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  1. Did Nadeem Sarwar Copy "Badshah Hussain" ?

    he's copied quiet a few nohas in the past as well...
  2. Shayarie-fazeelat-e-ahlulbayt(a.s)kee

    Ishq e haider mei salman upni jaga... Or nusairi ki irfan upni jaga...
  3. Sharib bhai... app who ashar post mei to nazar nahi aye mujhay..
  4. Saw an on old thread in Urdu forum (hilal e mah e moharram pay par gai jo nazar)... so how do you know Zia bhai?? (

  5. wah wah wah... Mola app ko sada khoosh rahkay..
  6. Shayarie-fazeelat-e-ahlulbayt(a.s)kee

    Yeh zaroori to nahi aag say jal jaye bashar.... Bughz e Haider bhee kaleejo ko jala deta hai....

    Now I'll use the same condescending hollier than thou attitude as you are using in your post. Does not raising a sword means that he accepted them as his first second and third caliph. If you believe that then let me tell you something you might call yourself a shia but in fact you are a sunni. Khilafat is a post assigned by Allah only, and even if not a single person accepts it, the fact is Imam Ali was the caliph even during the time of 123. Did Imam Zain ul Abedin raise sword against Yazeed after Karbala? Does that mean he accepted him as his caliph? Now stop getting emotional just cause someone questioned your understanding of history. If you yourself said that they are responsible for incident of door and breaking of the ribs, then its etched in stone that they are the dwellers of deepest pits of hell. Whether we say it publicly or privately is a another issue.

    Can you reply without sarcasm or forget it I'll use the same tone.... Did you not read I said he didn't do it happily or otherwise. Meaning he didn't accept it at all. Or did you make up your mind before reading what I said.

    He never pledged allegiance happily or otherwise. Do you know what pledging allegiance means?? Didn't imam Hussain say the likes of me will never do bayat of the likes of Yazeed. Even sunnis don't claim that he pledged allegiance when they attacked his house. Bukhari clearly says that he didn't pledge allegiance for 6 months.

    Imam Ali pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr??
  11. Nafs Al Zakiya

    RE-APPEARANCE OF IMAM – Imam will appear in Makka and his “zahoor” will be in two stages (similar to Prophet hood of the Prophet). 1st Stage – This will be in secret and not announced to all (only to close followers). 2nd Stage – Open announcement on the 10th of Muharram (Ashura). – In the Zil-Hajjah of the preceding to Imam”s appearance on Ashura, 40 momineen who will be Imam”s closest companions will realise the nearness of “zahoor” and go for Hajj. They will not return home and on the 15th of Zil-Hijjah they will go to the Ka”ba and cry a lot. – One of them will be called by Imam(a.s.), introduced and told to be the representative of the 40. They will all meet Imam(a.s.) between the 16th and 22nd of Zil-Hijjah. Imam will tell them that one of them will have to announce the arrival of Imam(a.s.) at the door of the Ka”ba but whosoever would do this would be killed immediately. – On the 25th Zil-Hijjah the announcement will be made and the announcer killed (This is the blood of Nafse Zakiyya – pure soul, those whose blood will touch the Ka”ba and who is mentioned in numerous prophecies). His blood will be avenged 2 weeks later when Imam(a.s.) will appear himself at the Ka”ba.
  12. This Could Be It: Sufyani In Rajab.

    The three can rise even on the last day, and maybe they already did we just don't see it yet.
  13. This Could Be It: Sufyani In Rajab.

    RiseOrDie - Did u notice the Twitter account u mentioned in your first post " Latif Hassan @LatifMfitaL" disappeared today. I looked it up and it was there yesterday but not anymore. Plus that video you shared is from 2012. Maybe the events back then weren't the "events of Mehdi" but there's been a lot of new development since.
  14. If King Abdullah Is Dead, Why Hasnt Al Qaim Come?

    Saudi Arabias crown Prince dismissed. Sure is a sign of internal turmoil.
  15. Salman Al-Saud New Saudi King?

    Saudi Arabias crown prince dismissed.Isn't that what the Abdullah's death Hadith says will happen after his death.