife & me started some YouTube videos recently but only on personalities we compared with Sunni lectures they have some good ones but you can see flaws when compared with Shia. It's was just a lot work to put together. You make me think we should create short videos for these topics. pray for guidance go hajj & ziyarat it will make a difference. When u sit in medina look for grave of Zahra (as) or Karbala and ask why it happened. You reflect all they gave you will find true tawheed through the best sources. Ahlul bayt truly gave all like none to preserve the truth. To Love them is not an empty claim it is follow their words.
  5. Highlight Video of Allahyari Evading the Debate

    Seriously I'm missing something your blatantly dishonest on everything you mention from the start of your post. I watched allayari original offer 1) Allayari original conditions was never to debate in person. This a self imposed order by shemrani. On some ridiculous pretext of comfort zone? Doesn't shemrani boast he did a TV show so what's his problem? Seriously he expects him to fly here. He dishonest like you when youu claims he agreed to this. Not once did he agree this. This seems to be the trick of shemrani & hijab they claim u say this & that. Put words in the mouth quite dishonest basis to debate on. 2) Another lie he agreed the 1st debate to be on imams from the Quran. He never said that, what he said was a series of debates including the imams from the Quran. Shemrani again manipulating & basically lying by twisting his words. Setting down conditions he wants and lying Allayari agreed to this being the 1st debate. No that is what he wants 3) I knew nothing of this Shemrani when I looked he has filthy sick akhlaq very disturbing. Yes he hiding it to extent on the videos. Just reading his twitter shows his poor akhlaq filthy language The fact he playing footage to mock & ridiculing Allayari on his video call to Allayari hardly good akhlaq. Some serious mental problem with this guy he mocks Shia being killed & shot at including kids!!! He incited violence towards Shia in the U.K. He admits he turned up to the hijab debate when he was told not to. What was the point? He boast about these sick childish anti majos video with hijab laughing along with him. The blatant twisting & manipulating. He got a problem with being called a salafi but he is a salafi. He calls Allayari a propagandist then rants about hijab being called that after his anti Shia videos. pure hypocrisy. It is a lie to claim he has shown good akhlaq recently if that good then it says a lot. Him & his lackeys are running a campaign on lies saying this debate was agreed on conditions he has demanded himself. I am no fan of Allayari or rafid.org but I'm amazed they seem to get more criticised than other side here. Which is worse if anything. All these debates started with attacks on Shia. Which at least they are willing to defend. ok I get they might make worse but at least they trying.
  6. Dear brother Jafari , I just notice this message on my wall. I don't use this site frequently . I didn't go last arbaeen but would like to go this year inshallah. What about ?

  7. You gave me an option i'm a liar then you argue about it amazing. Its not a joke to ask someone if they are liar. Then twist on me, Telling someone its unislamic to accuse is fact its got nothing to do with being defensive. Its bad akhlaq very unnecessarily you argue that its okay. Why even give that option? You are giving me a benefit of the doubt by giving an option I could be lying does that make sense? Using your own reasonng why are you defending yourself over accusing me of lying must be true according to your warped logic. I'm not even allowed answer your false arguments according your logic. You wanted to give your view or ask question give it in proper manner no need for any unnecessarily accusations. Then you want to argue about its. Be big enough to admitted telling someone they could be lying is just unnecessary it's not a joke neither. Your even telling me how I should have answered you. As said none of the 3 were true. Option 2 is not true I was never naturally genetically gifted, I was hard gainer I think I know the answer about myself better than you. You ignore my evidence just give sarcasm and gave none yourself except to tell me your expert 1) I gave you stats that said what someone should lift which would have been based on research which i will take over your opinion. Scientific research has more value that someone opinion based on their limited experience. 2) You missed the big picture with the videos. These videos are not rare & examples in the gym are not rare. Neither should you make judgements on others just for the sake of argument. I personally know others who prove your argument wrong. All you say in your opinion where you say your expert. 3) Books by experts say how hardgainer should be able to reach these targets. How many best selling books have you wrote in this area that I should take your word over these books? What are you figures? Who actually measures bodyfat?
  8. You give a option i'm a liar you want to argue you about it amazing. Which part of you don't understand thats accusing why even put it? Then you think your twisting on to me for even mentioning it subhan'Allah. It this simple its unislamic to accuse someone you did its in clear black and white however you dress it up as an option. You telling me what response I should give? Seriously I have already told you none of your options were true and I gave my reason but you seemed to ignore or twist them out of context. Dude, you are just making it harder to believe you. One person doing 110kg once, is very different than repping 120kg 8 x 3 at 70kg. Youtubing benchpress is also silly. Posting a 16 year old kid, who is near 220lbs benching a lot is not proof of anything. If anything, it makes me suspect he is on some heavy dosage testosterone..... I have competed in powerlifting and also judged it, so ive seen some freaky stuff. So what you say is not impossible, hence me giving you the choice number 2. You being defensive about it is also a bad sign. I gave 3 options, mostly as a joke even, because i gave you the benefit of the doubt, you could have easily said number 2 and i would leave it at that. To then writing an essay about it before saying you don't care is also......well.
