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  1. Book Recommendation

    Salam, I apologize beforehand if I am posting this in wrong section. I want to study Islamic philosophy and visit the most prominent Muslim thinkers in hopes to learn from them and improve my self. I want to ask from anyone to kindly recommend books in an order suitable to those who just start learning about Islamic philosophy but have a good background in logic and mathematics. By sharing books in an methodological and orderly manner, myself and others who want to learn about Islamic philosophy will know the basics then move on to harder subjects. The recommendation must start from very basic and find it's way to works of Mulla Sadra, Farabi, Avicenna, and other prominent Muslim thinkers. The books must be in English. The title and the author will suffice but it will be more helpful if an online copy is readily available or maybe a link to an online store where the book can be easily purchased is also posted. These will greatly minimize the effort to acquire the books and help those interested remain interested. Thank you very much for helping.
  2. Sharia And Progressiveness

    I don't know why I can't edit my post. I want to add this: That being changing of routes should take place within certain limits and drastic changes may not take place.
  3. Sharia And Progressiveness

    Shari'a- "way" or "part" Apparently, the Sharia in Arabic meant the closest way to clean fresh water- correct me if I'm wrong. Mohammad Khatemi, when he was invited to Davos and asked about Sharia gave similar definition of Sharia. He said that while in Afghanistan where had to wear Burqa, Taliban took harsher Sharia while in Iran Sharia allowed women to drive and go to work. In other words, to find fresh water there are many different ways. If you take one path it doesn't make the other wrong. Where multiples paths are available to find water, multiple paths can be right path and some can be wrong and vice versa.
  4. My Pursuit Of Truth

    Salam sister, mashallah unlike me you have a rather unique way of finding your truth. Truly perfection means different things to different people. For a child, there can't be anything more perfect that eating sweets and playing games. To an athiest, perfection is something else. Although I believe in the same perfection as yours, I don't think that a Sunni is any less perfect in his believe than mine. Thank you for sharing your search of truth. May Allah protect you.
  5. My Pursuit Of Truth

    Thanks for inquiring. Sorry I thought it explains itself pretty well. The definition of leap of faith I got from a google search was "The act of believing in something, despite lack of proof of its truth or existence", I think this is accurate enough. May Allah protect you, amin.
  6. My Pursuit Of Truth

    I don't really know. Yes, I think so too. Sorry did you feel anything stronger than what I did? did you feel God? I feel very comfortable knowing that my journey was genuine, pun intended. I remember a Q&A video on youtube where Richard Dawkin was answering a question by a Christian who claimed that he has felt the love of Jesus and Dawkins bluntly answered, "the human mind is extremely susceptible to hallucination". Actually, I did a search and found the video. I don't know if anyone has an answer to that. Nobody knows whether the steps they are taking is taking them truth. For me truth is like this blog here Thank you for sharing your pursuit of truth. I found it very meaningful.
  7. My Pursuit Of Truth

    Yes, I searched from both sides (science and religion being the two sides) only to find out there is no way to reconcile the two. I tried to see who set in motion all there is but it's impossible. Allah says in the Quran he did, so I toke a leap of faith and truly believe in him. The truth as I said is no more than taking a step in either direction and continue moving. How did you make the decision to become a Muslim or if you are not Muslim, how did you reach your truth if you don't mind?
  8. My Pursuit Of Truth

    I don't need to believe in God but I wanted to believe that's why I took a leap of faith, to believe in the unseen. Do you mean why I chose God of Islam instead of God of Christianity? Or do you mean why don't I believe in multiple Gods? God is the same for all religions. For me God of Christians and Muslims are same entity. @Quisant, Why? Because as my friend said in the above quotation no such thing exist. Not so much wrong as pointless when you know that all it take to be theist is a leap of faith.
  9. My Pursuit Of Truth

    Empirical or scientific evidence. Nothing theoretical or philosophical. Of course it matters. It's about doing homework. I think that most people don't take the time to explore between different ideas afterall this maybe our purpose of life; to find the truth and submit to one God. In my case, I did my research and concluded that between the theist and the atheist there is one difference and that's leap of faith. I have chosen the leap of faith. I'd like to believe that there is a God although I can't prove it with empirical or scientific evidence. Making a confession that the Muslims who try to debate atheists through science are wrong. I accept your reasoning behind the former part of your post. But I don't understand your reasoning behind saying "Quran didn't bother much with the atheists: is there any doubt in His existence". How do you know Quran didn't bother with atheists.
  10. Morality

    1. What is true morality? and is there something called false morality? 2. Certainly God did bring morality through Prophets and scriptures but in my opinion if God did not bring morality then men would have learnt it by himself. Through history men have seen rise and fall of civilization and that by itself sufficient to give birth to ethics and morality. "humanity has known or learned how to treat others. And we will continue to learn as our ethics progress".
  11. My Pursuit Of Truth

    Those that have polled false; what is your reason for doing so. Have you got any prove that God exist?
  12. Salam, Please, read the following quote and simple words explain how accurate this quote is. If you choose to participate in polling if you choose 'False', please provide a reason why but if you happen to choose 'True' no reason is needed. Thank you and regards
  13. Imam Ali Exposed Shia?

    sounds like a joke to me and its not funny at all
  14. DUH! there is something called common sense, i think what you really asking is how to use common sense. Don't embarrass yourself by doing a google search on that. I'll give you a hint: Compare the population of Sunnis to that of Shias.
  15. Samurai Champloo

    I already watched it, It's awesome.