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    A Global Campaign For Zahoor e Imam-e-zaman (ajf), Trying to make an effort for the quick return of our beloved Imam.

    and post ur comments. thanks.


    if we love IMAM E ZAMAN ajtfs then we have to do some thing that shows our love for him.

  2. Hey I was watching the 3ashoura gathering today in Beirut (Lebanon) since im lebanese lol =P and i'm looking for the latmeyyaat that the guy on the microphone was singing. They were really catchy! Please if anyone has any of them, or knows where to look, help =) Thanks w Labaikaa Ya Nasrallaaaaaaaah Dakhieeelakk ma 2ahdamak =D
  3. ForeverLeb

    Hizbullahi hijab

    Hizbullahi refering to Hizbullah in Lebanon ?? ... gharieebi lol
  4. if it wasnt wajib, i wouldnnt :angel:
  5. ForeverLeb

    Sayyid Hasan - Lal Libneniyyeh Speakers. . .

    looooooooool sooooo funny :D, 3anjad hedol Hizbullah mesh bas Rejaal Allah - comedians kaman :D u should hear some of the stories i've heard loooooooooool ahh they're the best
  6. ForeverLeb

    Funny Video A Joke By Hassan Nasrallah

    lol la la its perfect but it just sounds funnier in his lebanese accent :D beda7ekkk bmouut 3ala his joke lool
  7. ForeverLeb

    Julia Boutros - Amazing Song

    ahhh lol - eno kellon ma3 ba3d :P eh i think so ya Hoda - henni pro-syrian
  8. ForeverLeb

    Funny Video A Joke By Hassan Nasrallah

    loooooooooool omg he's such a comedian
  9. ForeverLeb

    Julia Boutros - Amazing Song

    mesh men 7ezb el shoyou3i ? - ma3 general michel 3own ya3ni
  10. ForeverLeb

    Where Are You Originally From?

    I'm Lebaneseeeeeeeeee and proud of it :D but sadly i umm.. live in england.. and in my city there are no lebanese .. so yeah.. wooo ! i guess i hav to spread the lebanesism in my city on my own :P lol Lebnani wa bass el baa2i kello khasssss
  11. howwii nazi !!!!!!!! zionism is nazism .. why isnt he dead yet? lol i hate olmert and i hope a nuclear bomb lands on his door step
  12. ForeverLeb

    "To my Muslim Sisters..."

    betjanen ... wow - its made my day too :)
  13. ForeverLeb

    sayed hassan nasrullah when he was a kid....

    Allah Ykhalieena Yaak ya Sayed Hassan Nasrallahh wallah ma fi lebnan balaaak
  14. ForeverLeb

    Junblatt... Question About Him

    Allah Yakhdooooooo - ouf ouf bekrahoo kteeeer la hal zalameh, 3anjad haida mesh lebnani 100% howi isra2ieeli - inshallah roo7 yente7er be Isra2ieel yaaaaa rabbbb (loool sorry , lebanese over exaguration :P) Bas ouuuuuf i hate himmmmm and i agree with SaYeD ... KILL HIM !!! lol but we shouldnt be encouraging violence :P And he reaaaally needs a hair cut .. seriously ... Allaah Ye7mieek Ya Sayed Hassan Nasrallaaaaah