  9. I try get some others shia to join but they won't be shiachat posters. I not really neither for usually reasons. Here a decent read to help with strategy http://www.theguardian.com/football/shortcuts/2014/aug/03/fantasy-football-2014-tips-pick-perfect-squad-winning-season Kind of was aware of most if it. United with there easy fixture mean for me Rooney & Mata are must haves. But shaw out for month Need to decide about Costa wasn't going ot pick him but after he scored two in the last pre season match and easy to start matches might get him and terry even though I hate them both.
  10. I have been there too pinned myself to the bench in my younger days. Having someone to spot you and being able to push yourself makes a huge difference. Having to hold back makes it difficult. Its the reason I stopped trying maximum lifts and keep increasing for my reps. Your lift alright its got the potential to increase alot if you didn't have someone spotting. Starting off light and building good rhyme gettting past the hating part, perservance, even if your only increasing by very small amounts over length time your grow to like it. I had a family member who couldn't do press ups or reach 50kg bench press but recently heard moved to up to about 70 or 80kg. It's getting past the mental barrier. But usually goes with building up all the power exercises. I hate squat really had to force myself but once I got better on squat, deadlifts, shoulder presses helped my bench press
  11. I have to say it disappointing with the overreaction just to my simple figures. Just do a bit of research would show how realistically these figures can be. Rather than implying someone a liar or can't calculate. Here a random person on youtube at 70 kg doing 110 kg Who Rusty Burris? Here a 16 year old kid beating him. Gold at what? This is 16 year old kid Even the table I provide say if you have trained for a few years you should be able to bench 115kg at 75kg hardly special World record for the bench press at that weight is over 200 kg. So it nothing special especially for someone favourite lift. Everyone at 70kg given with enough determination should be able to reach 100kg. I was hard gainer thin boned if you try increasing your lift every week over number of years your reach something like.that. But most people just think its too hard it ain't even if you struggle to do just 50kg at the moment. As long as you work at it will take time but very realistic. Read Stuart Robert Brawn best I have even read he tell what takes and just how realistic it is. My other lifts in comparison are poor compared to this. I did take long breaks between my sets which did and used bad form. To honest don't really care if people believe me or not but its poor akhlaq what ever happened to giving your brother the benefit of the doubt. My cousin use to do standing dumb press with 50kg dumbells he but many wouldn't believe even the bigger guys at gym were surprised but that was his favourite lift and what he work on. Just checked he benched 130kg for one rep when he was around 11 stones. He said there a 10 stone guy at his gym who does 150kg at Iron athlete gym in sheffield.
  12. 1: 120kg (8 x 3) 2: 11 st about 70kg 3: 5' 10'' Below an interesting site give a rough idea what your lifts should be depending on experience & weight http://www.exrx.net/Testing/WeightLifting/StrengthStandards.html bench press in kg http://www.exrx.net/Testing/WeightLifting/BenchStandardsKg.html
  13. Thanks, Your have aleast one person in it :D After you go in to leagues you got 3 headings Join League, Create League & Renew Leagues. After you click on renew leagues your be able to see your leagues from last year. I did it with mine 2 leagues were set up I didn't have to give the codes to last years players but it didn't set up any of my head to head leagues. The classic will have anyone who register again this year in them. Finalised your team yet or are going to make change before saturday? United are playing tonight what see who they start with had Shaw in my team but might take him out if he doesn't start?
  14. thanks bro, last season players will automatically be added to the league once they register when the league is renewed. I can maybe get some new players once you get the code. last season was first time I did this one with work colleagues. previous years couldn't join the one they did because they had a sweep stake which one guy pretty much always use to win. after they all got fed up of that guy winning and heard I was going to a free one they all joined mine. thinking they would beat me easy and I knew nothing. all I heard was how good this one guy was and he would win. it moviated me to set my team every week apart from when I was on ziyarat. so it was sweet victory beating them aftering listening to them all boast. the guy pushed me towards the end though. all the now all I hearing was i had played it previously so had an advantage. I gave them so many tips even told them when there were double gameweeks. it be tough season I know one them already analysis every pre season match!
  15. JSAli are you going to renew the league for this season. The premiership one is back up. Chose my draft team and i'm ready to go I have renewed the leagues I had set up for work etc. If it renewed before the new season we can start from week 1