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  1. Value of turba and why do we use it?

    "Prostrating on the soil of the grave of Husayn (as) removes the seven seils. (It goes directly to Allah without passing through the 7 heavens)” imam jafar as sadiq Wasa’il al-Shia, vol. 6, pg. 23.
  2. The most difficult place to reach in the world is a wahhabi brain.
  3. Does everyone need a "career"?

    I've never really understood this concept of a "career". I just want money so I can see my daughters, wife and parents taken care of. I don't value the workplace or the work ethic. I value the joy and upbringing of my loved ones.
  4. Mutah - A Choice

    I don't understand parents feelings on their children having sex. Why is this subject seen as so offensive. How did they make their children in the first place.
  5. Companions ran away from prayers

    Jabir Ibn Abdullah (ra). http://quranx.com/Hadith/Bukhari/USC-MSA/Volume-2/Book-13/Hadith-58/ However in this hadith it wasn't during prayer but during a khutbah: http://quranx.com/Hadith/Muslim/USC-MSA/Book-4/Hadith-1880/
  6. Succession of Holy Prophet (pbuh)

    It doesn't matter what the Sunnis think because there is too much difference of opinion on their understanding of khilafa and leadership. That's why they're so disorganized and their mainstream followers are steadily losing their religion. That's why their opinions vary from madhhab to madhhab like the sun and the earth. The Shia madhhab on the other hand all agree upon our form of imamah. Even the differences between the ulama shirazi khamenei or sistani are minor because in essence they all agree that the religious scholarship are more or less the inheritors of the imamah.
  7. Sunni Guy - Marrying Sayyed Shia Girl

    Correct me if I'm wrong.. but all our imams (as) had a non-sayyed mother. Right?
  8. - Time will go by faster - People will go to sleep believing and wake up disbelieving and vice versa - Major calamities/earthquakes all throughout the world - Men will look like women and women like men - People will be clothed but look naked - People will be able to communicate over long distances in mere seconds By all means we're already living in the end times.
  9. Why ban books anyway? I followed this dude on twitter cuz he seemed to make sense to me at first glance. But this thread completely changed my view.
  10. How about English? I've found books of the usual sahaba and sahaba of imam ali (as) but that's about it.
  11. I know them as I used to be one. It's all I've known for a period of time in my life. Some are ignorant, some are well versed in their madhhab, some are extreme and nowadays there are even those who follow a Sufi tariqah because apparently ibn taymiyyah belonged to one as well. It's all okay with me as long as they don't preach hate towards others or order their lesser minded kinfolk to murder shia' s.
  12. I'd have to read such a research paper before forming an opinion I think.
  13. "Scientists should not be afraid to investigate spirituality and spiritual experiences since they represent a central aspect of human existence" But....how. Isn't science based on empirical evidence based research.
  14. You're not really an apostate if you never had iman to begin with. That's not apostasy that's your inner truth. If someone sees no benefit in belief and finds the image and explanation of God to be silly... (which i can understand if everybody around you is an ignorant wahhabi) then choosing not to believe in it isnt apostasy, it's actually wisdom. https://www.al-islam.org/ask-those-who-know-muhammad-al-tijani-al-samawi https://www.google.nl/url?q=http://traditionalhikma.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Vision-of-Islam-by-Sachiko-Murata-and-William-C.-Chittick.pdf&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwiaroKIqbHUAhVBZVAKHaDQA1UQFggLMAA&usg=AFQjCNFhVUaWXmnKGgUuzIc_P0uAigVI8w Why don't you start with reading this and then move closer towards shia Islam. These two books made me definitely close the gate of salafi teachers when I was 18.