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  1. Isn't This Abit Sexist?

    Men cook too. It really should be its own section. I mean REALLY, how does it affect/offend anyone if it was? PS To whoever said "cooking is honouring women" or something similar, you're a dumbass.
  2. The Subforum Topics Are Sickening

    Hahaha! I do agree though, on forums the cooking section is an entirely different category. It really shouldn't be in the female one. My hubby for example, loves to cook. He'd be pretty annoyed if he was a member on this site.
  3. Fasting During Pregnancy

    I was pregnant last Ramadan and didn't fast. It just wasn't worth the risk for me. I asked a religious figure and they said it wasn't obligatory for pregnant women, and after getting advice from my OB (more like threatened) I decided to make it up later. I just knew I couldn't live with myself if something happened to my baby because of something Allah swt had given me a leniency in. Having said that, I had friends who were pregnant at the same time who DID fast and went ahead and had healthy babies.
  4. Father doesn't necessarily get the child after 2 years, especially if he's got a history of abuse. She should be glad to be ridding herself of this douche, and work on getting custody and child support. He can talk [Edited Out] all he wants, but karma is a wench.
  5. Convert And Marriage

    I really recommend you speak with a knowledgable person. I was having a discussion with a reputable religious figure on this topic last year, and apparently its not as clear-cut as "haram", because of the implications on the family and society. Many have oked the marriage, but there may be a time limit on it (memory fails). Again, speak to a scholar - most people here are nowhere near qualified.
  6. Hate My Brother

    My thoughts exactly!
  7. Piggy Toys

    Yep! Thank you, i thought as much :)
  8. Piggy Toys

    (salam) So I understand that we're not meant to eat pigs etc, but is there anything islamically wrong with getting a child a pig toy? I mean, its a toy - it cant be najis right? Its not like the actual existence of pigs are 'haram' or abhorrent - they are God's creation after all. I have no problems getting my girl a little porky pig if she wants it, but is it ok? (No hypotheticals or 'why would you want to' please)
  9. Leb-love Thread

  10. Who Has The Right To Sit First?

    LOLLLLLL at the last few suggestions! Hahahaha!
  11. Leb-love Thread

    Ok riddle me this: according to my inlaws, i'm now lebanese because i married a lebo???
  12. Sc Smilies!

    On SC its starts at :rolleyes: and soon gets to :realangery: and then :mad: and finally
  13. Thanks Hassan! I've got some P90X dvds that I was going to start (I actually did a bit the other day and didn't completely die!). But I was told that I shouldnt really be doing them until i'd lost all the fat, that it works better on toning and shaping etc. What do you reckon?