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  1. st. -1

    In Bait-al Ma'mur, Azazil-later called Iblis-sitting on a white minbar and keeping a tasbih in his hands, was preaching for a crowd of angels and other residents of empyrean. He was deeply happy and proud to see that he had such a special superior status and that the angels listened to him with great interest. After he finished his sermon, angels started asking him theological questions and he answered with full confidence. One of the angels asked: O God's beloved, we have worshipping God the Almighty for hundreds of years but we have not achieved a status as high as yours. Tell us, please, the secret behind your success in rising to this enormous dignity and supereminence. Azazil, pleased to hear such a joyful acknowledgement but unaware of that what he thought and what he uttered would put him in a difficult imminent test, smiled and replied:....
  2. st.

    Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp, the lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills. And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things (sutah Noor/ V. 35). He was about to leave. But before he did, he turned his face to me and said: Angels told me that they missed Human a lot. They are still awaiting you. What about you, Human? Do you still remember them?!
  3. Dua got my mom

    This is A. Ziayi's address: N. 90, Shahid Niknam 14 str., Ayatallah Ebadi 40 str, Mashhad, Iran Phone n.: ۰۵۱-۳۷۲۶۵۹۳۴ , ۰۹۱۵۹۹۲۰۳۱۶ Dont miss the time. Send your mother's medical records to him (send Farsi translation of the records). Dont be sad. There is always at least one cure for every disease.
  4. Khomeini fatwa

    Obviously you are wrong. I agree. The problem is that some muslims think that a girl's wali (father) can accept the sigha on her behalf. I personally didnt want to take part in this discussion because I felt it would be indecent to talk about this subject with men but I thought it was necessary to make some points clear.
  5. Khomeini fatwa

    I dont have much knowledge about their opinions but I found the narrations below: قال: سألت أبا عبد الله عليه السلام يتمتع من الجارية البكر، قال: لا بأس به ما لم يستصغرها. Someone asked Imam Sadiq-a- about taking pleasure from a virgin girl and he answered "there is no problem if she is not considered a little child". عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام قال : «تستأمر البكر وغيرها ولا تنكح إلا بأمرها» Imam Sadiq (a) said that marriage to a virgin or non-virgin has to take place with her permission. سئلته عن الجارية يتمتع منها الرجل؟ قال: نعم الا ان تكون صبية تخدع. قال: قلت: اصلحك الله وكم الحد الذى اذا بلغته لم تخدع؟ قال: بنت عشر سنين Someone asked about having pleasure from a virgin girl. Imam replied "yes unless she is a girl who is deceived". The man asked at which age the girls are not deceived and Imam replied "at the age 10". لا توطأ جارية لاقل من عشر سنين فان فعل فعيبت فقد ضمن Imam said "having intercourse with a girl younger than 10 is not permissible...".
  6. Khomeini fatwa

    The minimum age of marriage is the age of puberty. When Quran says حتی اذا بلغوا النکاح it means that there is a minimum age. But we cannot say if it is 13 or 12 or 14 because it varies for different people.
  7. Khomeini fatwa

    I really dont think that Aisha was a child when she married and there is some evidence for it (comparing her age to her sister's age, her age at the time of her death ...). Maybe Islam didnt clarify its stance on this issue because it is very obvious that immature people cannot marry. There is a narration from Imam Sadiq-a-: «دَعْ اِبْنَکَ یَلْعَبْ سَبْعَ سنینَ وَ یُؤدِّبُ سَبْعَ سِنیِنَ، وَ الْزِمْهُ نَفْسَکَ سَبْعَ سِنینَ» "Let your child play for 7 years (i.e; until the age 7)...". According to this and some other narrations, it is children's right to play for their 1st seven years of their lives and marriage will deny them this right.
  8. Can I kill a fly and feed it to a spider?

    It depends. How are you going to kill it? And what is your purpose? If you do it once and your purpose is only feeding a hungry spider and not abusing a fly, then there is no problem. But dont do it regularly for killing the insects will become normal for you (you will take a few steps towards becoming a pitiless person) and the spider will become lazy!
  9. Khomeini fatwa

    How can a healthy normal person think of marrying a little child or have pleasure from her/him???? It is disgusting, inhumane, cruel and immoral! Even animals dont do it (they dont mate with immature animals). When Umar proposed to Umm-e Kolthum, Imam Ali said: انها صغیره meaning "she is a child". And she was old enough to understand that Umar was Caliph and threaten him saying "if you were not Amir-al Momineen....". But in Imam's opinion, she was young for marriage. Quran also says حتی اذا بلغوا النکاح which means "when they reach the age of marriage".
  10. Ammar Nakshawani on sex slaves

    Islam only allows one way of enslaving people and it is capturing those mushriks who are at war with muslims. There was a fear that if muslims freed the captives, they would start another war against muslims and there was no large prison in Hijaz in that time for keeping the captives and this is an important point because if there were large prisons and enough budget, maybe there would be no slavery in Islam. If Islam was pro-slavery, it would allow other methods of enslaving people (e.g, kidnapping people and selling them as slaves, selling one's own children, ...) and it would not encourage muslims to free their slaves as easily as possible. The Prophet-s-said: من لطم مملوکه او ضربه فکفارته أن یُعْتِِقه Everyone who slaps or beats his slave, he has to free him as compensation.
  11. Ammar Nakshawani on sex slaves

    It is very simple: the vast majority was ignorant.
  12. Ammar Nakshawani on sex slaves

    There is a good informative book about slavery in Islam by Muhammad Hussain Tabatabayi which you can download it from the link below: http://s5.picofile.com/file/8131061134/Bardegi_Az_didgahe_Eslam.pdf.html
  13. Ammar Nakshawani on sex slaves

    We obey him because we know his orders are God's orders so we are slaves of God.
  14. Ammar Nakshawani on sex slaves

    Imam Ali-a-himself said in Nahj-al Balaqa: و لا تکن عبد غيرک و قد جعلک الله حرا Do not be the slave of others for God created you a free person. But if you mean a servant, then it different.
  15. Depression

    Why do you hate yourself?